Max Falkenstien - Rest In Peace

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  • Dam - - Dam - - - Dam - -man I hate to hear this - -Max is just about like the foundation of Jayhawks sports - - -So sad to hear - - -ummm - - just curious has anyone happen to hear what the cause was ? - - You just rest Max - - It’s time for you just to rest and watch over Jay Hawk Nation - - YOU WILL BE MISSED - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Abouslutely heart breaking, I grew up with him and Bob Davis. They were the best ever and I’ll fight you on it. RIP my friend.

  • God, this sucks. We couldn’t get many games on tv out in the hinterlands so always had Max and Bob on the radio.

  • Not any Jayhawk fan can say they gave as much to KU as Max did! Wow, 95 years, amazing. I still remember that skit he was in at late night where all the players were lined up and Self went down the line yelling at them and Max was at the end. Good man, not as many of them anymore!

  • RIP Voice of the Jayhawks!

  • 😭 that hits hard. We were blessed to have him for all those glorious years. It ruined me having Max and Bob. I don’t enjoy a single announcer these days - the bar has been set too high. Geez I only met the man once, briefly and I feel like I’ve lost a good friend. We’ll all miss you Max!

  • Max’s voice will echo in my heart forever. Back when I was younger and unrealistic, Max had a way of explaining losing a game (or four) a year so much easier to handle. Once upon a time when you could turn the radio on and watch it with the TV in actual time.

  • The whole thing

  • I’ll also add most times as a student I sat opposite the band side, usually pretty close to Max’s seat. We usually sat close enough to where we left AFH on the floor level. Max would sit or stand close to his chair as we all filed out. Most nights I’d say hello to Max and ask how we played. He usually said something like “just fine!” One is the nicest people I’ve met.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 You’re my boy Max! RIP

  • RIP Max you will be deeply missed!

  • Like many of you, I spent half my life listening to Max on the radio (sometimes even when I could watch TV). He was an amazing man. Passionate, loyal, always displayed great sportsmanship. A very important piece of KU is missing.

  • RIP, Max

  • I can remember sitting in my Dad’s car listening to Max create pictures in my mind about the greatness of Jo Jo White. In the sixties, there were few TV games of the Hawks and Max actually created a greater mental image than the video. His voice was the friendliest, mellifluous sound that even when something outrageous happened on the court you could certainly be outraged but the man describing it never went overboard. When Clyde Lovelette stepped on the chest of a KStater, he described the moment in his slightly humorous way. “He probably wanted to step over him but his stride was too short.” He also encouraged Jayhawk fans in creating respect for the opposing players and their coaches. When Norm Stewart came to KU after his retirement to receive his “Sit Down Norm” rocking chair, people like Max knew that Norm was a great villain and a great coach because of Max and his rolling humor throughout a game. During the years, whenever a Big 8 team made it to the tournament, all of the League would become a fan of that team. Max was friends with with Hank Iba and later with Eddie Sutton. When OSU played KU at home in a game where Kirk and Nick were playing their last game against the Cowboys, while the game was still going on and the players were going to the bench for the last time, the cheers for them were loud, but got louder when Eddie walked down the court to the KU bench during the game and hugged both of them the place went berserk. Max admitted that a tear came to his eye. I’ll always remember that and the closeness of the old big 8 rivals. Max recognized the great players that we were playing against. We gained respect for the the great ones that came into Allen Field House. The proof is when we stood and applauded for Keven Durant when he came back into the game against us even though he had twisted his ankle. 16,300 stayed after the three overtime game against OU to applaud Buddy Hield and his 44 points in a losing effort. Max taught us that and his name is in the rafters for that reason.

  • I went through a little phase where I didn’t like Max and Bob … about ages 13 - 22. You know, when you think you know everything. It’s why I hated Larry Bird. It’s why I couldn’t stand Marvin Hagler. Then, you realize what you weren’t realizing before.

    Just absolute treasures and we were so lucky to have those guys to listen to. Way too many games to recall. But one thing I loved about both were the way they conveyed their disgust with a call, or some turn of events, came through the radio. Made you “feel” the game. Yes, Max, RIP indeed.

  • The guy was great… I have fond memories of being overseas eagerly awaiting VHS tapes being sent my way once basketball season started - everytime I got one it felt like Christmas.

  • Lol

  • @wrwlumpy you have such a way with words, pics and history! I love when you share your knowledge with us. You’re a special KU fan too!

  • Love hearing all the memories about Max from everyone on this board.

    As a kid in the Sixties, Max’s voice was my introduction to the world of Jayhawk basketball and its long tradition. I think of him and Don Fambrough as the two KU “lifers” that I grew up with. Another KU legend gone, but one never to be forgotten.

    Rest in peace Max.

  • @wrwlumpy thanks for sharing these memories. I feel like I missed out not growing up listening to Max. I only got to experience him in the twilight of his career. Even then, he was great.

  • Godspeed, Max.

  • @bcjayhawk he really was our very own Nationally known treasure.

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @bcjayhawk he really was our very own Nationally known treasure.

    Indeed he was. What a lovely thing to say:simple_smile:

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