Who's playing in #14 uni?

  • I don’t recognize that guy.

  • Would you say that he looks like a new man?

  • Never doubted

  • That’s the guy we gotta have. I love the fact that Self started him the second half. His energy level was really terrifIc.

  • @HighEliteMajor he is the guy that can rest Graham if he can play like that. It actually gives us a lil more depth without adding anyone in my opinion

  • That late block was pretty unreal.

  • You could tell he wanted to drive about 10 more times but resisted. He has possibly finally started to learn that he is surrounded by several players much better than he was saddled with at Miss State.

  • Malik🤯 stopped thinking so much

  • If we can have Malik and Graham “on” while also not mostly ignoring Doke this team could get a fair bit better.

  • Vote for your favorite on the court spot featured at half team during next years isu game. I’ll start w/Malik’s block at the end.

  • I will go with Sviatoslav “SVI-Shhhhhhh” Mykhailiuk burning the nets from 3 land.

  • Lindell Wigginton from ISU said it got loud enough they had to use hand signals #kubball

  • I’m thinking Coach told Newman, do or die tonight, son. I think he might have had more points tonight than his entire season combined.

    With DG 1-11 early on and looking gassed later (though still getting big buckets and steals), Vick a no-show again (on offense) and Sam getting the fastest hook from Self I’ve seen of anyone all year, we don’t win this without Newman - which is something I wasn’t sure I’d say this year at all, but am happy to cough up right here.

    Did I notice Doke with different mechanics at the line too? Less jerky maybe?

    Anyways, nice, must have win tonight. Sure wish Drew and Faylor wouldn’t have choked at WVA, but sorta saw it coming in a mile away. If they had to lose it least it was in a humiliating way!

    Nice win to save having two home losses in a row since the Dark Ages. Hopefully followed real, and real good, news on fresh blood tomorrow…

  • Newman did some good things. Liked his aggressive play and got some key boards at a needed time. 27 points on 21 shots is nothing to write home about. Maybe as he gets more confident that efficiency will come. With that body and getting down hill he may start drawing some whistles.

  • @KirkIsMyHinrich I see what you did there. 🙂 #RockChalk

  • Newman is the type that gets 25 on 25 shots, just who he is.

    He was terrific last night though. Certainly shut up some of the noise. I have been very critical of his play but last night was Malik’s first game as a Jayhawk where he played to his ability. He rebounded, he battled for loose balls, he took shots in the flow of the offense.

    I challenge him to do it again Saturday. He needs to channel whatever it is that him and coach talked out and find that motivation going forward

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Your positive vibes saved him. He was drowning.

  • @BeddieKU23 The rebounds were flat sensational. I saw far fewer bone head plays out of him as well. Some good shots mingled with some bad shots for sure. He has a warrior personality in there somewhere that he flashed at times last night. The big question is will he survive the test on the road against the Hillbillies? Knocking off number 2 on the road would be a huge boost for this team.


    I agree he rebounded with purpose and energy last night which was something he hadn’t shown in any previous game.

    The biggest thing with Malik’s shot is he has to hit open shots. I feel its been his biggest struggle offensively. Our offense gets him open. He had that “free mind” last night and he was able to make some big shots and some nice looking drives. He’s got to continue it, that offensive approach is what Self expected out of him from day-1, not game 15

  • @KUSTEVE “The big question is will he survive the test on the road against the Hillbillies?”

    Well, now, dagnabbit, Jethro! There you go agin, tryin’ to stir up them beaker boys ‘gainst our kin! Granny hears ‘bout your doin’s, ‘sall over fer ya, boy! And, golly, w’ats with that there highfallutin’ talking like ya waz all ed-U-cated like? Your hide best be tuffinin’ for some major-like tannin’, son!

  • Malik’s shooting percentages aren’t bad. His problem right now is that he is taking too many threes. He took 13 threes last night (made 5). That’s not an awful overall percentage, but because he’s taking so many threes, he’s not getting to the FT line. He’s shot 22 FT all season. He took 21 FG last night alone. That means that Malik is shooting 1 FT for nearly every 7 FGA. For comparison, last season Frank shot 1 FT for about every 2 FGA. If Malik were at a more manageable 1 FT for every 3 FGA, he likely would have gone over 30 last night simply by getting to the FT line. Malik shot 1 FT for about every 4 FGA at MSU, so he can certainly get back into that range. If he was at 1 FT for every 4 FGA this season, he would probably be averaging a half point more per game. If he was at 1 FT for every 3 FGA, he would probably be averaging a full point more per game.

    Malik’s overall play has been more efficient, but his low FT rate is keeping him from capitalizing on that efficiency.

  • Soren Petro with a great rant about Newman right now.

  • @justanotherfan

    Malik had a good outing but not an efficient one.

  • There are articles and comments today regarding the “fun”the team was having. Newman had 8 points in the 1st 6 or so minutes and opened up his personality. Svi was his usual “all business” demeanor. Doke never smiles, like this is a lot of work! Looks like Devonté tries to have fun but carries the weight of the team on his shoulders. From a (very) high level, the team looks really stressed. Can HCBS get these guys to have fun yet play efficiently? Personally, I’d like to see more smiles and arm waving.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Baby steps. I’ll continue to take “more” efficient as we move forward.

    @BShark What was Petro’s take?

    And by the way, sorry, I’m hearing that the decision on our benched duo is coming now any minute.

  • TESTING…123

  • HighEliteMajor said:

    @JayHawkFanToo Baby steps. I’ll continue to take “more” efficient as we move forward.

    @BShark What was Petro’s take?

    And by the way, sorry, I’m hearing that the decision on our benched duo is coming now any minute.

    That he is simply an okay player which is fine. Where he got fiery was talking about people buying the back-up qb thing previously expecting him to lead the team in scoring because of practice. Don’t overreact to one game and how a big issue so far is that he doesn’t seem to understand how Self wants him to play. Says it isn’t the worst thing in the world if Newman ends up with a 10 year Euro career. It doesn’t mean he sucks because he isn’t as great as people (recruiting analysts, KU fans) expected him to be. Says he won’t repeat this performance but don’t hate him when he doesn’t duplicate it. KU still has a lot of work to do etc…

  • Did u hear Frannie the Granny say for ISU to foul Doke? Did u hear him? He also said there was a high probability he would miss his FTs. ESPN needs gag that bas-terd.

  • The laugh of the day, you should get a good chuckle out of this, laugh of the day: - -Watching Pitt & Duke - , and you hear the Pitt fan base probably the students but you hear them start to chant OVER RATED - - -OVER RATED about Duke - -all the main while your team is getting their head handed to them on a platter - down by 31 to Duke lmao, - - but yet your chanting OVER RATED ya - -well ok lol. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Jayballer54 One of the weirdest people on another board I go on is a Pitt fan. Makes sense.

  • @approxinfinity One of my favorite movies.


  • @truehawk93

    I don’t care for Fraschilla but isn’t his job to say stuff just like that?

  • @BShark Who’s your source?

  • @BeddieKU23 5 twos+ 5 threes =25 points on 25 shots. 40% from the field. That might be how could he is.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Of course its his job to create hype and bball drama. Look at the board explode about Granny. But he’s a little too blatant during his commentary of the game. He’s got his job and I have mine. He comments, and I mostly disagree. I don’t like him and would rather not hear his dribble during a game.

    You asked and just sayin’

  • @Gunman Loved to see that breakout. It couldn’t have happened at a better time. Lets all hope that #14 maintains consistency, and climbs each game. His confidence should be soaring right now.

  • @truehawk93

    His job is not to create hype or drama but to analyze the strategy by both teams. We all know that in close games Udoka will be sent to the line since his FT shooting is not good, I even coined the expression poke-a-Doke which I am surprised has not been used more. He is not saying any thing new or blatantly false, just stating the obvious; I believe he would not be doing his job if he did not bring that up.

    Like I said, I don’t particularly care for Fraschilla but stating that the logical strategy is to foul Udoka is what I would expect any decent analyst to say. If Bilas made that comment we would be saying how well he scouted KU and how knowledgeable he is.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Agreed. The commentators in the Tex-TCU game were making similar comments.

    One caveat. When any team is trying to get an upset, the announcers always talk about what their strategy should be. When the game is almost over, it is more exciting, but Fran’s comment did sound almost panicky when ISU didn’t do the fouling. We always accept that in Dickie V as his personality, but when Fran gets excited a lot of people here think it is his bias against KU. I think it is the bias of ALL announcers in favor of an upset. We have also seen him excited when KU does great stuff but people seem to miss those.

  • @KUSTEVE What do you expect? The poor bastards breathe in coal dust and iron ore their whole lives. They probably don’t even know where they are.

  • @mayjay I agree about most announcers, but I’ve been watching KU play outside of friendly Jayhawk area (on rare occasion) and still heard non-KU fans say Fran is hard on KU. Sometimes it seems like he really likes KU and wants them to do well (like a parent being hard on their kid). Other times it seems as though a deep seething hatred for KU comes seeping out from down within the darkest part of his soul. Usually raring its ugly head when KU plays a tight game. Fran really likes it when ISU or OSU beats KU. Innocently enough you could think he’s pulling for the underdog, but this is different if you pay attention. Fran doesn’t root for any non-con team to beat KU like he does ISU and OSU.

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