• Kind of an issue.

  • kind of THE issue

  • like was brought out - -we have a 4 guard line up out on the floor and we have 14 turnovers - -need to learn how to take care of the ball

  • A lot were due to throwing in to post

  • Trying to anyway!

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    A lot were due to throwing in to post

    Yes…terrible passes when Dedric had position and also when he didn’t.

  • Face for radio

  • ISU sped up Dotson from the get go and KU never recovered. The only reason the game started close as long as it did was because ISU was missing their shots. Once those started falling, KU was done.

  • Wake me up when the high bbiq shooters arrive on the roster. Garrett and Grimes have good BBIQ but can’t shoot. Vick can sometimes shoot but well…

  • I honestly think a lot of the turnovers wouldn’t have happened had Doke been in. He helps slow down the pace of the game and lets face it a several passes to both Dedric and David would’ve been pulled in by Doke. But obviously with the news on him, we will have to adjust.

  • @kjayhawks You have hit on a great truth! I think the guys passing the ball got complacent passing the ball to Doke, whose hands are probably twice as strong and 50% bigger than anyones. Errant passes to Doke in the post still got gobbled up. Errant passes to Mitch, Dedrick, and Dave get poked at and turned over.

  • @mayjay

    In the OU game Lawson zipped a pass into Doke that was a phenomenal grab for the Dunk. They even replayed it. Equal parts impressive pass and catch

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