Big 12 Basketball Commit Tracker

  • For those interested in the talent coming into the league I am compiling this information into one post for your viewing pleasure. KU will be listed first because DUH and then alphabetical order.

    Rankings will be 247 comp/247/rivals/espn. Rankings among all recruits, not position group.


    Devon Dotson 6’2’’ PG 24/19/17/26

    Silvio De Sousa 6’9’’ PF/C 31/31/25/28

    David McCormack 6’9’’ C 39/26/33/33

    Quentin Grimes 6’5’’ G 16/17/11/13



    Matthew Mayer 6’7’’ SF 64/71/80/57

    Darius Allen 6’5’’ SG JUCO

    Flo Thamba 6’9’'C 170/198/NR/NR


    Iowa State

    Zion Griffin 6’6’’ PF 135/75/94/NR

    Tyrese Haliburton 6’5’’ PG 149/253/149/no profile

    George Conditt 6’10’’ PF 219/131/NR/no profile

    Talen Horton-Tucker 6’5’’ wing 108/165/54/4*


    Kansas State

    Shaun Williams 6’1’’ PG 453/447/no profile/no profile



    Jamal Bieniemy 6’3’’ SG 128/104/135/NR

    Kur Kuath 6’9’’ SF JUCO


    Oklahoma State

    Duncan Demuth 6’8’’ PF 316/365/NR/NR

    Yor Anei 6’9’’ PF NR/254/NR/NR



    Kaden Archie 6’6’’ SF 107/128/85/no profile

    Kendric Davis 5’11’’ PG 137/79/107/NR

    Russell Barlow 6’7’’ C 226/168/NR/NR

    Yuat Alok 6’10’’ C JUCO



    Gerald Liddell 6’6’’ SF 40/48/43/40

    Brock Cunningham 6’7’’ SF 123/105/NR/NR

    Jaxson Hayes 6’10’’ PF 229/163/137/NR

    Kamaka Hepa 6’9’’ PF 50/51/46/62


    Texas Tech

    Kyler Edwards 6’4’’ SG 220/132/NR/NR

    Deshawn Corprew 6’5’’ SF JUCO


    West Virginia

    Derek Culver 6’8’’ PF 95/80/89/NR

    Jordan McCabe 5’10’’ PG 125/81/139/84

    Trey Doomes 6’3’’ SG 179/223/NR/no profile

    Andrew Gordon 6’10’’ PF/C JUCO

  • @BShark

    Very helpful summary. Looks like KU is in good shape in the near future but the League will be down as I just don’t see top players coming in to schools other than KU…at least not yet.

    I believe the 2017 tracker looks lot better with several top 50 prospects joining the Conference.

  • JayHawkFanToo said:


    Very helpful summary. Looks like KU is in good shape in the near future but the League will be down as I just don’t see top players coming in to schools other than KU…at least not yet.

    I believe the 2017 tracker looks lot better with several top 50 prospects joining the Conference.

    Definitely. ISU, TCU and Texas all had really good classes last year.

  • Updated. TCU had Feron Hunt decommit. Texas, ISU and OSU all with new commits.

  • BShark said:

    Updated. TCU had Feron Hunt decommit. Texas, ISU and OSU all with new commits.

    Man let’s break this down as far as Quentin goes as far as we know right.

    Rumor has it, Marquette people saying they are out, moving on right? – - As far as we know and have heard - -Texas which I thought was out MAIN competitor for Quentin is at their Scholi limit now - -at least that’s the scuttle butt. - - -Then we have Kentucky. - - The way it looks to me , Kentucky feels that it’s not happening as they are all over Herro at this time right?- -so if Quentin was leaning their way then WHY would Coach Cal be making in home to Herro this late in the recruiting process - - seeing as how Quentin & Herro play the same spot or could be?

    Which brings us to - - KU is the logical landing for Quentin which you me & America knew pretty much - I really feel he is for sure ours to lose. - -The thing I’m having trouble with again is - -I’ve heard multiple times that he committed to KU on our last in home visit. – So why doesn’t he just announce NOW - -or at least give an announcement date? - -This crap is going to cause me to have to increase my Social Security benefits lmao - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Minor update. :joy: :grinning:

  • Updated. TCU, Oklahoma and Baylor each added a player.

  • A lot of transfers as well.


    Lawson- PF-Jr

    Lawson -F-Rs Soph

    Moore -CG-Soph


    Mario Kegler- F-Soph

    Iowa St

    Shayok- SG- Sr

    Jacobsen- PF-Jr

    Oklahoma St

    Weathers- PG-Soph


    Mitrou-Long- G-Jr

  • @BeddieKU23 That’s a lot of talent too. ISU transfers are real good and Kegler is solid.

  • @BShark

    Yeah the transfers the league got for next year are really good. I can see Kegler being a real pain to play against. Shayok at ISU will be a major upgrade from what they have currently. Weathers will help OSU. Mitrou-Long probably starts at Texas next year.

  • Here’s how I see each team based on where they are right now for next year.

    Kansas - one of the best three or four teams talentwise in the country. Just loaded as long as everyone shows up eligible. If they add any other pieces, look out. Final Four caliber. National title contender.

    Baylor - if they solve their PG situation, Baylor could be very good next year. I don’t know how they are replacing Lecomte right now, but the rest of that roster next year should be legit. With a decent PG that can run the show, Baylor is a Sweet 16 type squad next year. Without a PG, they probably miss the tournament entirely.

    Iowa State - probably will experience the biggest bounceback candidate. They are bad this year, but help is on the way for them. They should be back in the tournament, and probably around .500 in the league next season.

    K-State - they return most everyone, so its not critical for them to bring guys in. Next year is the prove it year for Weber, because he will have Stokes, Brown and Wade all as seniors. This is Weber’s best chance in Manhattan. If they aren’t top 3 in the league, 2019-2020 is going to be U-G-L-Y.

    Oklahoma - if OU doesn’t sign a capable PG, we will see a repeat of last season. We know what that roster looks like without a PG. We know what that roster looks like with a PG. Next year’s roster does not have a PG. That’s all you need to know. Kruger needs to find himself someone to run the show.

    Oklahoma State - this is the hardest team to figure. They have some athletes, so that’s nice. But they aren’t all that strong right now, and I don’t know that any of the guys they are bringing in makes them that much better next season. They are probably two players away from being a tournament team.

    TCU - Jamie Dixon is building something in Fort Worth. The biggest help will be having Jaylen Fisher back healthy, but he’s surrounding him with the right amount of talent. Dixon built some good, tough, rugged teams at Pitt. He’s finding his way to do the same at TCU. This will be a tournament team next year. They could get hot and make a run to the second weekend.

    Texas - Smart has landed himself four long athletes. This is what he has been trying to do, blend athletic four year “system” players with elite talents to carry the offense. If Mitrou-Long can solidify the PG spot, Smart will have the best team he’s had since coming to Austin.

    Texas Tech - The Red Raiders will take a step back next year, but it looks like it will only be temporary (similar to what Baylor did this year). They should be down next season, but will bounce back in 2019-2020.

    West Virginia - The Mountaineers will continue to be a headache. They will trap and press and pressure and generally drive you crazy. The major question is always can they score in the half court. If their offense is reliably efficient in the half court, they will be a top 10 team. If they struggle to score, they will still win a bunch of games because they will make you throw the ball all over the gym.

    The Big 12 will be tough again next year, but KU will be loaded. Next year’s teams at Texas, TCU, West Virginia and maybe even KSU or Baylor could all give this year’s KU squad problems, but they will be facing next season’s monster roster.

  • @justanotherfan Really nice post, I’m still digesting it but spot on from a cursory glance.

  • I see the Big-12 as down next season is a noticeable way. Lots of point guards leaving the league that have been around forever. 14 of the Top 20 scorers in the league will likely be gone after the season as well. There’s maybe 1-2 guys in the Top 40 that could breakout next season but your not talking about guys that are expected to be stars.

    OU is after Jahvon Quinerly. Might be their PG if he’s eligible.

    I think Baylor will be after a transfer PG. Can’t see Lindsay being the option. Kegler will be their best player next year.

    West Virginia will be tough, although I think they take a slight step down.

    TCU will be an interesting team as long as Fisher is healthy. More talent on the way and they red-shirted two bigs.

    Tech could actually keep going. The Evans loss is huge but you have to think Moretti, Culver & Smith will be even better as Soph’s. With their success this year and from the looks of things 3 open spots Beard will be aggressive in the spring for players.

    K-St- rinse and repeat this years squad just a year older.

    Texas- some good talent coming in. I just don’t believe their coach is the guy that maximizes it.

    Iowa St will be better. Shayok & Wigginton should be a tough backcourt. They really need someone to step up besides Lard in the post.

    OSU- On paper looks like a tough year for them. They will have to be aggressive for grad transfers

  • @BeddieKU23 I had not heard about OU and JQ. I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 and a half foot pole but OU is obviously desperate.

  • I think KSU will be better if they can stay healthy. Wade is already very good. Wade, Brown, Sneed and Stokes with another year if healthy, that’s a top half of the league roster imo.

    Also wow did the services miss on Culver and Smith. Easy to get buried in Texas HS hoops. Those are two of their best players though and they were both not really ranked in the top 200.

  • @BShark

    They definitely missed something on Culver and Smith. It’s hard to imagine Smith especially because of the athlete he is (We are talking Top 10-15 in the country). Proof that kids still fall through the cracks even in today’s world.

    KSU should be better if everyone returns. I just know how this story ends every time!

  • OU did have some CB’s for him. Looks like its shifted to Nova this week. Definitely a Jay Wright type player

  • @BeddieKU23 Fair. At the end of the day, Bruce is still Bruce.

  • Every year is the same story…This is the best Teams Texas so far…and yet, they always manage to underwhelm. You have heard the expression …It’s Not the Gun, It’s the Shooter? in this case it is not as much the team as it is the coach which is the common denominator and all below average recent seasons even when they had lots of talent.

    K-Sate should be better withe the team returning most players but this assumes that Weber does not lose a few players as he normally does.

    OU without Young will regress big time unless it finds an elite PG which is unlikely.

    Has Carter be been given tenure at WVU so he can play forever? At least Perry has some hair left when he left KU. I would not be surprised to see Konate leave. Losing Carter and Miles, the two top players will hurt big time.

    ISU will be greatly improved with experienced players and a couple of solid transfers.

    Tech. loses 3 starters including conference POY candidate Evans. This is the perfect storm season for them since they will drop next season.

    TCU loses Brodziansky and Williams, the top two scores and experienced seniors so they will take one step backwards.

    Baylor loses 4 starters, Lecomte, Acuil, Omot and Maston and yet they keep Drew…step back for them.

    OSU loses starters Carrol, Smith and Solomon. Unless they have a good class coming they will remain a bottom half team.

    I have factored mostly the players leaving and not what they have coming since departing senior starters will usually be better than incoming raw freshmen…

  • JayHawkFanToo said:

    I have factored mostly the players leaving and not what they have coming since departing senior starters will usually be better than incoming raw freshmen…

    Smart. This is a weaker class and other than KU, who is getting top recruits in this league? Lots of good to great coaches in this league, but not the best recruiters.

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