KU/OU Recap

  • My recap was so impressive the other day in its spot on analysis I thought I’d try again.

    Trae Young made some shots. Announcers acted like he made 50 shots (about 34 times).

    Announcers mentioned Lon Krueger as 1. The only coach to take 5 different teams to the dance (mentioned 16 times). 2. The brother of Freddy Krueger whome Lon doesn’t like to talk about.

    Doke took some FT’s. Announcers mentioned 33 times how his missed FT’s cost KU their last game against OU.

    Announcers 41 times misnamed Allen Field House as Phog Allen Field House. Wife said ‘who cares’ when I complained about it 41 times.

    ESPN annoyingly split the screen to show Sam Cunliffe tying his shoes. Then they split the screen to show the nacho cheese ladler saying “Phog Allan Field House Nacho Cheese is the the Phog Allen Field Houses of Nacho Cheeses.”

    Devonte Grahams 40 minutes per game streak is mentioned 28 times, but his All American candidacy is not.

    Speaking of DG, he snaps his head clear off throwing it backwards to try to draw a foul.

    KU shoots 99 FT’s, OU 3. Huggie feels better.

    In an attempt to extend the game so many OU players foul Doke that 12 of them foul out. They insert their bus driver, cheerleading coach, Lon’s grandson, Lon’s wife and a random fan into the game just to finish the game.

    Malik Vick happens.

    At halftime Holly interviews Lon, and Trae walks by and shouts into the mic “I should have gone to KU”.

    Lunardi reveals his latest 16 seeds, Kentucky, Guatemala State, Guam State Polytech, and Southern Nunavut Central. Kentucky, whom he puts in a bracket with 1 seed Kansas explaining it’s just a coincidence.

    The NCAA’s bracketing expert, announces that all regionals will henceforth be held in North Carolina. All ACC teams receive an automatic bid to the dance.

    Back to the game, KU wins 77-69 which is what I meant to predict last game.

    KU fans celebrate as they leave The Phog Allan Field House Immortal Palace of All Sports Arenas.

    Big 12 trophy is located, readied for the inevitable awarding of it to its’ rightful owner.

  • Dick Vitale is calling the game tonight so I likely won’t be paying much attention to the announcing to keep track of your predictions.

  • “Speaking of DG, he snaps his head clear off throwing it backwards to try to draw a foul.”

    Literally LOL’d on that one. I hate it though, wish he’d quit. Makes him look like a doofus.

  • @nuleafjhawk Is that the famous PEZ dispenser move? Would be cool to be able to do it in boxing.

  • @mayjay I like that. Henceforth, DG’s Pez dispenser move!

  • Texas Hawk 10 said:

    Dick Vitale is calling the game tonight so I likely won’t be paying much attention to the announcing to keep track of your predictions.

    Vitale and Mute make a great combination BABY

  • @wissox I think we hang 100 on them. KU 102, ou 89.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    The board will have to let me know how many times Vitale mentions dook and coach k during his gab session. I don’t plan to listen to him gush about dook.

    There are 40 mins in game and I will estimate at least once a minute. I can’t imagine sitting next to him during a game. I would have to stab myself in the ear.

    Here is how I feel when listening to Dickie V.



    And eventually if I don’t mute him, I jump in my pool…


  • @wissox said: Doke took some FT’s. Announcers mentioned 33 times how his missed FT’s cost KU their last game against OU.

    Doke’s missed FT’s didn’t cost KU the game, his presence on the court was the doom for the Jayhawks.

  • That was awesome! Really made me chuckle. I think I’m the only one that doesn’t mind Vitale, though.


    100 ? Whoa…We should know after the first 10:00 how this game is going to end.

    If KU gets hot early, we very well may hang the century mark.

    However, you know it’s a long night if there are clinkers, aka, BRICKS

    I’d like to see if Self will play Young straight up, mix-up, or speed him up…

    I’d like to see some box in 1, maybe some zone, and some man…If that Manek gets hot or James decides to show, it’s going to be a challenge. We may get some diamond in 2.

    Manek is a poor man’s Wade. I’d put Meeotch on him. Laten is a lot like Sagaba. I’d like to see Doke play smart disciplined D and shut him down.

    Bottom line: If OU’s long ball isn’t falling tonight folks, KU will have a good night. I hope KU drives it down OU’s throat all night long. They need to go all Lionel Richie…Naismith Drive through Massachusetts Street…


  • @Hawk8086 Glad to make you laugh! I’m in the minority with you, heck if you laughed at my lame humor, our minds must be alike because I don’t mind Dicky V. He’ll champion KU tonight, AFH too. He’ll even call it by its’ real name! I really don’t mind most of them. I’m really glad Mushberger is gone and Howard Cosell too if you remember him.

  • @Hawk8086 He’s a pitch man. It’s like listening to a 2 hour car commercial.

  • @wissox If I owned a car dealership, he would be my first call. Teach him to twirl his arm as he speaks, and you’ve got a rock solid TV pitch man. There’s a guy in Tampa that walks around on the car lot screaming…" IT’S HUGE", so it really can’t be any worse.

  • @KUSteve 100 points! Nice!

  • @KUSTEVE good call on the 100+

    Hope you predict it again on Saturday!

  • Think about it…

    "The win marks No. 300 all-time in Big 12 play for the Jayhawks. Only two other schools (Texas, Oklahoma) have surpassed the 200 mark." from ESPN recap.

  • @wissox Lol. Lon’s brother Freddy…

    Come on @KUSTEVE you can’t get our point total any closer than that??? Geez 😊

  • KU is now 25-0 at home on Big Monday under Self. Crazy

  • alt text

  • What impressed me was we finally saw a killer instinct!

    We need to see more of these smack downs! We know we have the ability to win close games. But we didn’t know if we had the ability to put our shoes on another team’s throat and take them out!

    This year has been a different kind of year than we are used to. Maybe we needed it to go this way. In most years, we peak earlier. It feels like we are peaking at the right time this year!

    There are ZERO REASONS why this team should lose again this year! We should be hungry now and we have the depth it takes to win it all. We have plenty of offense available from most of our guys, so we don’t have all our eggs in one basket (like OU has).

    Devonte has finally become the player I always knew he could be! I am outrageously pleased with him taking ownership of this team. BTW… Devonte hasn’t even peaked yet! He continues to improve as the season goes on! And look at his supporting cast… ALL of our guys are finding more improvements.

    This team still has a heck of a lot of upside left! Self has played this right by controlling energy spent outside of games to save our guys’ legs. Even though Devonte (and others) have played so many game minutes… they still remain fresh enough to go a hard 40 minutes in games.

    I can’t ever recall a Self team preparing so well for March! He’s done exactly what you expect from a HOF’r… he was dealt a tough hand this year and he turned it into a positive!

    Yeah… I smell a run!

  • The last two seasons we have been bumped by somewhat inferior teams by a poor shooting night in the elite 8. That’s my newest concern with this team. Last night obviously it was no problem. Last year in rounds 1,2,3 it was no problem. Then Oregon happened and we were treated like unwelcome guests right here in our own backyard. Do we have the toughness to overcome our deficits 6 nights in a row? We shall see. It would be one of the more unlikely titles, but last night shows it could happen.

  • @nuleafjhawk Young also jerks his head and shoulders back while driving to try and dupe the refs into calling a foul. I wonder who learned that move from who???

  • @Big-Clyde52 he also shoves off!

  • @wissox Bricking three’s is also my greatest concern with this team, as it has been the last few years. Once with Seldon and Mason. Once with Graham and Svi. If you combine that with an opponent that is throwing everything in from the cheap seats, you have a recipe for ending your season. Hopefully it is our turn to be red hot for a long stretch of games. Last night was a good start.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Yes he does. He is very active with that left arm and it is rarely called.

  • @Big-Clyde52 a big difference, could be, 🙏 we may have more options in the paint than last year.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Good point. With the way Doke has improved, and the strides Mitch and SDS are making, it should give us a much more versatile team to deal with.

  • @Big-Clyde52 That’s because he weighs 82 lbs and he makes no impact when he “pushes off”.

  • Devonté has now bested OU’s two POY candidates Hield and Young.😄

  • @wissox You could maybe make that case with Oregon, but although we certainly were capable of beating Nova, they won the NC. Also, I think we were out coached in that one.

  • @Hawk8086 That is true about Nova. Bill Self was outcoached. Which is rare because Jay Wright is not as good as a coach in my opinion.

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