Doke. MY GOD.


    For reference, the rim is 120” above the floor. Doke’s fingertips would be at 147.75”. Like wut

  • @FarmerJayhawk lol at the comments on that thread:

    “what do they feed them at Kansas?”

    “the hopes and dreams of the rest of the Big 12”

    Hope scouts see this as definite proof that Doke is elite at his skill set and that his talents will translate at the next level.

  • I like the comment about what this suggests about how hard he has worked! Udunka Forever!

  • I saw an article with like the top 100 left players came off ESPN - had Doke at 33. - -a report on him:

    Listed Strengths: Elite physical tools , Dominant in the paint with his 270 pund frame 7’8 wing span , and 9’4 standing reach, significanity improved hands and timing on a finish.

    Area’s of needed improvement : Question was wondering how much more he could improve , shot a very low 44% from the free throw line , How he will fit in Modern Game , And at times has an inconsistant approach to the game causing friction between him at staff while at KU

    Projected Role : Imposing throw Back big

    Couple of notes found interesting , they Dotson at # 47 - -then they also mention that Kenny Gregory still holds the all time record in NBA History in Max Vertical at 44.5 inches - - did nknow that , good for Kenny

  • I hope he has been working as hard on his FT shooting… an area we know counts big at the pro level.

  • Coach said that Doke looks even better then what he did last year , in really good physical shape - - him and Dotson both

  • Doke ends up one of my favorite bigs to ever play. Lots of up and downs to get to the season he had last yr but man was it worth it. I do think he can impact at the next level and hope a team invests in his future. 4 yr player who’s only 20, you can’t teach his size, length and ability around the rim

  • I hear Doke has been working on his 3 pter since the seasons end and is planning on coming back to Kansas to showcase it, and his 80 percent ft and go #1 overall 2021

  • He gave up on the 3 ptrs though. Rumor has it he did not like how his 55% 3 ptr percentage lowered his overall FG rate.

  • @drgnslayr said in Doke. MY GOD.:

    I hope he has been working as hard on his FT shooting… an area we know counts big at the pro level.

    There’s plenty of successful big men in the NBA currently that suck at the FT line. If Doke isn’t successful in the NBA, it won’t be because of his FT shooting. Dwight Howard, Andre Drummond, DeAndre Jordan, Clint Capella, just to name a few bugs who suck from the stripe.

  • Have to say, the guys aren’t hurting their NBA chances with their workouts anyways for sure I think - hoping nothing but the best for them. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    How many of those guys have NBA titles?

  • @drgnslayr Howard just got his, Jordan’s been some really good teams including right now with Brooklyn so he’ll have a really good shot at getting one next season. Capella had a few good shots in Houston. Drummond is the only one that’s consistently been on bad teams in Detroit and still managed to make multiple All Star Games.

    None of those guys have ever been considered elite offensive players because none of them are good shooters, but they’re all top end rebounders and defenders which is something Doke has a chance to be as well. Dole’s never going to be a good shooter, but as long as he can finish lobs and keep finishing when close to the basket on top of rebounding and his defense, he’ll have a long NBA career.

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