Thoughts on the victory vs Fizzou

  • Man, that was a highly intense contest, easily the most intense for a exhibition. I’ll be honest, I was fairly disappointed in certain parts of the game. I may have even been a little too harsh with comments(still ticked about FB) considering we aren’t playing a D3 school to the year. I also think Fizzou played better than they are because it was us. They probably don’t get over 20 second chance points again this year or go out and hit 14 3s like they did today. I’m concerned about our lack of rebounding, we only lost on the glass by 3 but let up 19 offensive rebounds which is one of the reasons it was even a contest. Also our defense looks to rival last years club, which was statically the worst in the Self era. I thought we shot the ball well for the most part, but think really play well about 10 minutes. DG was great and Doke finally showed up in the second half. We can’t have guys disappearing for long stretches like Svi for the whole game and Newman and Vick in the first half. Svi had best wake up or he’s in trouble with Sam coming and him already looking like the last player in the rotation. Lightfoot and Preston both showed some good and bad as expected for the youngsters. Just quick thoughts here. I think it was good to play to get us ready for Kentucky.

  • No one got hurt! Nice win over a good AAU team.

    If Newman passed it to Devonte instead of Doke at the tail end of the second half run, it would have been a 20 pt. blowout.

  • @DanR Yes…passing to the big guy on the break? You would think he would know better.

  • @Hawk8086 killed the major momentum we had

  • @DanR @Hawk8086 @HawkChamp Yes mind boggling to say the least.

  • One other question friends, how much money do you think Coach Cal and the rest of the coaches and staff of our opponents spend donating tonight to get a leg up on how we’d look this year. 😂😂

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    That is funny. Sounds like a lot? Lol

  • @DoubleDD Does anyone know how much money the KState-Missouri State game raised? Or how much interest there was in that game?

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    No I get you KU playing MU brings in the money. Something I said maybe I should focus in on. It was for a good cause. Yet read some of these posts? Now KU should play a top 25 team in the exhibition season every year? I wonder what the feeling would be if KU had lost today?

  • @Big-Clyde52 highlights on last night’s KC news coverage showed maybe 2-3000 tops in the Octogon. And by 2, I mean 2.

  • @Big-Clyde52 I actually didn’t even hear about it til after it happened. It was really a piss poor job of promoting it, but I highly doubt playing Missouri state raised a whole lotta of money. If I was KSU I would’ve asked WSU to play at intrust in Wichita. That would’ve raised a decent amount and took a shot at us but it’s KSU they ain’t smart enough, they just chant F bombs. Lol

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    I’m sorry you were asking a legitimate question. My bad. My guess they did alright. Any money for charitable cause is a good thing.

  • @DoubleDD No I am not saying we should play any game like this every year against anyone. I hope it was a one time deal. My biggest concern was having one of our players get injured. Thankfully that did not happen. I was just wondering how the K-State charity game came out. I do not know where it was even played. All I heard is that K-State won against a lesser opponent. Was just curious how their game compared to ours.

  • @DanR WOW!! Sounds like that was not worth the effort. Thanks for the info.

  • @kjayhawks Yes that was my case also. I did not know about it until I saw the score. Sad if it failed so badly.

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    Big Clyde You just brought another interesting point of view. What if a KU player got hurt in an exhibition game against a top foe? A game that doesn’t count.

    You nailed it.

    Haven’t seen any numbers but I imagine the almost two million KU and MU raised would be hard to beat.

  • @Big-Clyde52 Not trying to slam them. It was a totally different deal (K-State/Missouri State). Free admission. Donations encouraged.

    Should’ve played the Shockers, maybe, but who knows what went on behind the scenes.

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    I know you hate me bro, but you’re right a Kstate verses the Shockers would have been a must watch game.

    A true money raiser. Maybe you missed your calling?

  • @DoubleDD If KU lost, it’s an ego check which isn’t always a bad thing, especially when it’s not a season ending lost.

    How is getting game film against a top 25 caliber team in a game with no bearing on the standings or rankings a bad thing for KU? It shows the new players where they need to keep working to get better which speeds up the growing pains process and could better prepare the team for March and April.

  • @DanR I watched a very short video and there were a super load of empty seats. Cats won 78-62, but Weber was pissed that they got out rebounded 44-37.

  • @Big-Clyde52 Udoka’s season ending injury last year occurred in practice, should KU quit practicing so players don’t get hurt?

    Injuries are a part of the game and today’s game didn’t increase the injury risk for anyone that couldn’t have happened in a practice. Seems like most of the injuries KU players have sustained in recent years have mostly happened in practice and not during games.

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    No I get it, really get you. But @Big-Clyde52 brought up a good point what if a KU player got hurt in a top 25 showdown in a exhibition game?

    KU won today, and it feels goods. Especially beating MU. Yet what if KU lost? What if KU lost Doka today to a MU team that had nothing to lose and was playing on 7 fouls before fouling out.

    Look you and others make a great case I must admit. Just not sure I like it. MU had everything to gain in this game and KU had everything to lose in this game.

    KU won this game and I’m happy but I’m thinking KU fans that live in the KC area are going to find out MU won the war. As there about to be bombarded with MU and their potential.

  • @DoubleDD Don’t know you, bro, let alone hate you. You seem like a bad wanna-be talk radio guy wanting to repetitiously stir up something out of nothing for the sake of nothing to fill three hours of air time. Maybe you missed your calling.

  • @DoubleDD Yes sir. That was my biggest fear. I posted here earlier when this game was announced that very fear. I reminded everyone at that time about how thin we are this year. And I told all fans to hope and pray that no one blows an ACL or any other injury. We are 8 deep (9 at semester), and losing anyone would probably blow our season. Injury can happen at any time, but if in this game, this board would have exploded.

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    So you don’t think I bring up a great question? I’m just trying have a conversation. Yet every time I engage you I get this feeling like I’m wasteing your time.

    Just going off what you post.

  • @DoubleDD Udoka’s season ended in practice last year, not a game. Injuries are a part of the game. Using that as a reason to not play this game is a total cop out.

    And how exactly did Missouri fans gain anything today other than knowing KU is still better than they are? There was already a buzz among their fanbase this year because of the class Cuonzo Martin brought in. They brought in a top 5 class with 3 top 50 recruits this year, that’s a legitimate reason to get excited for a season for just about any team.

    What did Missouri legitimately gain that Kansas didn’t? Each team now has game film against a quality opponent without it impacting the standings. Neither teamed gained a recruiting edge with KC area players they didn’t already have.

  • @DoubleDD what new question did you bring up?

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    Ok so in your mind who has the higher ceiling? Now be honest. You’re folk lore when it comes to college football.

    Who has the higher ceiling MU or KU? And who gained more from this matchup?

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Headlines and buzz/ticket sales are what MU got out of this loss. Most of the state of Missouri forgot MU had a basketball team until this game.

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    Really? Should KU be playing MU in an exhibition game? Playing a team that has nothing to lose and everything to gain. What does KU gain from this game? Other than experience? Just a few of the questions I’ve been spouting.

    God I want to like you, but I feeling you just hate me.

  • @DoubleDD try harder

  • @DoubleDD Kansas has the higher ceiling this year. Both teams have a lot of young players who now have film of themselves against good competition that Self and Martin can use to build upon those weaknesses they showed today. I don’t think either side gained more than the other today.

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    I hope your right. That MU team is awful young. But I’m trusting you to be right.

  • @DanR They really hadn’t forgotten about basketball. There was plenty of buzz among the Missouri fan base for this year a long time before this game was announced because of the class Martin assembled.

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    Nah I don’t kiss anybodies arse. I think your a strong poster with goods points. But I’ll fight you to the death before I kiss your arse.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 We all know when UA’s injury occurred. Yesterdays news. In my post from days ago, I stated the fact that injuries can happen at any time. (Practice or games). Our practice time and schedule was already set for this season. This game was a hurried up add on. That is why I was against it, even though it showed my selfish side. It was another chance for something bad to happen. Now that it is history and everything came out great, we can all be happy and thankful. We have experience against a quality opponent, game film to watch, bragging rights, etc. Hindsight and history is wonderful isn’t it?

  • @DoubleDD I think you’re getting too hung up on the fact that we played Missouri. Would your response and feelings be the same if we had played Duke, Michigan State or Florida? Today was great in terms of learning about the team and seeing what they can do. There seems to be more cohesion currently than there has been at the beginning of the last few seasons, such as when we lost to Michigan State a couple years ago. This year reminds me more of 08.

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    No because Duke, Spartans, Florida wouldn’t play KU in a exhibition game they know better. Why risk it when it counts for nothing? KU was charitable all they way around in this game. All the way around.

    Glad to see KU kick MU in the game and donations.

  • The defense is going to be worse then last season. We will have to continue to score at a high level consistently to have the season we want

  • kjayhawks said:

    @Big-Clyde52 I actually didn’t even hear about it til after it happened. It was really a piss poor job of promoting it, but I highly doubt playing Missouri state raised a whole lotta of money. If I was KSU I would’ve asked WSU to play at intrust in Wichita. That would’ve raised a decent amount and took a shot at us but it’s KSU they ain’t smart enough, they just chant F bombs. Lol

    Weber probably wanted a game KSU would win. That ain’t happening with WSU.

  • If anyone has located a box score of the game, could you post it here or post the link? I’m a box score guy.

  • BeddieKU23 said:

    The defense is going to be worse then last season. We will have to continue to score at a high level consistently to have the season we want

    A long ways to go but I feel it can be better than last year if only because of Udoka.

    The pieces aren’t there on this team to play elite defense though. Not enough depth or size. Plus there is Svi. The next couple seasons look like they have more potential defensively.

  • stoptheflop said:

    If anyone has located a box score of the game, could you post it here or post the link? I’m a box score guy.

    alt text

  • @DoubleDD you keep talking about risk - what risk is there playing a good team before the season starts?

  • @BeddieKU23 eh probably not worse. But it doesn’t need to better than last year. Oregon only scored 74 points on us…

  • @HawkChamp Risk? OMG! We might lose! Someone else might make us look bad! Worst of all, someone might make a bragging comment!!! Oh, the shame of it all, oh, the sorrow…

  • @mayjay No worst of all would be similar to this:

  • @dylans That risk is the same regardless of who the opponent is, or even in practice (a la Doke). The alternative to risking injury is to schedule no exhibitions, no trips, and no practices or scrimmages–and no games. Let’s just have bb decided by computer simulations.

  • @mayjay Duh, but you asked just two posts ago what’s the worst that could happen? I guess I could find something more gruesome for you, but this is bad enough for me.

  • glad we won that’s all that matters, the disappointment that would have sunk in losing to a team that went 8-24, 10-21, 9-23 the past 3 seasons is something I’m glad I don’t have to take as reality.

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