• @BShark It seemed pretty obvious to me that plenty of folks were involved after seeing some of the texts sent between Briles and his assistants. Someone on here was saying we should hire Briles and I shot that down fast , want no part of anyone from that school at that time.

  • A cover up like that requires knowledge from so many people. There’s no way for a lot of low level people to cover that up. It takes people with real power at the university level to pull that off.

  • The sad truth is that every school has a problem with sexual assault of varying degrees and extent - the result of the times we live, no doubt - and most try to keep it as quiet as possible for obvious reasons. The problem at Baylor was exacerbated because it also involved high profile student-athletes who, precisely because of that high profile, should have been under a close watch by people that were in charge to do it. Instead, TPTB turned a blind eye and made things considerably worse by trying to cover it up with involvement to the higher levels and the implicit level of tolerance by the school made things considerably worse with obvious and catastrophic results.

    Short of an overhaul of the entire administration that tacitly tolerated that environment the issue will linger on.

  • Wish the Conference would have penalized them more. Complete shutout of games for years, no TV revenue, etc.

    A lot of people to blame here.

  • @Kcmatt7

    That would basically be the death penalty.

    Not saying it isn’t deserved, but if they did that, it would effectively kill the Big 12 as a conference. With SMU’s program on probation, that kept the SWC from having many games on TV (and having an unbalanced schedule in 1987 and 1988).

    The money imbalance would crush the conference. Texas and OU would almost certainly leave. It would be the end of the Big 12 as a power conference, and since KU and KSU are likely linked, that means ending up in the Mountain West conference.

  • @justanotherfan Under that scenario, we MIGHT end up in the MWC but not sure it’s because we are tied to KSU. Remember in the chaos of 2011 KU, NU, OU, MU and A&M approached the B1G about membership. There was NO KSU, no OSU, etc. Only “big” brothers, not “little” brothers. And, IF (and I do think that “if” is far from certain unless we get out athletic house in order) the B1G came calling, I don’t think for one moment the BOR decides that KU would have to “pass” which would result in having NO Kansas school in a P4 conference.

  • @ICThawk

    BOR might not, but the legislature might insist that the two state schools remain in the same conference. It’s a boon to the state to have KSU in a major conference. If that ends, KSU will struggle in recruiting and will also have issues getting into the NCAA tournament and bowl games.

  • @justanotherfan

    I am not sure the legislature has the authority to do anything. The BOR was established in the Kansas constitution to govern all the State higher learning institutions, precisely to keep it out of the legislature. The legislature had tried for years to get the 3 major schools to play each other with no luck.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    The legislature controls funding. That’s enough power to force a decision.

  • @justanotherfan

    I just don’t see how the legislature would tie funding to sports; no way it happens.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    It has never happened in Kansas to my knowledge, but it has happened in some other states.

    Legislative action was threatened in Kentucky if UK didn’t play Louisville back in the 1980’s if I recall correctly - they scheduled before anything was passed.

    Something similar happened in South Carolina for SC and Clemson.

    The whole reason Baylor is in the Big 12 to begin with is because the Texas governor insisted on their inclusion in order to approve UT leaving the SWC.

    I think if there was a possibility that KSU may be relegated to a non-power conference, the legislature would step in, as that would be very damaging to KSU.

  • @justanotherfan

    As I understand the BOR in Kansas is very unique insofar as it is part of the State’s constitution and with complete independence from the legislature; they can try but unless the change the state’s constitution it will not work.

    As I indicated before. the legislature has tried to get KU, KSU and WSU to play each other and it has not gone far precisely because what I mentioned above.

    In college sports football is king with basketball second and baseball a very distant third. FWIW, KSU is not in as bad a situation as it seems since its football program has been fairly successful for many years now and as we all know, football drives conference realignment.

    With the current status of the football program, I just don’t see any conference wanting to take KU which really needs to get its act together before the next round of alignment and not risk being left behind or having to join a basketball conference like the Big East, which might be problematic since KU is not a Catholic school, although Butler is technically a non-sectarian school but founded by Christians. Even the Big 12 is probably not crazy about having KU, it brings nothing to the table in football and hogs all the glory in basketball.

  • KState would get picked up by a major conference at this point, imo. I could definitely see them moving to the Pac 12 just to get the KC market.

  • Unless the PAC12 picked up a group of CST schools, it would make KState the “West Virginia of the PAC12”. However, the PAC12 does not seem to be in expansion mode. I would doubt KState’s “share” of the Kansas City market would be financially attractive to the PAC12, which already seems to have financial problems since their league network doesn’t seem to be working well for them. I would also doubt KState’s academics are very exciting to the PAC12 which has even more AAU schools than the present Big12! I think KU may have problems if the Big12 “explodes”…but KState, ISU and probably Baylor (with everything coming out of there) are in even worse shape than KU (maybe add TCU & TTU, and even OSU to that list if “Big Brothers” don’t save “little brothers”). Only UT & OU are “assured” of a safe landing, IMHO (and they are the only schools which could “blow up” the Big12)!!

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