@KCmatt7 This goes to both of our points. Offense alone doesn’t win games. #7 best offense of the last 30 years and a playoff flameout due to defense. 2003 Kansas City Chiefs +34.2 percent This is the one year things came together for the Dick Vermeil-era Chiefs: They went 13-3 because the fantastic offense was paired with the No. 1 special teams (this was the year of Dante Hall) and a defense that improved all the way to 25th. Hey, every bit helps. Priest Holmes led all running backs in both rushing DYAR and success rate, gaining 1,420 yards and 27 touchdowns. He added 74 catches for 690 receiving yards and was second among backs in receiving DYAR, behind Minnesota’s Moe Williams, who had a career year. Tony Gonzalez led all tight ends in receiving value, and Trent Green was second in passing value behind Peyton Manning. In the playoffs, Manning and Green famously dueled in a game in which neither team had to punt even once; the Colts won 38-31. Or 2002 Kansas City Chiefs +35.4 percent The Chiefs went 8-8 in 2002, but that sure wasn’t Priest Holmes’ fault. Holmes gained 5.2 yards per carry for 1,615 rushing yards with 21 touchdowns and added 70 catches for 672 yards and another three touchdowns. By total rushing and receiving DYAR, it was the No. 2 running back season of the past 30 years, trailing only Marshall Faulk’s 2000 campaign. Of course, the Chiefs had also led the league in rushing DVOA in 2001. The change in 2002? A huge improvement from the passing game, which went from 17th to first in Trent Green’s second season with the Chiefs. Much like today’s Chiefs, the passing game of the Vermeil-era Chiefs was based more on running backs and a stud tight end rather than star wide receivers, though Eddie Kennison did have 906 yards and averaged 17.1 yards per reception. This was one of the rare years in which Tony Gonzalez didn’t lead tight ends in receiving DYAR; he ranked second behind a career year from Billy Miller of the expansion Texans. Full list. http://www.espn.com/nfl/insider/story/_/page/Outsiders30Offenses/football-outsiders-30-best-nfl-offenses-30-years-2017 Good offense with no defense is nearly worthless.