Hudy's replacement

  • When Judy was here, the strength coach get lots of credit, e.g. “after Hudy work on him for a couple of years…”, “we need to have Hudy work on him,”, etc. I haven’t heard much about our new strength coach. I don’t even remember his name even though I read an article about him. But look at Doke this season; he has become a force on defense being lighter, more agile, and with an improved endurance. Kudos to the seldom-mentioned new strength coach.

  • I saw a video of him and Q working out, recently.

  • @BCT

    I would imagine over time he’ll get more visibility. If he had an impact in Doke’s body this year we are in good hands

  • He seems quite good at his job to me.

  • The proof of his work is in the pudding. We are just starting to see how multi-year players are developing. Also relates to each player buying in to work hard to develop.

    Our facilities are top notch. There is no reason why players shouldn’t increase their strength considerably over a lengthy period of time being here.

    Hudy had a personality and presence that helped inspire players. Not sure what we have now.

  • i know it’s not strength and conditioning… but I like how Doke’s FT shooting looks thus far. It’s not like I want him at the line down by 2 with 2 seconds left, but he’s been closer to 50% than 25% and that’s significant.

    Whoever helped him with that, I stand and applaud.

  • She sure hasn’t helped Texas much!

  • I think the true test with Ramsey would be Gethro. He needs to pack on 30 healthy pounds. Doke was more or less trimmed down when Hudy quit

  • @rockchalkwyo

    I like the use of “healthy”. Gethro has a some serious bounce which you don’t want to take away so how they build his strength with some bulk will be key. Will be interesting to see how he develops

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