To gamble on the perimeter or not to gamble, that is the question

  • Lord Self has a rim protector at last!

    All hail the dump truck driver, whom ever he may be!

    Give thanks to the saw bones that put the good King back together!

    Behold Dokethello!

    But there is a rub, Board Ratliff’s.

    The King would lack depth behind him, unless Lord Self were predisposed to ask William the Second of Prestonwich to consent to be used as a veritable 6th man, as posted yesterday.

    Alas, what hath this kingly stuff to do with gambling on said perimeter, my fellow Yorics?

    Well, by sweetly overplaying on the perimeter, and relying on the king to checkmate the opponents’ dullards at the ring of iron, surely thus we can gain most advantage, lords and ladies.

    But what then should the rubbeth be, my fellow skullduggerers?

    To overplay outside, exposeth the good King Dokethello—aye he that ruleth the virtuous middle without depth—to such odious fouls that only bitter fate could befall the good king and our knights of the rectangle.

    To sag, to give, to help, aye these are means of keeping King and court in proper state.

    But not to pressure that black stripe which doth yield momentum shifting scores is heretofore unSelfian, yes?

    What then must be done?

    This I beseech thee to make sense for me.


  • @jaybate-1.0 We have to find the serum that made Captain America grow more than a foot and gain 80-90 lbs and give a small dose of that to Lightfoot. Turn him into a heavy foot.

  • @jaybate-1-0 PHOF!

  • @jaybate-1.0 William the Second of Prestonwich


  • I thought Bill already did this and mastered it last season? Play. In. Spurts.

    5 spurts of 4 minutes where we start jumping lanes and give an all out effort on D leading to turnovers and quick 12-2 runs. Follow those up with 5 other spurts of 4 minutes where we sag on D and play a little bit of “bad ball” to work the clock.

    You could also call it:

    • The Rest-A-Doke - Rope-A-Dope
    • Effective Half-assing
    • Doke’s resting so in goes Billy Preston.
    • The Billy Press-TON then Rest-some
    • Ball then Stall
    • Selfish and Self-Less
    • The Hamlet: To D, Or Not to D

  • @Kcmatt7



    Thankee kindly, Jethro.

  • Penchant from the Doge of Venezia, instructing the Moor, Othello.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I have a querstion for you : who actually won Operation Highjump?

    • Querstion is actually spelled with an extra “r” in honorarium to a certain attorney from Houston who managed to say the word “querstion” about 50 times in a 3 hour trial. His client ( the guy that pulled the gun, and robbed my fiance) ended up getting 11 years, but I have not stopped mocking that attorney for the last 20 years. I say this because I wanted to compliment you for your phonetic spelling of Missourah. I had never seen that, and I got to thinking …they can’t even pronounce their own state …what does that say about the cesspool known as Misery?

  • @KUSTEVE Careful making fun of pronunciations: people in Kansas talk about the good old “Kaw” River…

  • @mayjay Everywhere in the world, it’s called the Arkansas River. In Kansas, it’s the AR - KANSAS river. Miami, Oklahoma is not Miami, Oklahoma. It is Myamma, Oklahoma.


    You beat me about the Ar-Kansas river…😄


    Gotta plead some ignorance here between the quote and the 1946-7 naval operation to explore feasibility of operations in Antarctica

  • @mayjay

    Kaw is actually the correct Native American name for the river, is it not? I have always thought of it as equally proper. Same as Denali and Mount McKinley.

  • @jaybate-1.0 That is probably true, though our spelling might not reflect the actual language.

    Which takes us back to the state to the east. After a lifetime of study and observation, I am forced to conclude the “— A - H” ending is incorrect. The long EE sound at the end is the correct one.

    To wit, “M - I - S - E - R - Y.” I doubt if this one is Native American. I am pretty sure the slavers brought it with them and keep trying to export it.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I had never heard of it, either. But it is quite a fascinating story. The Borg has done a masterful job of burying the story in the snow for all these years.

  • @KUSTEVE @mayjay My 4th grade teacher, who I really liked, was from the State of Confusion, or was it the State of Disarray?, said “warsh” for wash, along with mizzourah, to the impressionable 9 year olds trying to learn the complexities of the English language. He made up for it with other cool things he did, but I always found it odd they allowed him to speak improperly.

  • The Kaw River is the same as the Kansas River. The Kansas River is in NE Kansas. The Ar-Kansas river is further south and completely dry 99% of the time here in western Kansas (Colorado dams up all the water), but flows full time in central KS to east then south.