Is today the day? (Preston & De Sousa)

  • Self says they should know something on both by Monday Afternoon. Oh the torture

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    Déjà vu all over again - Yogui Berra

  • @BeddieKU23

    It’s Monday afternoon somewhere in the world already!

  • jaybate 1.0 said:


    It’s Monday afternoon somewhere in the world already!

    Where’s our down yunder peeps with the news already?

  • Where did you learn that KU would have information on players status by Monday afternoon?


    Self did, however, provide the most specific and clear timeline to date for that to change.

    “We should know a lot more tomorrow afternoon on both,” Self told the Journal-World.

  • @BeddieKU23 There are some real ignorant fan responses on that link. Like this one:

    "KU’s Compliance Department dragged its feet and didn’t send the requested information until nearly Christmas.

    But, no matter. According to Self, we know sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon."**

    The problem with this post is that De Sousa didn’t graduate until December 24th, so the KU Compliance Dept couldn’t submit anything until that happened. That is that poster’s 2nd ignorant post on the matter in the past several days.

  • @KUSTEVE He is actually partially correct with his time line. The Preston incident occurred 11/11. KU didn’t submit the Preston information until 12/20. Maybe they dragged their feet, maybe that’s just how long it took. There was an article back in mid-December where Self was quoted as saying that the Preston situation is unlike any other he has had at Kansas. They didn’t submit the DeSousa stuff until around Christmas time because they could not submit it until they confirmed that he actually would be accepted and meet academic criteria. Definitely no feet dragging on this one.

    Regardless, Self has said for about two months that we would know something relatively soon, and then any day now, and then any minute now, and now it’s this afternoon. Self doesn’t really know if he’ll get word today; he just said he didn’t talk to anyone last week. Do you think NCAA Compliance office called him Sunday? Maybe so, I suppose…

  • @KUSTEVE A bunch of paranoid whining ninnies!


    It’s expected that people will say just about anything.

    Part of the issue with these cases is the NCAA has no deadline. Makes it easy to blame the NCAA or KU compliance when you have situations like this. The NCAA has created enough problems for itself over the years that its usually going to look like the bad guy in these situations. Someone has to be blamed, the NCAA and our compliance is an easy target. Who’s happy with Zenger, that doesn’t seem to be popular these days

    It sounds as if Self and KU expected answer last week and didn’t get anything on either case. He mentioned them practicing 50-70% of reps with 2 bigs in anticipation of having them and got nothing. Whether its full clearance, need more info, need to appeal etc its clear Self is not happy how this is dragging now for Billy. If Preston wasn’t a desperate need for this team the narrative would be different. How much press would this situation be receiving if we weren’t in complete desperation to have him on the floor?

    De Sousa’s situation would appear to be a different animal. Just hoping for the best…

  • @Blown I assume he is referring to De Sousa. In his other post, he was referencing him with the same meme. I find it hard to believe that our Compliance Dept sat on anything. As for Bill “stringing people along” , I assume he was relaying what he had been told. The truth is, we have no idea what the hold up has been, so to simply start blaming Bill or the Compliance Dept seems pretty knee jerk to me.

  • @KUSTEVE But we do have an idea what the hold up has been.

    I’m not blaming anyone, don’t get me wrong. I’m just stating the timeline as it happened.

    “I don’t think that I’ve ever had a situation where I’ve dealt with this like we have since I’ve been here,” Self said, “and it has nothing to do with Kansas. It has everything to do with the system.”

    Describing how the landscape has changed, Self recalled how 20 years ago virtually every athletic department had one compliance official that was responsible for every program and everything going on within said department. Today it’s much different.

    “Now you have five to seven (compliance officials) and the mandate of the NCAA is, we want to monitor all these things,” Self said. “So I don’t know that it’s a lot different — I just know there are more things that have become known now than what there was before in large part because you have the manpower to look into them where you never looked into everything before.”

  • I think it’s reasonable to at least consider the possibility that the compliance Dept. May have slowed the process based on their findings. I mean why isn’t it a real possibility that they found some things, and decided to delay it to an extent knowing BP was gonna have to sit some games? Obviously I have no more knowledge than anyone else on the situation but I think it’s at least a reasonable possibility.

  • Hmmm, now remember how I said last night I just had this feeling - -I couldn’t shake that we were going to hear something this week on our boys? - -Well maybe this is it - we shall see. - -FWIW - -here is what I think - - I think we end up with both - -maybe it’s crimson and blue blinders BUT that same feeling I have about finding out something? - - I have the same feeling we get both cleared - so to that I say a mighty - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I’d guess there’s a different perspective from the NCAA. There’s probably a track athlete at UC Santa Barbara, a baseball player at Hofstra, a rower at some ivy league school, a softball player at Tennessee, and etc. that are all waiting to hear also. In other words, the NCAA would tell us that they’re overworked and understaffed, and they’re probably right. With an influential school like KU depending on them to certify our guys that they wouldn’t want too much unnecessary negative publicity so like I said, there’s probably a lot more to it than we understand.

    I was wondering if Desousa said phooey on it, I don’t want to waste one of my four years of eligibility, he could just decide to sit out til next fall, correct? I know if I was a college basketball player, I’ll wait til the laughter stops, I wouldn’t want to spend one of my four years of eligibility with half the season already gone. Now if he has leaving early plans, well, that’s a different story. I don’t know enough about him to know if that’s the case.

  • This is only my humble opinion…

    I feel like we will get a judgment on Silvio this week. The reason Self said we would have answers today is because our Athletic Dept or Compliance Dept will inquire today for an update. My gut says we will receive a small sign concerning Silvio that there has been advancement on his clearance. Read through the fog on this and I interpret it to mean we will get a decision by the end of the week.

    Concerning Billy… I don’t expect we will hear much yet. I think his timeline will stretch out because it has more involvement in the investigation process. Those always take a long time. On a positive note… if they ever do resolve his issue, and their determination will include a penalty, more than likely they will allow his current suspension count against his penalty, which will probably mean he will be cleared. That is only if things go right for us.

  • @wissox

    Don’t spend too much time worrying about Silvio. From what I have heard, he has a GREAT character to him. Silvio is legit!

  • @BeddieKU23

    I don’t think the NCAA will be swayed by how much Kansas needs Billy. And to that, I have to agree with the position of the NCAA.

    But they do have to worry about harming Billy’s future excessively. The negative PR theme against the NCAA is about the perceived harm they do to student/athletes.

    When this is all said and done concerning Billy’s situation, it will be reviewed by everyone. The NCAA will be under a microscope. Did the NCAA punish Billy excessively over something that turned out to be nothing or quite small?

    Look at what this does to Billy and us? Wow! It is hard to see Billy as an OAD after this. Hard to imagine him being on the NBA radar this spring. I think we were counting on him being OAD, hence the recruitment of plenty of bigs. But that isn’t the problem for the NCAA.

    The potential for future problems with the NCAA is if this slow response pushes Billy into returning for another year when it clearly showed he would have gone OAD otherwise… then Billy returns and has a career-ending injury. Billy never receives a NBA paycheck…

    Then what? My guess… litigation!

  • @wissox

    Unlikely that DeSousa will be a 4 year player anyway.

  • @wissox

    I think De Sousa and his handler were dead set on getting him enrolled early to jump-start the process. They knew he wouldn’t be able to play basketball after the fall semester having exhausted his HS eligibility. From what his handler said they weren’t keen on Silvio sitting so long which is why they started making preparations (academically) as far back as August… It’s also speculated he wasn’t going to be in College 4 years early.

    KU just happened to fall into a situation where him enrolling early was potentially beneficial having been dealt the Preston situation and having an extra scholarship to award for 17-18. If we didn’t have an open scholarship or a need for big men Silvio would have been forced to wait until his orginial class, or joined as a walk-on and paid his own way…

    Before KU got him on campus and he committed it was speculated he would go to Maryland where his friend Bruno Fernando is a freshman. Maryland could have be in the same situation as KU is now (Maryland is down 2 big men to season ending injury). I’m sure their fans would be just as impatient for his amateurism to be cleared as some KU fans are.

  • @drgnslayr

    In my opinion this whole situation is likely to make Billy sour to College if and when he is cleared. I wouldn’t be surprised if Billy and his family decide to leave and pursue their options at seasons end. His mother did say he could have been an instant millionaire overseas. They clearly haven’t changed their opinion of him even if the opinion of Billy nationwide has changed. Nobody has seen him play. If he doesn’t get to play for KU its likely he won’t be invited to the Combine which will leave them with limited options. It doesn’t mean he’s coming back.

    You have to wonder what Billy thinks of KU. He came here to play and get drafted if all went well after one year. Self recruited over him taking Dedric Lawson under the assumption Preston was here for just one year.

    KU compliance has held him out of playing for 15 games. KU could have risked playing him and they chose not to. Billy didn’t get to decide for himself, KU did. The NCAA didn’t say Billy can’t play, at least not until his information was submitted to them for review. Do you think Preston believes that KU was right for sitting him? Then his mother gets social media attacks. Can’t imagine they are thrilled with the fan-base or the program for that matter.

    As far as the NCAA, I’m sure that all the recent attention and headlines are pushing them towards a decision. It did with Diallo after Diallo lawyered up and ESPN talking heads started giving their opinion. Self seems pretty frustrated about the lack of ruling in his comments this week. I can’t imagine he pokes at the NCAA without having a legitimate reason to do so. We’ll have to see what comes of all this. All we can hope is good news comes today!

  • When does Self get tired of all the BS and go to the pros, the NCAA could be screwing more than just our season

  • @Jayrawks1 or retire

  • Billy screwed up. Seems pretty plain and simple. If he’s frustrated with KU, well, I don’t want anyone bringing this program down no matter how good of a player they are. If he leaves, I’m cool with it. It really sucks for us fans that this keeps happening to us at KU. If he has to sit out this year but still wants to play next after getting everything cleared, then great. Next years team just got stronger.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 possible, with him recently saying he wants to coach another 10 years at most so he has a life after basketball, I think our best chance of losing him is to the NBA. Then again, he said he had little interest in the NBA. Either, we lose all around in this situation.

  • I think a lot of people screwed up here. Bill screwed up, Billy screwed up, KU screwed up, and the NCAA screwed up. Some more than others, but still. A lot of people involved, as is always the case, and it’s useless to have the “who’s the most at fault” conversation. (Not saying don’t talk about it if it’s fun to you, it’s just not fun to me.)

  • @wissox you know that for sure?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 No, but if he hadn’t logic tells me he’d have played all of our games. Something he did has spooked our athletic department enough to risk not being in the national championship picture.

  • Matt Tait arrived, said if anything it would be soon

  • @Jayrawks1 arrived where? Is there a scheduled presser?

  • @chriz

    Matt Taits twitter

    Just got to KU… Couple players first then Self outside of the locker room before practice. Not sure if there’s news yet, but that’s when we’ll get it if there is. Hang tight, #KUbball fans.

  • Mitch Lightfoot being interviewed now

  • Would seem odd that Tait would be the first to report no?

  • @BeddieKU23 It would be its just who showed up first on my Twitter feed

  • Self and the NCAA are conspiring to deliver us Chiefs fans good news after the playoff loss!

  • @Jayrawks1

    Yeah but how many are getting access before his practice. I’m not seeing any other people reporting being there?

  • @BeddieKU23 scott chasen is the one who mentioned lightfoot was being interviewed so I guess he is also

  • Jayrawks1 said:

    @BeddieKU23 scott chasen is the one who mentioned lightfoot was being interviewed so I guess he is also

    thanks for info.

  • @BeddieKU23 no problem, i def dont have any inside info I just have twitter lol

  • @Jayrawks1

    doing the same! didn’t have scott on my feed

  • svi interview now

  • per scott chasen, do I need to give credit here? Im honestly not sure

  • Jayrawks1 said:

    per scott chasen, do I need to give credit here? Im honestly not sure

    Your good!

  • Self is up

  • @BeddieKU23 why oh why do we keep believing ugh. same story, just like the Chiefs lol

  • Bill Self: No news on Preston or De Sousa. Confident that news is coming soon, though not necessarily today.

    Talk about having an entire fan-base on a swivel

  • Agh, y’all remember when Bagley reclassified and was cleared like literally instantly. The B12 and KU just don’t make enough money for the NCAA to give two shits. Remember Terrance Jones at UK had a fancy car that weeks later claimed to be purchased by his grandmother. SMH Adidas send the NCAA money and have a tournament!

  • @kjayhawks “literally instantly”?

  • I just heard there will be news tomorrow. Can’t give you my source.

  • Your source could be Bill Self himself and I still wouldn’t believe it.

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