• … of these stupid, ridiculous political commercials. I live in Florida, so I get the worst of the worst. The only blue wave I see is when I flush the toilet. The only red wave I see is if I drop a can of red paint. Shame on both of you. The loser in this insanity is America.

  • @KUSTEVE Its about the only thing that makes me wish KU played tomorrow instead of today. Usually Kansas is wrapped up and you don’t see too many ads from that side of the border. This year, not the case.

  • @Kcmatt7 It’s unbelievable. You watch tv, and there’s 4 straight political ads, one saying this guy is great, and the next one saying he’s an egg sucking dog. Then you go on Youtube, the same ads everywhere. You go on Fakebook, and there are troves of ads as well. You turn on the radio, and oops…der it is. We have two peanut heads ( Scott/Gillum ) running, we have a senator that might not know what century we live in ( Nelson), so the visuals are disturbing.

    Then we have good old amendment number 3. The existing casinos in Florida want to do all they can to make sure they have no competition, so they are pimping amend 3, which would put any new casino gambling up to a vote, while the Native American tribes that run the current casinos would be grandfathered in They are selling this as Florida voters don’t have the right to vote for or against casinos, and amend 3 would fix that ( while grandfathering in all the existing casinos). So the other side is saying that Amend 3 would “hurt the crumb crunchers” by denying the schools tax money off new casinos. Big interests both lying thru their teeth. Gazillions of ads run again and again.

  • This is for the true believers …the ones that think the entire election process isn’t completely rigged:

    [](link url)

  • @KUSTEVE I love how everyone wants to be able to do something and then wants to close down competition while trumpeting fairness. What is the position of the 2 would-be governors on the casino issue?

  • @mayjay I have no idea. Not sure either one has staked a position on Amend 3, but I would bet whatever side they took would be the one they received the most $$$ from. I’m thinking if Gillum wins, then he’s the next presidential candidate for the dems in 2 years.

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