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  • Well , this is a different twist. - - just read where Les and ( KU ) trying different things to bring fan interest - - with the spring game. Coach Miles announced that they are naming the game as ( Late Night Under the lights ) – and that Rapper Rick Ross is suppose to preform after the game this year. - - -New Concept for the football program - taking the lead from our Basketball program. - Who knows might just get people to come out for the spring game - - 1st time ever heard about something like this for the football side.

    Maybe bring more students out - -be interesting to se what attendance will show up. - maybe people to get a look at - new Coach – new team - - and rap performance afterwards could be interesting - -trying different ways to draw people we shall see - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Just win and they will come.

  • I like the idea for the spring game. KU must engage the students again, even while it is rebuilding the program. I’ve always felt deep sympathy for the players when the student section is less than half full. What is the date and time for the spring game? It sounds like fun.

  • @stoptheflop Bringing in Rick Ross isn’t even about the fan experience. That’s a part for sure, but that is a recruiting tactic to make recruits want to check out KU.

  • @stoptheflop April 13, don’t know time, but must be dark?

  • 6:30 I believe

  • I know we are excited about it!

  • Texas Hawk 10 said:

    @stoptheflop Bringing in Rick Ross isn’t even about the fan experience. That’s a part for sure, but that is a recruiting tactic to make recruits want to check out KU.

    well ya. - -that is a given - -I would of thought people would realize that- what the purpose is

  • Thanks for the post on the spring game. I plan to attend the game, but probably won’t stick around for the music portion. Too late for me and not my style of music. But, I love that the football program is trying new things to attract recruits and student interest. RC

  • I think this great idea, breathe a little bit of life back into the game. I’ve always hated how boring it has been and the score has been like 13-10 since MM. Give the fans a show and have fun.

  • Just read this – another scenario where Coach is trying to engage with the Students: -Coach tweeted out Saying , I’m gonna be out on Campus - - -I’m headed to the Beach - - " Wescoe Beach " lol meet me today at 11:45

    I’m taking on all challengers , in cornhole - - - ladder golf & flip cup - - -you win I got prizes for you. - - now he didn’t say this - - This ol Jayballer 73 - saying this BUT dam I’m old lol- -I have NO IDEA what these games are or how they are played lmao.

    Also holding practice for the Students on April 11th at night - -I love Coach’s enthusiasm - -ways of trying to get engaged with the student base - -They had pictures of Coach inner acting with the students today - -they are on " The Phog " - -hell he get me enthused myself - -I’ know I’m crazy but he has me pumped - love this guys approach.

    Also he came right at it talking to reporters about how KU’s issues with timely mistakes and penalities had the Coach’s upset - -the players being upset about their mistakes - -Like I said elsewhere at least Coach isn’t trying to constantly blow smoke up our ass and try to make it sound like everything was going great. - - Coach Miles calls it like it is - sounds like he is a hard Coach - -but that’s good - -toughen these guys up - - they screw up – let them know - -YOU screwed up - - I mean JUMPIN - - GEE - - HOSSA - -FATS - -I time to get this turned around - - I think Coach will get this swung around. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I’m really excited for the spring game and the continuing return to competitive D1 football under Coach Miles and staff. I hope some posters who are able to attend the spring game will report here on what they saw. I will get to watch the spring game on cable. So, as our basketball players flee the ship daily, at least KU football is developing and will likely be more competitive this year. I sure don’t see how Thomas MacVittie has taken over the mantle of starting QB so early, but I can’t wait to watch him tonight. I enjoyed Benton Smith’s guesstimate on starters and two-deeps. Thanks, Benton for throwing out some information to fact-starved football fans.

  • Why are head coaches reluctant to play the first team offense against the second team defense and second team offense against first team defense in the spring game? There are a lot of spring games today, but I doubt I’ll be able to figure out how the teams are divided. The strategy should be to play the most likely starting units together to build chemistry. Yes, I can see the second and third QBs getting some reps with the first string offense and also rotating the RBs. This seems simple and straightforward, so I don’t see why HCs do such weird things on the format of the spring game. Just play it like a game in September, right? Obviously, you want to avoid injuries, but it’s still an opportunity for the players to play a game and compete against an opposing team.

  • @stoptheflop Here’s several reasons why coaches don’t format a spring game that way.

    1. Not everyone is on campus yet

    2. Injuries

    3. Depth charts aren’t set yet so coaches still want to see how players perform in different spots.

    4. Many positions have players switch between 1st and 2nd teams for reasons like fatigue or specific packages

    5. That is a boring format for people watching in the stands and on TV.

  • I’m for fewer interviews and more football.

  • Good crowd. So mad at myself for not going! No rain!

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    Good crowd. So mad at myself for not going! No rain!

    was checking out some other sites. - -of the LJW I think they said Jesse Newell said the estimated attendance was like 5,000 - -BUT was reading from the Phog several different posters talking about how they were impressed by the size of the crowd. - -most posts were like anywhere from 10,00 to 14,000 - they were also saying a much larger crowd then being reported - -look bigger then 5,00 when I was watching on ESPN Plus. - -looked to me like the side with the Booths - was right at like 3/4 full. - I can’t verify but looked bigger then 5,000 to me

  • MacVittie and Locklin looked the most impressive at QB tonight and Ezra Naylor looked really good at WR as well. The running the game looked good as well and should be better with Pooka added into the mix at some point this summer probably.

    The defense still looked like a work in progress with shifting from a 4-2-5 to a 3-4.

  • The spring game sure gave the 3rd, 4th and 5th string QBs lots of reps. I would have liked to see MacVittie and Stanley get a couple of back-to-back series, instead of alternating QBs every series. The TV cameras should have been placed on the east side so it wouldn’t have looked like the stadium was empty so often. Fans were only allowed to sit on the west side, which looked almost full to me between the 20s. Dom Williams and Kahlil Herbert looked good. KU is set at RB. Stanley was unimpressive, so MacVittie seems to have the edge going into August. Takulve Williams was all over the place and was used in different offensive positions. Overall, it’s a great start for Coach MIles. Optimism abounds. I still don’t see how we win more than 3 or 4 games this year with our schedule. Just beat KState and I’ll call it a better year.

  • KU officials said the attendance was estimated at 5,000

  • Woodrow said:

    KU officials said the attendance was estimated at 5,000

    there was a lot more there then 5,000

  • Was reading other places and ALL said in 100% total agreement that there is no way that there was only 5,000 people there. Also talked to several that were there - -ALL said the same thing - way more then 5,000 not sure how the hell this idiot came up with 5,000.

    Someone said maybe he can’t count past that lol - -Anyways general concensus was people say around 12,000 - -sounds more like it. - West side was probably close to 3/4 full at one point anyways

  • @jayballer73 No i watched a little bit on TV and ya I’d say the one side was at least 60% full. That place holds 50,000 people so you’d think atleast 10k had to be there. That’s pretty good for a 30 degree night and a team that hasn’t won more than 3 games in a season in 10 years.

  • Everything I saw on TV and heard from people that went suggests that it was more like 8k to 10k fans there. Definitely a great turnout for a spring football game at KU.

  • I had the craziest dream - Les Miles was the head football coach of KANSAS!


    I hope I don’t wake up soon.

  • SHould have had trump count the crowd, it would have been much larger.

  • @wissox million man march stuff?

  • They might need to come up with a more bold strategy to get us diehard Jayhawk fans into the seats. Maybe a fan-friendly raffle campaign such as Asses From Lasses, or something to that effect. Just an idea…

  • Sounds like were in on Another QB - -this one from California - - Doug Brumfield - -6’5 -& 213 lbs - - Left Handed QB , 3 star. - Doesn’t sound like he runs a lot - -207 yards rushing - - 3112 yards Passing this past season - -20 TD’S

    Has 6 offers at this point Utah - - Rutgers - - Nevada - - UNLV- - - William & Mary - & KU.

    Has visited Arizona State - - UNLV - - - - & KU - - - Colorado & Oregon State also showing Interest.

    He was talking in a interview about how his visit to KU was different then the others. - Said a Great Visit - how the Coach’s saying he needed to make the choice where he fit best , most comfortable - - talk about the facilities - - weight room and such - -talked about being a great experience happy to have - - - -great football atmosphere - - ummm ? ? ? ? ? - -great football atmosphere? - -maybe possibly talking about how it can be in the future. - Sounds like though would be a nice pick up. -Announcing School on May 18th - - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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