Getting closer guys

  • Well guys it is getting closer. I know football around here doesn’t generate much giddiness - - not even close , I can understand that , I get it but the bottom line is , College football is right around the corner and me being the College sports fanatic that I am , I’m still getting excited. I just love College sports , I hate Summer time it just drags. Sure I wish just like everyone else we could put a product on the filed that was at least some what competitive it’s frustrating - - I get hot , I cuss - -I yell - - the wife heads for the hills. Yes even during the KU football season I act like this.

    Why? - -why do I act like this? - - Why do I get all worked up over KU football when I can predict the outcome 5 minutes into game ? - Another blow out by the competition? - Hell I don’t know , I ask myself multiple times during the game - -the season , I swear and promise that I’m NEVER watching another game - -get so dam tired off getting beatin to a bloody pulp , so I say that’s it I’M DONE - and yet there I am the next Saturday same thing Wash - - Rinse – & Repeat.

    The only reason I’ve come up with feeble as it may be/sound is , because I just love KU sports , KU as a School even though I never attended one second there on Campus taking any kind of class. - I’m just an avid - -avid - -rabid fan have been for many decades , the Crimson & Blue runs through my veins -my temper especially when someone starts to talk smack about KU can and has gotten me in trouble or close to trouble lol. You just don’t talk crap on the boys with me. - I mean I feel I’m as loyal as anyone , I have to be , I feel you have to be THAT fan when you get the KU mascot Big Jay tattooed on your arm - - have takin a lot of grief from competitors for having it on my arm OR the obvious statement from some goes like this: OH so your a KU fan huh? - To which I think to myself - no shit Sherlock ya think? -Ya I’m ready for yet another year of KU football.

    Call me a Sadist , Call me the forever Eternal Optimist - -hoping wishing Every year - -Every Game ok New Season maybe we turn this around Hey I know it sounds Crazy , Insane but it’s me - -it’s who I am. Bottom line no matter what Win - -Lose or otherwise. I’m gonna be RIGHT HERE pulling for yes even for our KU football and I getting pumped up - I’m ready

    Another thing is also just as frustrating to me and yes I know my fellow KU brothern you have every perfect right to voice your opinions as much as I do mine it’s all good just very frustrating and that is the Constant bashing on Coach Beaty, again I understand , but it isn’t helping the program any. It’s not like Coach sets out to see how he can break this team down anymore. For one that’s impossible , we are already at rock bottom. Yet to just keep rehashing the same thing over and over and over is senseless. -Coach Beaty is a good man , I just think he is in over his head , but to get personal - NO not her but I’ve seen a lot of articles comments where it is getting personal - there is no place for that - -that’s just sad.

    He reads this stuff - - -current players read these sites places how does that make them feel? - -Do they see the support? - -No. - -This program is so unstable - -Recruits see/read things - YES some even see the boards believe it or not- -it’s just not good. Hey yet I’m not getting into any verbal battles on this so I’ll stop on that. - - Bottom line I’ll be right here cheering and hoping for a fn season hell being competitive would be a step in the right direction. Would make my heating my Ham & Cheese sandwich Chips & beer sitting in front of the TV or at the Stadium much better - -ROCK CHALK BOYS - -have a great day.

  • @jayballer73 Hey JB, I’m excited for college football to get started too. I’m curious if other posters already know how many KU football games they plan to attend. Right now, I’m not planning to attend any. But, that may change as the games get closer. Regarding KU football, I strongly support and appreciate the commitment by our student athletes. The lack of discernible progress last year convinced me it’s time to change coaching staffs. When Weis’s teams went 1-11 and 3-9, I thought that was the bottom for our football program. Now, 3 wins would seem to be a good year. I absolutely hate that KU is everyone else’s homecoming game. Things must change.

  • I am ready for some football my self! Don’t ask me why but I still get season tickets to KU football and force myself to go to all but maybe 1 or 2. Just nothing like a fall day in Lawrence. Just wish we had a squad to make the day more enjoyable!

  • @Woodrow good for you! I’m going to a few. It’s about 3 hrs for me.

  • @Woodrow Way to go, Woodrow. I went to the SE Miss game last year and really enjoyed seeing the Orange Bowl squad and Coach Mangino, who wore a black suit on a very hot day. The atmosphere was great, but I could see that our team was very weak against a much smaller opponent. You’re right, it’s still college football and the tailgaters don’t seem to mind the poorly prepared team we field. RCJH

  • @stoptheflop I was at that game, crowd loved mangino

  • Woodrow said:

    I am ready for some football my self! Don’t ask me why but I still get season tickets to KU football and force myself to go to all but maybe 1 or 2. Just nothing like a fall day in Lawrence. Just wish we had a squad to make the day more enjoyable!

    I know why you do. - - It’s called being a fan - -not a closet win - -a fan only when a team wins , BUT no matter the circumstances your still there. , true fans stay with a team whether it’s good times OR bad that’s your team. I’ve had 3 knee operations now and 3 Major back surgeries and probably facing more surgeries but I’ll still try and work my way to the stadium and if I’m not there I’m watching the TV or if they are not on Tv then I’m sitting in front of my Radio listening -Maybe someday - -someday soon we can both enjoy those fall days involving KU football again. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I do the exact same thing. I get excited because I love KU athletics and college sports in general. I think this year will be interesting, does Beaty and this team come fight with their backs against the wall? I could see this team winning 1 or 0 games but I also could see them winning 5 or 6. I think we have some talented guys on this team no more excuses let’s go.

  • I might go to the Baylor game in Waco, but there’s also a good chance I’m going to be taken to a Texas A&M watch party that day because they play Alabama that day as well.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 It will be interesting to see how Jimbo does there, it kinda surprised me he left FSU.

  • Another little thing I read and my feeling on is this. We have just got to somehow keep more of the limit quality of decent players right here in our back yard we have GOT to find a way some how some way to land these guys. Here is another one: Turner Corcoran a 6’6 280 Offensive Liner right out of Lawrence Free St I believe.

    These are the types we just have to start landing and not letting get away. Norte Dame , Ohio State , K-state , Wisconsin , Iowa State - these are some only gonna be more as time goes on. It’s not like we are out of the picture by any means but with these heavy hitters -man , we got to get busy , he likes KU and says it’s nice because of being like 15 minutes away and all that - -his friends & family being able to watch 4 Star - -maybe some of the other KU kids that are on the roster can help reel him in

  • The team is losing more players, this cannot be good…

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Looks like all but one are medical issues. That’s unfortunate, but a heart condition (Flomo), foot condition (Aql), and back problem (Dixon) aren’t things you want to mess around with for a 20-something kid with the rest of their life ahead of them.

    Saulsbury was also medical, but it wasn’t disclosed what his injury was.

    Only Larry Hughes is transferring.

    Losing guys hurts, but only one is actually leaving the program outright. The other four simply didn’t pass the required physical because of existing conditions that could put their health in jeopardy in the future.

    I wish them all the best, and hope they left the game before permanent damage was done.

  • JayHawkFanToo said:

    The team is losing more players, this cannot be good…

    WE gained as many as we lost - -pretty much straight across we lost four and took on 4-5

  • If Chancellor Girod or AD Long need any further proof that KU football is nearly dead, please note that with our season beginning in less than 3 weeks, no one has commented on this site in about a week. A huge change is needed and needed soon.

  • I’m going to the kickoff in wichita this week!🏉

  • Found it kind of interesting that we didn’t hear a peep today - – NOTHING about how the scrimmage went yesterday, I mean NOTHING we shall see. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Was the scrimmage closed to the media? I looked on Twitter and didn’t see anyone that covers KU tweet anything about it…

  • @Woodrow Maybe the media refused to go…

  • Bumper Sticker…

    KU Football—A Tie Would Be As Good as Consensual Sex with Scarlet Johansson

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