Rumors Peters is on the block.

  • Hearing Chiefs could be dangling him for picks before the draft. They have no real interest in resigning him I’m sure. Doesn’t seem like he will ever be mentally mature enough to succeed long-term without either pissing off fans, coaches or teammates.

    I would hate to see such a cheap CB get shipped off, but I do understand where they are coming from. Can’t say the rumors surprised me.

  • This seems like a bad football move to me. Peters is one of the top 5 or 10 CBs in the league, and he’s still on a very cheap rookie deal. I get that some in KC aren’t enamored with him, but the Chiefs will be hard pressed to find a corner as good as Peters if they move him. Chances they get back as much value in a trade are pretty close to zero, particularly if this is a move related to non-football issues.

    And if the reason for moving Peters is maturity, the Chiefs have a very tough question to answer in regards to Travis Kelce and his future with the team as well.

  • @justanotherfan Difference is that Kelce isn’t making scenes on the sidelines, or “alienating the fan base.”

    I 100% agree with everything you said. But that isn’t the perception of most unfortunately… Might cost KC a solid CB.

  • @HighEliteMajor can rejoice

  • Peters seems to be a side show guy, my problem is that he gambles too much. It’s ether a big INT or a big play for the offense. The Chiefs made a huge mistake not trying to sign Chris Harris tho he was in there back yard.

  • @justanotherfan About halfway through the season I would have agreed. In fact, Kelce still just turns me off. But Kelce sure seemed to dial back the stupidity, while Peters seemed to be unable to.

    @kjayhawks Chris Harris is a terrific guy … great corner. You’re right on point there.

  • Peters is a peter. I wish they would have cut him after the first game.

  • Cutting him would be really stupid when you can trade him. 😉

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Travis Kelce is two years older than Peters. That means that the Chiefs put up with Kelce’s antics for two more years before he “matured” last year about halfway through the year. If that’s the measuring stick, Peters should get at least one more season (probably two) before the Chiefs decide to move on from him. The Chiefs actually extended Kelce in spite of some of his issues after the 2015 season. They are talking about getting rid of Peters after the same amount of time. That’s not a football decision, or at least isn’t one using the same measuring stick they did for an equally talented and equally troublesome player.

  • @justanotherfan Equally troublesome is not true. Peter’s is driving fans away and causing tickets not to be sold with his protesting on top of the tantrums and penalties he has been getting. He is the double whammy that I wouldn’t blame an owner for wanting to get off of his team.

  • The NFL needs to do like the NBA and require the players to stand during the anthem.

    Unless you’re protesting the owner don’t harm the product.

  • @justanotherfan

    There is more to keeping a player than just the on-field performance. Football is a business and Peters has been bad for business.

  • @BShark Sometimes it’s just fun to CUT somebody…

  • @nuleafjhawk Bobby Darin called to agree.

  • @justanotherfan Good point in years of experience. Have you ever heard of Kelce blowing up at teammates, or coaches? Creating scenes on the team plane? He’s a major challenge to deal with. Add in the national anthem BS, I’d move him.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Here’s Tom Brady berating an assistant coach on the sideline last season.

    Here’s Brady doing the same thing in 2011.

    The Patriots should trade him I guess. Should’ve moved him back in 2011. You can’t just yell at a coach like that. Too much of a distraction.

    Here’s Ben Roethlisberger asking Mike Tomlin to keep OC Todd Haley away from him.

    The Steelers probably should move on from him, especially given his history off the field. Too much of a distraction. It would hurt the business.

    Here’s Rob Gronkowski taking a cheap shot at a guy and getting suspended as a result.

    Here’s Gronk admitting to throwing punches after the Super Bowl a few years ago.

    Here’s Gronk making an anti-Semitic joke last year.

    The Patriots definitely need to cut ties with that guy.

    I’m looking online now to see if the Pats have waived or traded Brady or Gronk, or if the Steelers got rid of Roethlisberger. Doesn’t look like they did, but I will keep checking…

  • Peters is an elite talent. The character issues are why he was available at the Chiefs pick. They have too many issues at corner/safety to cut ties with arguably the most talented player on the team without a major coup in return. With the off field junk you aren’t getting a huge return for him I wouldn’t think. So the Chiefs are likely stuck with him and his immense talent until his play drops off or he’s in his last year of his contract.

  • nuleafjhawk said:

    @BShark Sometimes it’s just fun to CUT somebody…

    This is what my homies in the hood keep telling me…😄

  • @justanotherfan I see what you are saying about some of these guys, I’d cut Big Ben because he’s a terrible human being from I’ve heard of people that knew him college, that’s outside of rape accusations and other BS. Let’s be honest here for a second, Brady is one of the best all time and Gronk is currently the best TE when healthy IMO. Peters is arguably a top 10 corner but no where near as important or good as Brady or Gronk IMO. I think you have to be good enough to out weight the side show stuff. If Brady did the protest that Kaep did he would still be playing because Kaep is an average QB with one good season, if he had Brady’s or Rodgers numbers no one would care. Same for RGIII, had one good season but no ones complaining he ain’t got a contract. To me it’s like this if your job pays really well like 200k, you’ll probably be okay answering a call or doing some stuff after hours, but if you make 30k you ain’t gonna answer that call most the time. It’s a simple thought of pro and con, is he that dam good that we are ok with is crap? Does this job pay enough for me to give a darn after hours? That’s just my take on the matter friend.

  • Peters to the Rams.Better return a 1-3rd round pick and a starter level player.

  • Oh. Trumaine Johnson a FA though. Could be a huge coup. Chiefs sign Johnson, get the Rams 1st rounder… Basically trade Peters for an equal CB, 1st round pick, 3rd round pick and only add some salary that would have been spend in a couple of seasons on Peter’s anyways.

    This wheeling and dealing is beautiful. Chiefs traded for Franchise QB last year and still will probably have 10 or 11 picks to work with this season. THIS IS WHAT BUILDING A SUPERBOWL TEAM LOOKS LIKE LADIES AND GENTS!!

  • @Kcmatt7

    Sounds like its just picks, and the Rams don’t have a second rounder this year because they used that in the Sammy Watkins deal. Chiefs better get the first and the third, otherwise this goes from being a bad football move to a potentially crippling one.

    If the plan is to sign Trumaine Johnson, you deal Peters after you sign him. Johnson has multiple offers out there. The Chiefs could be left holding the bag on this one.

    If the Chiefs are getting torched by a QB next year, anyone that supported moving Peters because of his attitude should just sit quietly and be glad that he’s not a distraction in Kansas City anymore. Good CBs are hard to find, and you need them in a pass first league like the NFL. 🤷🏿

  • @justanotherfan Agreed. Better be 1st this year, and at least the 3rd.

    However, I would prefer a 1st and a 2nd next season. I think it will be a 3 pick combo.

    I am glad that they are doing it now because they can at least focus on what they need to at the combine and draft. I would have been happy with Peter’s staying 100%. But it is Clarke’s team and he didn’t want Peters.

    The main reason I like it, Chiefs aren’t letting the players drive the car anymore. You bring up Kelce, but Kelce is good for business. And he shows up for voluntary training camps. And he doesn’t fight with coaches. Peter’s behavior was troublesome on many levels. We need to start acting like the Patriots and Steelers if we want to make a Superbowl.

    Even if it isn’t Trumaine Johnson who gets signed to replace him, there are several solid CBs left on the market this year that can be brought in.

  • @Kcmatt7

    Didn’t the Chief picked cornerback Kendall Fuller from the Redskins with the Alex Smith Trade? He is supposed to be one of the better CBs in the League.

  • @justanotherfan Well, it seems like the Chiefs have moved on from your disrespectful hero.

    It’s literally comical that you cite two hall of fame quarterbacks as examples. They are team leaders. They are quarterbacks. Peters is a punk CB. He’s nothing. Good riddance. Maybe he can go kneel in LA where the anti-American Hollywood folks can fawn all over him. The quicker he’s the heck out of here, the better KC will be for it.

    Citing Gronk is different. That’s up to the Pats. I’m not perpetually offended, so the “quarter” joke is just a little funny. But I would put up with a lot less from a non-QB.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Slot CBs. Not as good outside. Elite quickness though. And solves something that has been killing the Chiefs. Been getting crushed out of the slot.

    Berry can take out TEs again when he is back, and Fuller can control slot receivers. IMO, Chiefs D is going to be significantly better than last seasons.

    They also signed David Amerson to an incentive laden deal. He has had seasons of brilliance, but sucked last year.

    With that being said, they need to get another CB in free agency or the draft. Maybe both if I’m being honest. The offense is not an issue for at least 2 more years. Time to build up the D.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    I intentionally cited to great QBs to prove my point. Those guys get away with the things they did because they are thought of as leaders, but shouldn’t leaders not be getting into arguments with coaches on the sidelines? Shouldn’t leaders not be getting into situations where they are accused of sexual assault? Shouldn’t we be holding them to higher standards?

    My whole point was pointing out the double standard, which you very clearly did. Marcus Peters is an ALL PRO cornerback in a pass heavy league, and his cap hit is less than $2.5M. Signing a replacement for Peters, unless they draft an All Pro, is going to cost more than that. You say Peters is “a punk CB” and “nothing.” That’s comical to call one of the 8 or 10 best players at his position “nothing.”

    Cornerback is probably the third or fourth most important position in the NFL at this point (QB, DE, and left tackle are the only ones that may rank ahead of CB). Since you can’t bang and hold receivers anymore, a CB that can cover in space is enormously valuable. That’s not nothing.

  • @justanotherfan “Nothing” in the large scope of what I view bigger issue, which is his divisive and disrespectful on field actions. You are right on your assessment on the value of CBs, of course. You know, my opinion on Peters is impacted greatly by the national anthem stuff. I admit that. i’d want to kick Big Ben’s a** out of town if he did that too. I love my country and I detest people like Peters who choose to ignorantly dishonor it in the name of protest. People forget what their lives would be like without this great country that they spit upon. They will always be my enemy. Period.

  • @BShark After reading that (I have a cast iron stomach) I will probably not miss him when we give up a big touchdown, and I might actually enjoy the confirmation he is gone. I might have nightmares about his tweets the rest of my life, but I won’t likely spend a nanosecond wishing he were on “my” team.

  • the Chiefs just caved to the ugliest parts of their fan base and the weakest part of human nature by avoiding discomfort even as it sets them back competitively.

    Read more here:

    The right thing isn’t always the easy thing. Mellinger is right he’s an elite talent, but is he worth selling out your principals for?

  • @dylans Where is that “Mellinger is an idiot” meme? Remember how he said the Royals were idiots for keeping Ned? How he has piled on any questions about KU? He did better covering HS sports…

  • @Buster-1926 I miss McGuff! and Joe P.

  • Lots of people on this board don’t like Marcus Peters. I get that. I’m not even going to try and convince you otherwise, because its irrelevant. You don’t like him. You don’t have to. There are reasons not to like him.

    But Marcus Peters is a playmaker on a defense that had too few playmakers to begin with.

    If Eric Berry doesn’t return next year at his 2016 level of play, the Chiefs defense will likely have only the often injured Justin Houston as a true playmaker. For a defense that already struggled, that’s not good.

    Add to that the fact that the secondary was already shaky even with Peters playing at a top 10 level and you have the ingredients for the defense to take an even larger step back next season.

    Like I said before, this is a terrible football move. It will hurt the Chiefs in football ways. I get that a large part of the fanbase wanted him gone, and that’s their right, but this move is one that was done by a franchise that has already experienced the Trent Green-Priest Holmes-Tony Gonzalez years of big offense, no defense, lose a playoff game in which neither team punts type of teams.

    If you’re a free agent looking to win, that’s something that you may weigh in your decision from a football standpoint, given that this team hasn’t won a home playoff game in more than two decades.

  • @justanotherfan I would rather they trade him and get something rather than wait for him to self-destruct and get tossed.

    I was wondering: what level of denigration of women and other abusive conduct would you deem sufficient for the Chiefs to make a bad football move to get rid of him if a bad move was the only option? Had I seen those tweets, I as the Chief’s coach would never have drafted him. The next CB down was probably okay.

    We have had one disturbed Chiefs player rock the sports world committing murder and killing himself. It isn’t a matter of not liking Peters. It is a matter of losing all respect for an organization that overlooks attitudes like his.

    (And I want no words about culture, or he was just playing to his friends. People who say those things as public figures legitimize actions by people who act those words out.)

  • @justanotherfan

    Football is a business. Peters is bad for business, really, really bad. Easy decision.

  • @Buster-1926 I believe we agree? Glad the Chiefs didn’t sell out their principals is what I was going for. I think Peters is a gross human being. Too bad someone so talented is such a pos.

  • The Chiefs must’ve really wanted to be rid of Peters. It’s being reported that they will give a 6th round pick and receive a 4th round pick this year and a 2nd round pick next year. Seems like a bad deal for the Chiefs unless Peters implodes.

  • @mayjay

    I wasn’t legitimizing what he said. He should not have done it. But we have not seen any actions or heard any accusations of him harming women (at least to my knowledge). The Chiefs drafted Tyreek Hill, so that isn’t a position that this franchise can claim the moral high ground on. People said they would boycott the Chiefs for taking Hill, but that all seemed to disappear when people saw how game changing his speed was. This fan base can’t complain about Peters’ words on twitter from before he was in college as a way to justify the trade, and yet ignore Hill’s actions that got him kicked out of college. Otherwise, it’s time to move Tyreek Hill, too.

    Like I said above, the issue is the inconsistency. I don’t support the denigration of women, but the Chiefs employ Tyreek Hill, a move some questions specifically because of this franchise’s history. If you’re making that stand based on character, if Peters is out, Hill has to be packing his bags, too. I’d argue that Kelce should not have been extended given his previous immature behavior. But he was. Hill was drafted.

    My big point to all of this is that if this is about the police brutality protests just say that. Don’t hide behind football reasons. Don’t hide behind previous behavior. If it was about Peters kneeling and raising a fist, just say that his protest wasn’t supported by the fanbase, so you traded him. Just tell the truth. That’s all I really want. Maybe a different segment of the fanbase won’t like that. Maybe some free agents will want a bit more money before signing with KC. But hey, at least be honest about it.

  • @justanotherfan

    In relation to the tweets, frankly I don’t know which one is worse a HS posting them or a older man. In either case shows an absolute lack of a moral compass and a compete lack of respect for women.

    Also, it has been pointed out that he selfishly plays way off the offensive player just so he can have the chance of an interception but concedes a lot of yards in the process.

    Keep in mind that it is not just his stance during the anthem, his constant sideline tantrums are unsportsmanlike and not conductive to team chemistry.

    Saying the trade is only because the anthem issue is disingenuous at best.

  • @justanotherfan I know you are not excusing the conduct, but I fear you are excusing the player–who, as far as I know, has never condemned his prior crappola. You and I are in sync about the protests–it has nothing to do with my feelings on this.

    For me, the issue is different than Hill because I know of no questionable conduct by Hill since he was drafted. (I had no opinion then because I don’t follow the draft very carefully, and KC’s draftees don’t get much press here in SC.) Peters has acted out of control and dysfunctional since joining the Chiefs, which is why I am thinking that 18 year old is still in there, anxious to come out. How long until we become Cincy, making excuses or allowances for Adam Jones?

    I have said before that I will always be a Jayhawk fan unless they engage in Syracuse or UNC level violations or countenance extreme player misbehavior. Peters’ behavior rises to that level.

    (If he has made amends and I missed it, then my position would change.)

  • @justanotherfan Peter’s entire package is what got him shipped off. Comparing him to other players isn’t helping your argument.

    If anything, it says that the Chiefs will put up with a lot of shit. And Peters still crossed the line.

  • @Kcmatt7 I think this move is indicative of why Dorsey left. Reid is clearly in control now and is favoring high character and we have made a lot of aggressive moves since Dorsey left. They might work out or they might not but I am pretty sure Dorsey would not have made most of them.

  • Here is Spts Illustrated’s Peter King’s take.

    I hadn’t realized there were so few team interested.

  • mayjay said:

    Here is Spts Illustrated’s Peter King’s take.

    I hadn’t realized there were so few team interested.

    Just now clicking the article but I remember on twitter that 28 or so teams said they were not interested at all.

  • Nobody wanted a 2 year headache just to watch him leave before you could sign him long-term.

  • Could Kyler Fuller be Peters replacement or will he be way too expensive/unavailable due to the franchise tag?

  • @dylans If he gets to Free Agency than we are an option. But usually when a team wants to keep a guy as badly as it seems the Bears want to keep Fuller, he ends up staying home.

    I think the Chiefs could steal a guy like EJ Gaines for a decent price (still will be expensive) because of his health issues. But an amazing player when he is in the game.

    There are a ton of options out there this year that are solid CBs. Probably one of the best FA CB classes in a long time. I expect the Chiefs to sign at least one. I think a lot of it will work itself out after the combine. Either the Chiefs will see a CB they like that can be landed in the 2nd round, or they will sign a known commodity.

    I would rather see us get a known and then draft a Safety or ILB in the 2nd.

    Chiefs HAVE to find a guy who can play on the other side of Houston. So, if they do that and skimp on CB I won’t be upset.

  • Now Talib is joining Peters in LA. LA only had to give up a 5th round pick for Talib. So LA picked up two former All Pro CBs for a 4th and 5th pick in this years draft (a 2nd rounder next year for Peters too). They will generate a ton of picks and likely give up a ton of big plays as both like to gamble.

  • Meanwhile, the Chiefs continue to be a mystery team. Are we rebuilding? Retooling? What is this season’s goal? About the only thing I’ve heard is that they will be bringing in a free agent DL. Otherwise, we have been a mystery of a team.

    I hope they go get Sammy Watkins and just let the offense role. Surround Patty with some talent and help him out while he is young. Draft and build a young defense. But that’s just my opinion.

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