Joel Freaking Embiid

  • Joel is a badass. The block, kept it in bounds, basically a pass half court to Simmons. Ran like a guard down the court!! Simmons passes once and Joel Jams it in the defenses behind! DAMM!

    And, did you notice who was under the bucket after Joel’s throwdown?


  • It’s been a while since a center stepped in the L and manhandled people. Ain’t it Grand!

  • Small ball, meet Joel Embiid.

  • @Lulufulu No I missed that! Kelly’s been playing pretty well. Looks like he’s got a decent future. Prolly not an all star, but a solid bench player, maybe a starting role someday.

  • Good lord he’s something else. Hope he’s rewarded around All-Star time

  • @BeddieKU23

    Embiid is the prototype of the new big…strong, agile, fast and can hit from outside.

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