• I don’t want to give in to the hyperbole, but two games into the season, Patrick Mahomes is probably the best Chiefs QB in the last 40 years. I look at that sentence and can’t believe that it could be true, but that statement could very well be true.

    Mahomes is better than I imagined he would be. He can’t possibly continue to be this good, because if he is, he should be inducted into the Chiefs ring of honor during the last regular season home game as an active player this year. This is just crazy.

  • @justanotherfan Yeah he can’t keep up an 80 passing TD pace but man is he good. You can see all the tools and when you factor in the talent KC has at the skill positions and Andy’s ability to coach offense and get the most out of his QBs…

  • There have been a lot of great QBs in a Chiefs uniform… just very few wore it in their prime.

    It’s a long season and I don’t want to get in front of myself, but this is something to get excited about for sure! Chiefs can compete with anyone right now. Could we be looking at Chiefs and Rams down the road?

  • @bskeet gotta improve the D!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I wish they would stop talking to offensive players so much! “Hey! You think you are tough just cuz you got 25 yards on 3rd and 15? Remember that big hit I gotcha with after you broke 6 other tackles!!! Yeah, you’re my bitch now, fool!”

  • The Chiefs organization really got the draft selection right when they traded to move up to take Mahomes. Wow. No. 15 makes it look easy.

  • @stoptheflop Still hard to believe that he’s on our team. Feels wrong as a Chiefs fan lol




  • He is a bad bad man! That was a fun ass game to watch!

  • Woodrow said:

    He is a bad bad man! That was a fun ass game to watch!

    Broncos got ELWAYED. Ahahahahaha.

  • @BShark

    It is only fair since Elway did it to the Chiefs and other teams many, many times. Karma is a beotch.🤪

  • Mahomes is really good for sure , however Christmas came a little early last night. - - In their late drive for the score - -they got a gift when he completed his 35 yard pass. As has been brought up in a lot of different paces a article about the game last night shows on that play in late game the play clock had clearly expired , wasn’t even close - -the officials said they blew it - - doesn’t mean they still wouldn’t of scored - -just not sure if they would have. - would of made conditions play calling totally different - - Worked out just fine for me though , cause I wanted to see the Chiefs win too. - After Green Bay their my other time I like to pull for. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer73 scoot over on that bandwagon buddy. You keep a seat warm for me? Count me in.

  • approxinfinity said:

    @jayballer73 scoot over on that bandwagon buddy. You keep a seat warm for me? Count me in.

    LMAO - - - you goof , Green Bay still my # 1 boys - -always have been - - always will be lol. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • 0_1538520838791_20181002_175306.jpg

  • @kjayhawks

    Texas Tech’s defenses were ranked 9th and 10th in the Big 12 during Mahomes’ two years as a starter. And remember, KU was in the Big 12 during that time.

  • @justanotherfan I agree, I just stole it from Facebook because it was funny.

  • We moved over the summer, somehow in the move a few things got misplaced…happens. Among those things was a PSA 10 autographed Pat Mahomes card. (We’ve established I’m a bit of a sports collector.) No biggie, I paid around $100 hopefully it’ll show up. 6 months later I’ve written it off as gone, so I look on ebay to see if I can find another. Sure enough there is the exact same card for sale! What are the odds there are only 4 in that condition and one is very missing?!? So I watch the auction when it hit $400 I was out…way too much for cardboard. And it ended up at $920+shipping. Now (last week) I’m a little disappointed, so I lament my loss to a friend of mine; the friend I had given my old dresser during the move. Luckily he decided to check the bottom of the dresser under the drawers and found my missing Mahomes card (and a Durrant rc pop 5). Happy day!

  • 0_1547912165524_474D5495-7DF6-4CC4-932D-D59588DFC85D.jpeg

  • @dylans True friend!

  • Glad u have a friend😄

  • @dylans I’d have kept it! 😇

  • @Crimsonorblue22 lol, he doesn’t care about sports.

  • @dylans Sports isn’t the temptation we were thinking about. 🤑

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