NBA Starts Tonight

  • Excited

  • Me too. Here’s my fantasy basketball team. It’s a ten team league. I’m concerned my bottom half is a lot of speculation, and I didn’t weight the stats quite right, as we went to a new scoring format this year. It used to be 7 cat H2H, now its weighted scoring (pts = 1 pt, assists = 1.5 pts, rebs = 1.2 pts, steals = 3 pts, blocks = 3 pts). imho assists are OP. Really need John Wall to not lay an egg, and some of my second stringers to become first stringers. My team won last year and half of them went first round / early second 🙂


  • I’ll have to check that out when I’m not on my phone.

    Does anyone here have a favorite team? I’m kinda a Celtics fan because of Paul but mostly I just like watching match-ups between two good teams and or great players.

  • @BShark

    Celtics with a nice opening matchup tonight with the Sixers. That should be a good game. Get to see a healthy Hayward, a healthy Kyrie Irving, etc. against a healthy Embiid, a healthy Fultz (maybe) and the rest of their squad, this should be a fun season.

  • @justanotherfan The shooting has been really poor so far. Dunno if you’ve been watching.

  • @BShark

    Just turned it on. Looks like guys are still trying to find a groove tonight. Definitely not in midseason form.

  • Fultz looked awful last night. Like really, really bad. He just has no idea what he’s doing out there. Definitely shouldn’t be starting.

    Embiid had some really costly plays in the 3rd that stretched the game out for the Celtics. Sixers can’t space the floor well enough with Simmons unable to shoot the ball.

  • @Kcmatt7 Ya Embiid and Redick were the only guys that showed up for the game. Fultz looked terrible as did Shamet and a host of others. The 76ers didn’t make enough off season moves IMO.

  • @Kcmatt7

    Yep. Embiid needs to work on turnovers, 5 is too many, other than that his numbers looked pretty good; Hayward and particularly Irwin looked pretty rusty. The Golden State- OKC game was pretty close until the very end and Westbrook’s did not even play. Pretty sloppy game with poor shooting by both teams, Klay Thompson sporting a full beard and looking meaner and Curry still being his own smug self. Houston might be the team to watch.

  • @kjayhawks

    Too early to tell. The Sixers seem to have most of the pieces in place to be a contender but maybe one player away from being championship caliber. The Celtics will be the team to watch once they get more comfortable. Marcus had a nice game with 16 points, 10 rebounds and 2 steals in 21 minutes. The twins are now the oldest KU players in the NBA; weird not see Collison or Pierce still playing even when Paul has been out one year already. 12 KU players in NBA rosters this season.

  • Did Graham get sent down to the G League? I was looking at the Hornets box score and it doesn’t list him. It list other players who have not played so it makes it seem as though he is not on the roster…

  • @Woodrow Devonte signed a 2 year deal with Charlotte, but hurt his knee in the summer league after 3 games. Avg’d 10 pts 3 assists. Originally they said he would need surgery but later said that luckily he did not need it. Unsure when he will be added to the active roster–not soon, I suspect.

  • I actually just saw he was a healthy scratch. He played in the last preseason game so his knee is fine.

  • @Woodrow Whoa, I never even looked because their original estimate was months, if not all year! Good news! Good find.

  • @mayjay he got player of the game the last preseason game.

  • Rockets defense is in playoff form already I see.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 He was not listed in the Box score for tonight’s opener. Dunno if he was active because the ESPN list looks short.

  • Nice start to the season last night for Josh. 18 points on 7-11 shooting. Played 28 minutes off the bench.

    Frank only got 4 minutes for the Kings last night.

  • Philly beat a bad Chicago team.

    Svi hasn’t seen a minute in the Lakers game and they haven’t hit a 3 yet with two minutes left in the first half

  • Lakers are looooooooooooong. But can’t shoot even a little.

  • Kcmatt7 said:

    Lakers are looooooooooooong. But can’t shoot even a little.

    Their own fault for not playing Svisus. 🙂

  • This Celtics Raps game tho

  • Not even sure wtf is going on in Utah.

  • Rockets Lakers game is pretty good.

  • @BShark Hockey style!

  • Well our boys had pretty solid night last night in their games , with Jo Jo leading the way of course. They had the following:

    Jo Jo - - -32 points - - -10 rebounds - - & 3-5 from the 3 point line I would say pretty solid.

    Marcus – - - - 16 points - - -6 rebounds - - - -& 2-5 - - from the 3 point line

    Wiggins – - – 19 points ---- - -3 rebounds – - -& 2-4 from the 3 point line

    Here is one thing , I have read and heard that some feel Wiggins has been a bust in the NBA. They were discussing this when they were also talking about a player - -can’t remember his name that wa either holding out that played for Minnesota or he was wanted to be traded - - was wanting more money I believe. Anyways there were some that said they believed Wiggins was a bust but that Minnesota would not trade him , they were talking about him in this discussion.

    So I guess my question is do you think Wiggins is a bust? - - I’m not sure if I would call him a bust but - - - -I do feel that he maybe hasn’t played quite up to his hype - - - -I just think he ought to be able to rebound a little better - -and even score a little better I dunno what you all think?

  • @jayballer73 It was Butler and he said Wiggins and Towns get by on god given talent, while he has to work his ass off to make it. Butler just wishes they would give more effort. (My take is they are sooo talented they think they are trying hard, but have no comparison to realize they have more to give) It’s the same complaint we heard while Wiggins was here. Wiggs just isn’t an alpha.

  • @jayballer73

    Wigging is not a bust. Perhaps he has not lived up to the lofty expectations that many have of the top draft pick but he has been a solid player. He was Rookie of the Year and he signed a maxed out contract so his team obviously believes he is that good and worth the money. Butler is a malcontent with a chip on his shoulder who thinks he is better than he really is and believes he has more leverage than he really does and this is why there has not been much interest on him. I imagine most players would not be happy having him as a teammate since he has done what players just will not do, throw teammates by name under the bus publicly. Many veteran players will call out players but it is normally done in private, in the locker room and the few times it is done publicly it is normally a general criticism and specific players are not named.

  • @dylans I think KT in a recent interview made similar comments about Wiggins having great talent but apparently not focused on giving 100% all the time. I think in an article about Grimes having a similar tendency? Someone hopefully correct me if I am incorrect on which current player.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Ya it was Butler -how funny is that? – my last name too should of known. - Your probably right a lot of this about bust IS coming from the lofty expectations , I wasn’t very solid on him being a bust - -just kind of disappointing some times

  • @mayjay You are spot on.

  • Graham had his NBA debut for Charlotte. 6 minutes, 1 assist, 1 foul. Not much, but far better than spending all season in injury rehab.

  • Svi played a little last night.

    Morris and Oubre were huge for Washington.

  • Josh had a great first game, but his last two he is 2-12 from the field and his minutes are declining.

  • Josh needs to go to the D-League for a bit. It would be in the Sun’s best interest.

    NBA teams keep trying to complain that players don’t come out prepared. But they put players in impossible situations at this point. Teams trade away all of their talent and tank harder than ever. Then they draft a guy and expect him to come in and be the savior of a Franchise.

    JJ was rough around the edges at KU. He needed a full year in the G-League right of the bat just to work on his offense.

  • Luka Doncic is the truth.

  • BShark said:

    Luka Doncic is the truth.

    HMMM young with 35 points the other night – 1 tonight

  • jayballer73 said:

    BShark said:

    Luka Doncic is the truth.

    HMMM young with 35 points the other night – 1 tonight

    Young is quite good, but of course most rookies will have tough games here and there.

  • Embiid’s antics starting to wear a little thin. He flopped on Drummond last night which got Drummond ejected. Joel got up clapping, smiling, taunting the Detroit crowd. If I was a Detroit fan and didn’t care about KU I’d hate the guy. It was really classless.

  • Yeah I mean, I’d love Draymond if he was a KU guy. Comes with the territory.

    He did get warned for the flop though, the NBA is on the ball about that crap.

  • Watching Jo Jo tonight - - what a game for him last night. - Last Night Jo Jo had an awesome line even though he lost:

    He had 33 points - - - 11 rebounds - - -7 assists - - -& 3 blocks. - -can’t ask for much more - -that’s our boy – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @BShark my fantasy team, so far, is the worst in my league 😂

  • approxinfinity said:

    @BShark my fantasy team, so far, is the worst in my league 😂


    My football team is like that. Well, not the worst, but I’ve had two straight losses by less than 4 total points or I’d be in strong playoff contention…

  • wissox said:

    Embiid’s antics starting to wear a little thin. He flopped on Drummond last night which got Drummond ejected. Joel got up clapping, smiling, taunting the Detroit crowd. If I was a Detroit fan and didn’t care about KU I’d hate the guy. It was really classless.

    YA? – And how long has we watched Smart do that classless act - did it at OSU - -doing it with Boston. - -Just like they said about Jo Jo – they pick the top 5 players at this point that’s 25 and under - -Jo Jo comes in at # 3 -they saying Health is the only thing to keep JO Jo from being a absolute super star, and Jalen said that on top of Jo Jo’s talent is - - he owns a lot of real estate in opponents head lmao - - -his flop is wide spread through out the league - - -I’ll take him any time - -any day - -anywhere. I forget they were talking last night during the game , Jo Jo is the only player to start a season with their 1st four games to average 25/15 in like the last 53 seasons. - -I’m good with him. - -my thoughts on him is , if the fans can talk shit, do their antics, and other things that I’m not even going to mention - then I’m good with him - -it’s called karma. - -O know there is not ANYONE here that is that naïve to not know how some drunken or not even that fan they way they talk all the way from you name it - -talking shit on a players family - - spitting at them - -throwing shit at them. Why you think so many other players where they end up enough they eventually go into the stands after a fan - - Jo Jo is fine

  • @jayballer73 Did you watch the video of the incident? He looked like a fool out there. Seriously. I held back in my other comment, but since you called me out on it, I’ll say it. It was embarrassing to see that crap. If he’d done that while a member of the Jayhawks a lot of us would have called him out on it. And because Marcus Smart is an all time moron, I’m supposed to give Joel a pass because he’s not as bad as Smart?

  • I love Joel, but I gotta side with @wissox on this it was a bad look.

  • @wissox I would like to see a replay of the feet. JoJo fell as if Drummond’s foot was on his, but he defintely took advantage of it. Don’t call it a flop. Let’s just call it “enhancing gravity.”

  • I have said for a while now that JoJo’s act is wearing thin and fellow NBA players do not appreciate it. He is a professional now and needs to act like one.

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