Steelers / Browns last Night - Crazy

  • Guys did you all see that ending of The Browns , Steelers last Night ?

    JUMPIN - -GEE - -HOSSA - - FATS - - Cleveland’s Defensive End - -Guy name of Garrett pretty good player but his actions was just off the Charts - -this guy has to be done/banished for the rest of the year – fined - -and fined HUGE.

    Tackled Mason Rudolph stripped his helmet off him and actually Clubbed Mason in the head with it - -there is no place in Football or ANY SPORT as far as that goes for a action like that. -He needs to be banned a lot of players say.

    One player can’t remember which one said - -if he was on the street it’s assault plain and simply - - Jail time - - Fines. - -Got really ugly. - -Just Hope Mason is ok - -he has just been through Concussion just awhile back - -this could have effect on him - got hit pretty good on top of his head with the helmet - Just Blatant cheap shot – DIRTY – DIRTY – CHEAP

  • Watching the whole video of the fight, I’d say that Pittsburgh’s QB should be suspended too. Crazy stuff. 4 guys likely taking a seat next week and beyond.

  • Watching the video, Maurice Pouncey kicked Garrett hard a couple of times while Garrett was down. Not having watched the game, was there something on-going with these guys?

  • Garrett was suspended for at least the rest of the season.

  • Pouncey - 3 games. The other Brown player - 1 game. Rudolf nothing.

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