New Practice Facility Project Started

  • Good to see this finally get underway. Really think this was long overdue.

  • Next step: a competent coach

  • @BShark Lol I think it is actually going to be perfect timing. Beaty is going to put up another 1 win team, get the boot, and a new coach will be able to recruit with a fresh start and new facilities.

  • I have no faith in Zendork’s ability to hire a FB coach.

  • One can only hope Zenger leaves with Beaty.

  • Got to have facilities to draw recruits - can’t wait till the whole project is complete. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Kcmatt7 said: Beaty is going to put up another 1 win team, get the boot, and a new coach will be able to recruit with a fresh start and new facilities.


    You really think we’ll win one this year?

  • There’s no guarantee KU can attract a better coach right now.

  • God knows I love our basketball pedigree and dominance… but it sure would be good to get some of that historic quality football spirit back and not be seen as a one-trick pony.

  • Zenger was on 810 today and did about a 30 minute interview with Petro. They touched on a lot of topics and is a good listen if you have the time.

  • @nuleafjhawk Are you saying we will win more or less? lol.

  • @justanotherfan I feel good we can attract a better option than a WR Coach. Hell, our OC is more qualified to be a head coach than our head coach.

    We might not be able to get the type of guys taking SEC jobs, but we should be able to get that next tier. You have to think that budget was a HUGE issue when hiring Beaty. We should be able to afford a $3M/yr guy again starting next season, and money talks.

  • justanotherfan said:

    There’s no guarantee KU can attract a better coach right now.

    Beatty is the worst coach I’ve ever seen. I’d take an actual potato at HC.

  • @Kcmatt7 I was being sarcastic - at this point one win is a pretty lofty goal.

  • @nuleafjhawk meh we will win 1.

  • @Kcmatt7 Time will tell.

  • @nuleafjhawk Well anything less than 4 wins or 3 wins and several almost wins should result in a firing. JMO

  • @Kcmatt7 I’m trying to think of a scenario where i fail at my job 92% of the time and still HAVE a job.

    I can’t.

  • So people really think that KU is going to go from paying a coach 1.6M a year to 3M a year just like that?? Two years ago Beaty was making $800K. There is no way Zenger would get the OK to pay a coach 3M a year.

    I understand why people hate on Beaty, but this team still at only 65ish scholarship players. It is not even close to a full squad. You can’t just keep firing coaches and expect that situation to get any better. Obviously some people believe in him as David Booth committed a 50M pledge and they are paying cash for 26M indoor practice facility.

  • @nuleafjhawk You must not be a weather man.

  • @Woodrow Yes they can and yes they can.

    That is probably the average salary for a P5 Head Football Coach.

    And you can fire them when the scholarship count is low if it isn’t getting any better anymore. Beaty can’t keep kids on the team or sign enough HS kids so scholarship numbers aren’t actually getting better anymore.

    I am totally ok giving the next Head Coach a guaranteed 5 years. But I want a guy committed to recruiting at the HS level,a proven player developer and I want his contract to basically say he would have to commit a federal crime to be fired before that.

    Like I said, if Beaty doesn’t win 4 games this year, he needs to go. This is his 4th year and there needs to be tangible proof of improvement.

    How much longer do you want to keep Beaty if he keeps posting 1 win seasons?

  • @Kcmatt7 I agree there needs to be some serious progression this year. Last year was a complete disaster. I hate to put a win total on the year as I am more looking at is the team even competitive and look like a power 5 team.

    We will just have to disagree on the salary as I do not see anyway they will give a coach 3M a year at 5 or 6 years guaranteed right now. You fire Beaty and then you are just swimming in a pool of assistant coaches again.

    I know I am in the minority when it comes to Beaty, but he is proving that he can attract talent. His class this past year was a top 50 class. Now can he put it together and make something of it on the field that is yet to be seen. As a season ticket holder I sure hope so. Would make the games a lot more fun to attend!

  • @Woodrow If the right candidate comes along, $3 million is not an issue.

    Also, KU is not at 65 scholarships, they’re somewhere in the mid 70’s right now.

    In order for Beaty to keep his job, he needs to get to a bowl game.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Give some examples of the “right candidate”

  • @Woodrow $3 million per year would be 7th in the Big 12. A P5 coordinator or Group of 5 HC could absolutely be worth $3 million per year to KU. If KU wants a quality up and coming coach, they will have to pay a premium because of their past decade.

  • @Woodrow I would want us to hire someone like Jeff Brohm when he was at Western Kentucky. A guy with Head Coach experience and program development. Someone with a history of success. Brohm cost $3M. That is where my bar is at and where I am getting my salary figure. Paying anyone less means we are just taking another throw at the dart board and hoping we hit a bullseye.

    Once Beaty went the JUCO route with this class, he put all his chips in the middle. It is time to put up or shut up.

  • @Woodrow

    KU should have no problem paying a a worthy coach $3M. When you consider all the former coaches it has been paying paying, it adds up to considerably more than $3M. I imagine Mangino and Gill might be off the books by now and Weiss, if not off, pretty close to it so money is definitely available. Amazingly enough, as bad as the KU football program is, it still makes a profit larger than the basketball team does.

  • With the cluster F of coaching hires they have had I just don’t see them handing out that kind of contract right now. I also don’t think we would be able to attract top tier assistants right now. Most see this as a death sentence when it comes to coaching careers.

    You have to be willing to give a coach 5 full years to get his team and scholarships right. If Beaty was fired for example there would be a mass exodus of players and our scholarship player total would be down in the lower 50’s if not below.

    Now if Brett Vrenables was like hey I’ll take the job then yea I’m sure the check would be written. However, that quality of a coach is not walking through that door.

  • @Woodrow $3M isn’t as much as you are thinking it is imo. Not anymore. That is the price for getting a guy to make the jump now. It isn’t like we are trying to make someone the highest paid coach in football. But cheating out on your coach just isn’t the place to skimp.

  • @Kcmatt7 I’m the grand scheme of CFB 3M is nothing I get that. However, 2 years ago KU was paying its coach 800K. Now he is getting 1.6M. So to KU I would argue it is something. They are clearly not ready and or willing to pay a coach 3M.

    I think a lot of people are grossly over estimating who would be interested in the job if and when it opens.

    Are you just going to pay someone 3M just to say you are? What I am saying is I don’t think assistants worthy of getting 3M are going to take the KU job.

  • I like the idea of getting some new stuff built to help recruiting, I think the new locker rooms have helped us get some of the guys we currently have. I like that Beaty has finally accepted that the air raid just isn’t going to work right now and has put more of an emphasis on the ground game. Some of here have criticized this say we’ll get beat by 25 instead of 40 but I think it can give us a chance to actually be in more games late, to win you’re gonna have to be part of the game after half time. I think our most explosive player on offense maybe Herbert, so why not try and get him more touches. So many times the last 3 years we have ran 3 plays and punted in 25 seconds. That can’t happen as often as it does and expect the defense to compete the whole game that way. I honestly am excited about how good our defense can be this season. Beaty’s job is no question on the line this season to put it nicely. He must win a minimum of 4 games and KO the longest road losing streak in recorded history week 2 vs central Michigan. I personally don’t think it will be hard to find a better coach, seriously? 1 win vs FBS, you could make the argument today that Beaty is the worst head coach in not only KU history but in collegiate history. I don’t know how anyone could do worse.

  • @Woodrow well Beaty wasn’t worth that price. And the only reason he was hired was because we were still paying Fat Charlie and couldn’t afford anyone else or attract any talent.

    4 years ago, I would have agreed that this job was poopoo. It was an impossible position to be successful in. We wouldn’t pay a coach much money, we had no talent at all, and our AD had no intentions of investing money into our teams outdated facilities.

    All of that has changed. And while the job may not be attractive to top assistants, it still would be for younger up and coming head coaches. There are several coaches in the MAC right now that I would be interested in. And I think they would take the job now, knowing they would be given 5 years to get the thing rolling.

  • @Kcmatt7 my reply to that is what is going to be different when the next coach comes In and we are back down to 50 players? Guranteed that all the LA players leave, Hull leaves , etc… so next coach comes in and won’t win shit for 3 years and we are having this same conversation.

    Do I think results on the field should have been better last year absolutely, but I’m not sure people understand how ran down this program was.

    Our stadium is a f’ing dump. They are finally getting some momentum in fund raising to try and change that.

    Hopefully they can come out and win 3-4 games this year and look competitive in doing so. They first need to find a damn QB but that’s a whole different conversation.

  • @Woodrow KU went cheap with the last hire and they got what they paid for. There’s been minimal, if any progress made. KU has to pay Beaty $3 million to go away, that’s it. When he was hired, KU was still paying off Weis an absurd amount of money. Right now, KU can afford a buyout at a Group of 5 school and give that coach $3 million per year.

    In any walk of life, quality doesn’t come cheap and KU went cheap with Beaty and are now regretting it deeply.

  • @Woodrow ok so agree to disagree, that’s fine.

    But what if we don’t look competitive at all this season? What if it’s a repeat of last year?

  • @Kcmatt7 I think he has to produce something on the field this year and I think he’s been told that. IMO that is why he went heavy in the Jucos with this class.

  • Beaty said today that the team should be around 70 scholarship players this fall. Also said it would take 3 more years to get too a full squad of 85.

  • I guess I could make it 3 more years if I knew the light at the end of the tunnel was a respectable team for the long-term…

    My only worry is that there would still be an exodus of players 3 years from now and so all we did was watch our program suck for 3 extra years instead of just making the switch now.

  • @Woodrow So he’s claiming it’s going to take 8 years to get back to normal? 5 is the maximum it should take.

    I’ve defended Beaty longer than most people have, but he needs to go. He’s never going to get the job done here because he’s abandoned his plan in recruiting and he’s abandoned his goals for the offense. This team has no identity because Veaty keeps changing what he wants to do every season.

    0-12 is a possibility next season. We already don’t have enough OLinemen to play a spring game so even with reinforcements coming in the summer, the depth isn’t there.

    Changes need to happen because Zenger has no clue what he’s doing on the administrative side of the job and Beaty has no clue what he’s doing leading the football program.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 People just do not understand how decimated this program was when Weiss left. I understand that most people have already made their mind up on Beaty and that is fine. Just have to acknowledge the facts of the roster he was given and what he is dealing with.

  • Oh and they are not going 0-12 this year.

  • @Woodrow I think we realize how decimated it was. We just don’t like the direction of the rebuild. It doesn’t look promising.

    And, as @Texas-Hawk-10 said, he completely abandoned he recruiting strategy. That or he couldn’t fill those scholarships with HS kids.

    Either way, I would have been more likely to give him a 5th season if he didn’t take the JUCO guys.

  • Beaty changing directions on recruiting is a big indictment to me. Signing HS kids that you can build around gives hope for the future. Signing a bunch of quick fix hopes from JUCO is a bad path. That’s what put KU in this hole to begin with from Weis, who remains the worst hire in the history of the program (saying something when Terry Allen exists). This is heading in a bad direction. I’ve tried to remain optimistic, but this story probably won’t end well.

  • @Woodrow It does not take more than 5 years to restock a roster in college football when the man in charge is competent. 5 years is a full recruiting cycle so there’s no reason it should take longer than that to have a full roster again.

    Nicholls St. made the FCS playoffs last season and return a lot of their team. That’s not a gimme game. KU hasn’t won a road game since 2009 so CMU is not a gimme game. Rutgers is still a B10 program that beat the crap out of KU a couple of years ago, not a gimme game.

    It’s a very real possibility that KU could be a home underdog to an FCS team next season.

    Name another job in the world where being successful 9% of the time is good and deserving of doubling your salary and getting an extension?

    David Beaty is never going to succeed at KU because he can’t make up his mind about what he wants the program to look like. Inconsistencies in his coaching staff because the amount of turnover and Beaty changing job responsibilities every year has done nothing to help KU. Programs need consistency to improve and KU has had none of that under Beaty in 4 years. The time to end this experiment was Novemver but the AD can’t fire Beaty because it means he’s gone as well because AD’s don’t get 3rd chances at hiring football coaches.

    David Beaty is the poster child for how not to build a program.

  • justanotherfan said:

    Beaty changing directions on recruiting is a big indictment to me. Signing HS kids that you can build around gives hope for the future. Signing a bunch of quick fix hopes from JUCO is a bad path. That’s what put KU in this hole to begin with from Weis, who remains the worst hire in the history of the program (saying something when Terry Allen exists). This is heading in a bad direction. I’ve tried to remain optimistic, but this story probably won’t end well.

    I don’t even know if I could put Terry Allen in the bottom 5 considering our last 3 coaches plus Bob Valesente have all coached here. Allen might be 5th, but there’s probably worse out there in KU’s history at some point considering KU’s history.

  • @justanotherfan Sadly I’d take Terry Allen over our current and last 2 coaches without Hesitation. I love Beaty’s loading up on Jucos and saying we are still 3 years or more from getting full scholarship numbers. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out he probably just cost us a year or 2 in that area. I predicting a 0-12 season and Beaty to be regarded as the worst D1 coach in history. It’s pretty evident to me at this point that Beaty ether has no idea how to build anything or he is the stupidest man on this earth. (@justanotherfan just the first sentence was for you, don’t want you thing I’m ranting at you lol).

  • @Woodrow It doesn’t matter what anyone else says about Beaty, former player or not, when you keep changing your vision of what you want the program to be, keep reassigning coaching duties, and abandon your recruiting strategy, it’s going to lead to failure.

    The longer David Beaty remains head coach, the longer it will take KU to begin an actual rebuild.