For good luck, part 2 - West Virginia Mountaineers - Saturday - 5pm - ESPN

  • Sagaba Konate - Block Master of the Big 12


  • Remember, we won this game.

  • Some announcer (not Fran) called this a modern day Ali - Frazier match up.


  • Half time Jersey retiring of Cole (Triple-Double) Aldrich. He did that in the NCAA Tournament.


  • Part 1 was one of the more satisfying KU wins in quite a few years.

  • Guys tight as a new boot 👢. Taken 2:30 for anyone to score. Fouls adding up already for WVU. How the world 🌍 does Carter get the pass on hand checking?

  • Exciting so far

  • Hawks might want to consider guarding the corner 3. Jeez.

  • They r just making shots…

  • @BeddieKU23 They shot well the game in Morgantown for a half but fell apart down the stretch. Newman on the pine with 2 fouls. Check that- back in now.

  • Staying close despite their 3 pointers

  • Garrett took a big hit to the head near the rim. No foul. Refs really letting them hammer away

  • Dok hits both FTs! Never saw that before

  • Fran could learn something by watching tape of Bilas taking down the refs for not calling opponents’ fouls at AFH.

  • Would like to have made a basket at the end of the half, but all in all, a tie is not bad given the way they have shot the ball from 3.

  • @Hawk8086 They’ve only made 2 more than we have. Problem is that we’ve been outrebounded by 5 and haven’t make them pay (one exception) for their TOs.

  • @mayjay yes!

  • Doke hook!

  • Can’t shoot

  • Doke 2 more FTs!

  • Still can’t shoot and west Virginia can

  • Wish Self would let Doke play through 3 fouls.

  • approxinfinity said:

    Wish Self would let Doke play through 3 fouls.

    3rd foul really hurt us there

  • @BeddieKU23 We have no offensive flow at all. Plus, they have 9 more FG attempts. Good thing Doke is 5-7 from the FT line, or this could be really ugly. Another very flat performance at AFH - just can’t figure it out…

  • Yea can’t believe the 3s they’re making. Is Svi on the board even? And Malik another no show so far too.

  • @StLJhawk Svi has 5 points - 1 three.

  • What the effing offense are they running???

  • Down ten. Time to play, guys

  • They can’t miss. Miles 4 for 6 3s jeez

  • Surely, they can’t continue to hit 3s like this…I think they are 9 of 17…with some tough ones that have gone through.

  • DCHawker said:

    What the effing offense are they running???

    KU or wvu?, us none and them chucking

  • @BeddieKU23 We seem to be up-chucking…

  • They are beating us by out shooting us from 3 by a wide margin…who would have thought that?Maybe that will reverse the last 8 mins.

  • @DCHawker We have missed a lot of wide open 3s…

  • @Hawk8086 Newman is not the guy we want chucking quick 3s from the corner. I’m fine with him driving and occasionally taking 3’s when he is squared up higher on the circle, but he is awful from the corner…

  • BeddieKU23 said:

    DCHawker said:

    What the effing offense are they running???

    KU or wvu?, us none and them chucking

    KU is running the one point a minute offense. It isn’t very effective…

  • That really could have been a charge. Super close I think.

  • Newman and Vick are 2-12 from 3…

  • @BShark

    It was. He had position and both feet outside the circle.


  • JayHawkFanToo said:


    It was. He had position and both feet outside the circle.

    I thought so too…

    Got Higginsed…

  • Kind of crazy that WVU is 7-10 from 3 in the 2nd half…

  • The problem is not that they might have missed one bang-bang call, it’s that we’ve scored 63 points at home against WVU while only turning it over 8 times. If WVU doesn’t force a lot of TOs, they really don’t have a very good defense, but we are still “sped up” as HCBS would say…

  • Woof refs.



  • Gotta separate and get a better lead to put this away in the last 60 secs…ok, on way


  • TT down in Wacko…

  • Holy shit…it is happening again…

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