Big 12 Basketball Players Rank Best & Worst Arenas, Fans, etc

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    We asked 21 Big 12 anonymous men’s basketball players their opinions. Check out the results and comments from our survey. BY NEIL NAKAHODO

    Sitting at a table next to his teammates at Big 12 media day, one basketball player thought a second when asked to determine the best fans in the conference.

    “Kansas,” he said. “They sell out a lot of games.”

    So, what about the worst fans in the league?

    The player smiled.

    “Kansas too,” he said. “When things aren’t going right, I think they have all the bad things to say about the players and Coach (Bill) Self.”

    These are the sorts of interesting — and sometimes unexpected — responses that can arise when players can speak freely with the protection of anonymity.

    The Star interviewed 21 Big 12 players at last week’s media day — including at least one from each school — to ask their opinions on six topics (some abstained on individual questions). There was only one rule: Players were not allowed to vote for their own teams, fans, coaches or teammates.

    Here, then, are the players’ true feelings when it comes to the best and worst of the Big 12 conference.


    Noteworthy quotes

    On KU: “Just the fans. They’re right on top of you. It’s loud in there. Sixteen-thousand people, and it’s not too big.” “Those fans pack it every night. They’re loud. It’s a huge arena. A lot of history there. And it’s always fun to play there.” “Energy. I always bring my game whenever I go into that arena.”

    “The fans go crazy. It is always nuts in there.”

    On Texas Tech: “I like the arena and how they have fire shooting out. That was different.”

    “When we played there this year, they were sold out, and it was really loud in there.”

    On K-State: “I like the bowl environment. I bet a lot of people would tell you Kansas, but I don’t think the sound is as loud. I think it’s blasting the stereo, the speakers. I don’t think it’s real. There’s no way it’s really that loud. … Early in the game, they weren’t even cheering that loud. It didn’t seem like they were even into the game, and I was like, ‘I don’t think this is real.’ But K-State, I like the bowl, like everybody’s on top of you, and I like how the student section’s right there. I love that.”

    On Oklahoma State: “I like the smaller feel and the fans are right on top of you.”


    Noteworthy quotes On Texas: “I’m pretty sure they’re getting a new one soon, but it’s too big for the amount of people there, in my opinion. My experience hasn’t been the greatest. It’s always been morning games since we’ve played there.”

    “It’s too big. They don’t bring in enough people. That arena’s huge.”

    On Oklahoma State: “Everything was kind of on top of me. There weren’t a lot of people. Just kind of a weird vibe there.

    “It’s just the atmosphere that was there. The court just felt different.”

    “There’s really nobody in there. It’s really empty.”

    On Baylor: “I feel like it’s just dark. You’re kind of depressed when you go in there. It’s old. The rims are terrible.”

    “That’s a place that is not known for being tough on the road.”

    On TCU: “It’s like a hockey rink. I don’t like it or their colors.”

    “The court is weird.”

    On Iowa State: “Every time we travel there it is really, really cold and the travel arrangements get messed up. I’ve never had a good experience there. It’s a hassle to get there.”

    “It was just really cold. I almost froze to death when I got off the bus.”

    On Oklahoma: “There weren’t many people there. Kind of quiet. I felt like the ceiling was low. It’s kind of a weird deal.”


    Noteworthy quotes On Kansas: “You can be two feet away from your teammate and not know what he is saying.”

    “They obviously love their basketball there. That’s their thing.

    They’ve been doing it for a long time, so they do a great job supporting it. Like I said, it’s packed every night there. They make trips to on the road too. We’ve had them in our place, so I think it’s an obvious choice.”

    “They’re pretty loyal. I feel like every night is packed.” “They have die-hard fans. There isn’t much to do at Kansas and they love basketball. They flock to every game and create a great environment.”

    “They just have a legacy and culture there.”

    On Texas Tech: “They had support behind their team. The whole town, I felt, was there. There was just a lot of people there.”

    “We played on a Big Monday, and it was packed. It was kind of loud. I was kind of rattled a little bit. I was like, ‘Oh wow.’”

    “They’re behind the team when they were bad. Now that they’re good, they bring it to another level.”

    On Iowa State: “Their place is 98% full for weekday games. When we play them at the Big 12 Tournament it’s like an Iowa State home game. They really travel.”

    On West Virginia: “They just get after it. I’m pretty sure they probably tailgate before basketball games too out there, something. Fans come out there pretty lit.”


    Noteworthy quotes

    On West Virginia: “Just a little rowdy. I think at some point, it’s just a little too much.”

    “I don’t like them. They’re just really chippy.”

    On Texas: “They have the worst basketball fans. It’s a very cheese-and-wine type of venue. It’s very laid back when you play there. Texas has the quietest arena.”

    “The atmosphere isn’t the greatest. It doesn’t help them.”

    On Baylor: “It’s dead in there. We always play great at Baylor.” “Every time I’ve been there, it’s been a ghost town.”

    On Oklahoma: “OU fans are terrible. Everyone on my team will tell you they have the worst basketball fans.”

    “Just because they’re up and down. They’re kind of fair-weather fans.”



    Noteworthy quotes On Chris Beard: “I think he’s just a super-nice guy. Good personality, from what I understand, what I’ve heard and what I’ve seen. I think he’s just does a great job coaching-wise. They’ve obviously had a lot of good players there and had a ton of success.”

    “The way he gets those guys to play so hard. Just the level of passion he has for his university, I like that a lot about him.” “He’s an intense guy, defensive-minded guy. Gets after you, pushes you to be great.”

    “I like that hard-nosed, competitive nature about him.” “I have a lot of respect for where he started and the way he built up Texas Tech.”

    “I have heard nothing but good things about him.”

    On Bob Huggins: “I wonder what it’s like to be in one of Coach Huggins’ practices. I hang my hat on toughness. That’s the type of player I am. I’m really gritty. I think I fall into that category a little bit.”

    “Their players all speak very highly of him. I could see myself playing for him.”

    “I respect him.”

    On Steve Prohm: “Freedom. I feel like he gives them a lot of freedom — shooters — in his system. I think I could fit in well there.”

    “They play up and down. They shoot a lot and they play fast. I would probably play for him.”

    On Shaka Smart: “Just the style of his play. Athletically, he has guys there, so I think I’d fit in with his set, with his offense.”

    On Bill Self: “He recruited me, and they work with the bigs … seeing what Azubuike is doing.”



    Noteworthy quotes

    On Udoka Azubuike: “I feel his presence every single time we play him. He has a huge body.”

    “He’s just a force down there. I think that there’s not a lot of players in our conference that can handle him. I think he’s probably the best big man in the country.”

    “Really good player. Obviously a ton of size. Just knowing you’ve got him behind you holding down the lane is a good feeling. It would take some pressure off you.”

    “When he’s healthy and playing he leads the nation in field-goal percentage because all his shots are dunks. He’s a big force.

    Anybody would love to have him on your team. Get him the ball and it’s an easy assist.”

    “He’d be easy to play with.”

    On Tyrese Haliburton: “We played with each other (at a summer camp). He’s good. He’s a good teammate to play with.”

    “He’s a cool guy.”

    On Makol Mawien: “I think the guy plays hard, seems like a great dude.”

    On Cartier Diarra: “He’s tough. He was their sixth man last year but was still really important to their team. He does whatever they need him to do.”

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