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  • putting this here because not directly KU. Found out James Wiseman has been declared ineligible for the 2018 High School season.

    The reason being is that due to the fact of him following his High Scholl Coach to a new School – Local rules prohibit this in Tennessee. So know can’t play. He can either re-classify or transfer to a prep School. I know KU is recruiting him for the future so who knows what this will do.

    Then I Read where UK point guard has Mono gonna be out for awhile they said probably 2-3 weeks - but this stuff lingers as we know and was mentioned , that stuff is no joke. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I’ve been searching the Internet but can’t find anything: whatever happened to Jack Whitman? He doesn’t seem to be playing 🏀 anywhere. Perhaps grad school without sports?

  • @Gorilla72 Good question. College Basketball Reference site entry for him ends with last year at Wm & Mary. The “News” tab has as its last entry an item about him leaving KU this summer. So he must have left bb. Maybe, since he graduated, he got a job.

  • @mayjay was he going on a mission trip?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Nothing in the news anywhere I could find, but that is an interesting possibility not likely to cause headlines for sure. Is he Mormon? I know other religions send kids on mission trips, but LDS missions for college kids tend to be between their soph and jr years. Don’t have a clue. Hope he is happy in his anonymity–and maybe that was why he left. The shystache.

  • He got a taste of playing against talented guys and left basketball with his tail between his legs. Apparently no one told him he would be on their team when the season starts.

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