Team of Bigs

  • OK, so I’m salivating at the thought of Dok, Silvio and Mitch on the floor at the same time. Mitch playing the wing and sliding Svi to the 2-guard with, of course, DG at the point. That’s some serious height and rebounding. Also block city for opponents getting around our tall guards on the perimeter.

  • @SlickRockJayhawk I don’t think that’s happening. Not this year anyway. Probably not any year.

  • @SlickRockJayhawk I don’t see that happening. 2 Bigs for a percentage of the game yes. I do think Mitch playing as a secondary big with Doke or Silvio / Billy would fit much better with his skills. Three bigs takes some of our better players off the floor.

  • I definitely see what you guys are saying. But, I would be totally glued to the TV if that line-up were to ever be given a go. I think Mitch could handle the three position with his active legs and three point shooting potential. Is he still shooting 50% from trey? Out of maybe 6 tries? :)

  • If Billy ever gets cleared, I can see moments where we put 3 bigs on the floor. At least one of our bigs has to present a perimeter threat, and Billy is the biggest threat from trey.

    Eventually… I see Mitch polishing up his trey and becoming a real threat. He will really have to have more tools in his toolbox if he wants to attempt to make a living playing basketball.

  • Downvote.

  • I’m frustrated just thinking about it lol.

  • @SlickRockJayhawk We need more perimeter passing than that gives us. I would wait a long time for Doke to get those alley oops because he would be dbl teamed all the time.

  • Basketball is first and foremost a game of skill. It would take some odd alignment of Jupiter and Venus, and a double dose of loco weed, for Self to ever play Mitch over any of our skill players at the three spot … or foul trouble. That said, Mitch has filled in admirably and he had some big plays vs. WVU. Natural swatter. I like him much better in the four spot when we go conventional, whenever that happens.

  • Mitch Leadfoot can’t guard the 3. It won’t happen unless we’re playing a team with a horrible shooter at the 3 position.

  • @chriz Mitch couldn’t but Sam I am could.

  • @Gunman but if it’s Dok, Silvio, and Mitch, those are our options right? Or Sam instead of Mitch? I don’t think Self knows that Sam is on the team…

  • @chriz You may be right.

  • @chriz I think he could guard it better if playing the 3. Right now he looks like Perry did for so long–he has trouble getting from inside to the arc as fast as his guy. But I think he is still better as a 4.

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