Lite and dark

  • Maybe it’s time to bring the dark side back so those if us that prefer to challenge things and actually have a discussion beyond sunshine and roses, Bill Self is infallible, unquestionably profound genius in everything he does, and cannot be critiqued. The lite siders can just stay there and not have to read anything that may produce a cognitive thought beyond the divineness that is Coach Self and everything KU basketball 24/7. It may be a good way to relieve the personal attacks and temptation to poke at other posters at every opportunity.

  • Well, please, challenge away!

  • What’s the challenging question? All I see is name calling here.

  • @cragarhawk See, your post is as insulting as any name calling.

    Show me a single post where anyone has ever suggested Self is infallible. Lots of us have challenged criticisms as unfounded, and virtually all of us have brought up, time after time, our own criticisms. Yet you simplify everything as if there is a group that believes in the divinity (your terminology) of Self. Bullcrap. Prove it. Give me a quote.

    When someone posts an unfounded criticism of Self, we call him out and discuss why we think it is wrong. And sometimes critcs are right, and many of us say so. But only one group repeatedly accuses the other of being unwilling or unable to think, and only one group continues this mythical attack on imaginary people who brook no criticism of KU basketball.

  • I think HEM brought up some interesting points but then recently both sides took to insults instead of just discussion.

  • @BShark Trace the insults. But go back to page 1 and notice HEM never acknowledging my evidence directly rebutting the foundation of his “poison” query (in a post where I also said he had provided some food for thought). There were some sarcastic references to that on several threads, but the name calling and disparagement began with him.

  • As I recall, the Lite group was bitterly divided between “tastes great” and “less filling”

  • @DanR PHOF!

    And on that Lite-er note, I amusedly bow out.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I’m a boneheaded old jock… and my feet smell as bad today as they did when I was a kid.

    Sometimes people need to vent. I prefer to vent on myself. My wife can verify my statement. I’m not allowed to keep athletic shoes in the bedroom!


  • @drgnslayr Borax is your friend.

  • I don’t believe anyone thinks Self doesn’t make mistakes and that he and the players are above criticism. But this is pretty much a “fan” board isn’t it? The definition of a fan being “If you are a fan of someone or something, you like them very much and are very interested in them.”

    Discussing and criticizing is good and healthy, but if your posts insult or drags everyone else down who comes here to not only learn more about the team and the game, but to get fired up about being a fan, well I wonder if those posts might be thought out a bit more?

    HEM and KU Steve (and Jaybate of course) are two of my long time favorites here. To see them trade insults kinda bummed me out. Even the topic of this thread is divisive (so much of that all around these days, sad to see it here too.

    I used to teach a night class at a local college called Intro to Graphic Design. Sometimes the project critiques of budding creatives by their fellow students could be harsh. I was never harsh, because, well, they were budding creatives - even though sometimes their projects really stank. But as an intelligent and caring adult, I balanced the need to give honest feedback with being cognizant of peoples feelings, and with the reason we were all there.

    We board rats usually do a pretty good job of balancing this too, hope it continues.

  • I like the discussions, even when people don’t agree. I’m a realist, I call it just as I see it plain and simple. The trouble can be at times that people are polar opposites, some think the sky is falling at times and others refuse to see the bad play for what it is. I believe I have a high basketball IQ and sometimes the stuff that I see people post all I can do is shake my head. I’ve always tried to agree to disagree with folks that I don’t see eye to with, not that I don’t fail at it from time to time.

  • Can you imagine what it would be like if everyone agreed with one another? Disrespectful discourse is the root of many problems today. The Ego is a b****.

  • @Blown That’s really what I got out of the matter, it’s okay to criticize our players and coaches to an extent. Most of do it in way or another.

  • Quite simply put. Sometimes well enough is just not left alone. And there are those that need to poke the bear. Well don’t be upset when the bear bites back.

  • @mayjay As a matter of explanation, in the Newman thread, as I used to do many times, I post a thread and simply read responses without injecting further. The stream of discussion was moving along quite well without me. I then posted a response to all posters some time later, near the end of the thread. So the lack of direct response to your very early point in that thread was not a slight, or ignoring you. I just did a mass reply later. Also, if you’ll not my response in the @Crimsonorblue22’s thread to her information, where I said, “With that said, what @Crimsonorblue22 said regarding what was heard on the radio is pretty important evidence to me. The conclusion is hers (“friends”) but I do think it adds information that, to date, we simply didn’t have.”

    We can play nice. I’ll try.

  • @HighEliteMajor Shake hands and come out (NOT) fighting? Ok, I’ll give it a whirl.

  • I really appreciate all of you who add value and insight to topics on this site. I don’t always agree with others opinions but I also don’t want to get caught up arguing about who is a bigger douche bag either. If you have to resort to name calling instead of using logic or facts to win an argument then you should avoid posting on this site. I enjoy getting on Buckets on a regular basis to vent and also to bask with others in a KU victory. When verbal confrontations erupt it really takes away from the experience this site offers to all of us KU fans! I did enjoy that beat down of OU last night and I am going to Bask in that for a while! How about that Silvio De Sousa kid? I will also say a little prayer for OSU for the first time in my life lol!

  • @Statmachine I appreciate ya statsy.

  • Banned

    Ah the lite versus the Dark.

    The lite side likes to smoke their weed in Colorado. The Dark side where ever they can get it.

    The lite side claims the New York Times is the gospel of news. The Dark side scours the Internet looking for the truth to set them free.

    The Dark side drives big 4x4 trucks. The lite side drives battery operated cars.

    The Dark side orders pizza’s with everything on it. The lite side orders the veggie pizza.

    The Lite side Likes their whisky mixed. The Dark side likes their whisky straight and on the rocks.

    The Lite side smokes only when they drink. The Dark side will smoke when they feel the need to smoke.

    The Dark side likes a causal dress. The Lite side likes suits with nice ties.

    The Dark side likes Tom. The Lite side likes Jerry.

    The lite side Doesn’t question authority. The Dark side finds reasons to stand against authority.

    The lite side likes one scoop of ice cream. The Dark side likes two scoops of ice cream.

    Dark side? Lite side? Who fcing Cares. Aren’t we all Jayhawk fans?

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