Can someone remind me why Colbey left?

  • I dont remember the circumstances in which Dwight Colbey left. Sure seems we could use his inside muscle with our lack of depth.

  • Think he wanted more time.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 he would be the second big off the bench right now. Man we could have used him

  • @HawkChamp can’t blame him though. He looks more athletic, knee better!

  • At the time, Coleby made the right choice and so did Self.

    Self had a chance for a jersey hanger in Preston and had to go for him to match with Azuibuke. It meant a back up slot for Coleby and Coleby had a terrible knee that did not progress as expected, while on the team. Self just could not FORECAST big PT FOR Coleby with a knee that might not improve AND with only a year of eligibility REMAINING. Self had Lightfoot with 2 good knees, a jump shot and many years remaining. Self also may even have had deSousza in background. Coleby gets to play the greatest game ever invented and I bet Self is delighted for him. It’s not clear he would beat out Lightfoot even now. It depends on Coleby’s knee. If explosive, Coleby. If not, Lightfoot.

  • @jaybate-1.0 have you not been watching Dwight? He looks good.

  • @HawkChamp

    I haven’t seen him play against a Kentucky, have you? How did he do against that level of competition?

    He looks much better, but that’s relative, because he could often barely run or jump last season.

    Does he look explosive enough to run the floor with this KU Team’s Pace? No.

    Does he finally look like a player against lesser competition? Yes.

    Could we use him, because Preston is out? Yes.

    Could he be better than Sosinski? Yes.

    Better than Lightfoot? If we slowed it down? Yes. If we kept cooking? No.

    I was a believer in Coleby, and think he will get much better by next season. Knee recovery can go on for three years.

    Things did not break right for him and Self.

    It happens.

  • Players wit NBA aspirations need playing time and at KU, with the projected personnel, he saw little playing time available since he would have been playin behind Doke, Preston, Lightfoot and maybe even the ‘Stache. He could not have predicted the Whitman leaving one month later and Preston not being available.

    As a graduate transfer he did not have to sit out one year which made his decision easier. Given the current situation I will guess he is having second thoughts, but he is is a good situation for him. Unless he has a monster season, he likely goes undrafted and it is either the G League or overseas.

  • @JayHawkFanToo he would have been behind Mitch? Hmm, not sure about that.

  • @HawkChamp

    Coleby is primarily an under the basket type of player where Lightfoot is more of a stretch 4 with a decent outside shot and good at setting picks on the perimeter for the shooters. Under the current scheme Lightfoot would have been ahead of Coleby but Coleby would have gotten playing time.

  • Coleby putting up some impressive numbers so far this year. He certainly could have been a viable backup to Doke this season if he stayed.

  • When Coleby left he was 3rd on the post depth chart behind Preston and Dok. With Whitman coming in he could’ve been 4th in his mind. KU ran the 4-1 a lot the season prior, so there isn’t a ton of post minutes for the 3rd or 4th post. At wku he was projected as the 2nd best big behind a head case that left (so he’s the man), but even if Robinson had stuck around in a traditional offense Coleby would get a ton of minutes. It looks like he made the right decision for himself. Coleby is playing a ton and playing fairly well from the sounds of it.

  • @dylans I don’t think Whitman was worth a 💩 He was in over his head. Probably scared off by dg’s rap music too.

  • Coleby would be Azubuike’s primary sub since Coleby is definitely a low post oriented player. Lightfoot is definitely a much more high post and perimeter based player.

    I think we would have seen those two on the floor together on a regular basis this year had Coleby chosen to stay.

    Given the circumstances at the time though, I don’t blame Coleby for leaving.

  • Just goes to show how anything can happen in D1 basketball. No one really blamed Coleby for leaving, when he left.

    I’m sure he is wondering what would have happened if he had stayed… er… maybe not. He appears to be busy now!

    I hope he makes it. He’s had so much to fight through… any success he has should put a big smile on Jayhawk fans’ faces!