Frank Mason: NBA Starter

  • Frank Mason is not just a great player but a class individual as well. A great ambassador for the program.

  • @BShark I am amazed and grateful. He will have a long and great career. I hope he makes a billion.

  • @BShark

    Hypothetically speaking, it appears the only way Frank gets beat out of a roster spot and 10 minutes per game first season is if Joerger is part of the Alt Bounce Network (ABN), and the ABN wants the back up PG positions in Sac to be Alt Bounce guys.

    Again, hypothetically speaking, it would appear that one of the best ways to discourage top PGs and 5s from going to addias schools, would be to make sure the lion’s share of the back up positions in the L go to players affiliated with the ABN.

    I’ve been saying this for years now about Frank: Frank had to slow way down for D1, because, like Tiny Archibald, and lots of other short, high-octane PGs after Tiny in the NBA, Frank was just tooooooo fast for most of his teammates in D1.

    “Usable speed” at any level of the game is the speed that all one’s rotation teammates can play at “under control.” Every one in D1 is pretty speedy straight line and some are blindingly fast. But very few D1 players–basically the ones that will one day play in the NBA–can play at NBA speeds, while in D1. As a result, D1 coaches have to slow the players with NBA speed down to play with the rest of the team; this is why D1 plays so much slower than the NBA. Its not just the shot clocks. You could set the D1 shot clock the same as the L and D1 ball would still be played slower.

    But in the NBA, surrounded by athletes that can play under control at ANY speed, PGs like Frank actually get to use their after burners. In fact, their after burners are prized. Men with after burners that can play under control, shoot lights out, guard, protect and do what is necessary, but never more, ARE professional basketball players defined. They are men admitted to the professional society of hoops. They are colleagues of speed. They are the initiates that can, with the right coaches and teammates become 32 degree Rimmasons. From among these ascend the Ball Illuminati. They can either become part of the venerated traditionalists perfecting what already is, or become the “magickal” magicians of hops endlessly imposing change on the tradition bound rectangular order of the Backboard Knights Templar. But always there are both the traditionalists and the innovators. The traditionalists rise through the conventional orders of the Orthodoxy eventually, if good enough, ascending to the Basketball Knights Templar to reaffirm the most ancient order of hoops. These are the two recognizable paths to basketball salvation in this world that exist behind the marketing hype and spin for naives put out by the Wizard of the Basketball Oz and its Media-Gaming Complex. Behind the curtain, one path is little “o” occult. The other path is little “c” catholic. One is little “l” lucifer bringing light from inside the player himself and changing the game. One is little “s” saint continuing the sacred game in its grandest universal tradition in tact, untainted by human baseness. These are the two paths–the two tectonic spiritual plates rubbing each other and loosing fearful tremors. These are the two “orders” that are endlessly vying for control and they are caught hopelessly intertwined like a pair of hands in an M.C. Escher picture and only the wisdom and forgiveness of the true traditional basketball god can keep either of them at times from ruining the greatest game ever invented with their frequently savage cruelty in the ignorance of means justify ends. The very same pair of sides are currently turning our beautiful, awesome, blessed world into a living night mare right now as they search for a new equilibrium at all our expenses–these same paths inform the greatest game ever invented. Let this be known. These two paths let nothing alone under god’s heaven. Nothing. The dynamic of these two paths makes empires rise and fall. It makes nations rise and fall. It makes Presidents rise and fall. It makes basketball players rise and fall. It makes basketball dynasties rise and fall. Not only the rich shall we always have with us, as Jesus said, but the two paths too shall we always have, so long as the Indo-European paradigm survives. How we ordinary people democratically manage those walking the two paths–and not they us–determines, whether this world is tolerable, or intolerable, forgiving and compassionate, or intolerant and vicious, at peace, or at war. truthful, or prevailed over by lies. But I digress.

    With any luck, the NBA will love Frank same as they loved Tiny, John Stockton, Isaiah Thomas, Steve Nash and Rajon Rondo, and even some of the Super Smurfs like Mugsy Bogues.

    Frankly-speaking, the best prior model for Frank is John Stockton. Frank has Stockton’s temperament and Stockton’s quickness, shooting, controlled style, and blazing speed, when he turns it on. Why I liken Frank to John Stockton is that Frank, like Stockton, is comfortable and smooth at any speed, while at the same time tough as nails, and willing to do what it takes, but never more than what it takes to control the other PG. Like Stockton, Frank will come up against guys that are too tall for him. And that is where his deceptive quickness saves him, same as it did Stockton. But the A-Number-1 threat that Frank and Stock share are shooting from the field and from the line. Deadly basically from anywhere. If Frank finds his Karl Malone and Jerry Sloan, rack him for the Hall. Not if not.

    Joerger doesn’t sound sold on him yet, so that means Joerger is either a slow learner that fought his way up through the Bush leagues without ever having played in the NBA, and who spent none of his formative years around top talent, or he is keeping Frank close to his vest. I want to be optimistic about Joerger, but so far he appears the kind of guy you would expect Isiah Thomas to hire in the bush leagues. He’s someone that will do the scutt work–especially the dubious portions–exactly as told. Thus, he may not be the guy to recognize Frank’s true worth. It took Jerry Sloan, who played in the NBA and had coached there awhile, and who still had a basketball soul, not a basketball sole–to recognize Stockton was HofF grade. But the good news is: Joerger at least realizes Frank is a tough dude that can make big shots and has an NBA gear. If Joerger is beholden to nothing but talent, Frank is in his own private Space X launch pad. If Joerger has to make the Petroshoeco-Agency Complex happy, then Frank may have to get his backup time increments for his resume in Sac and move on.

    Post Script: Historically, the Sacramento franchise, wherever it has been, has always appeared to be an NBA Siberia. You know. It has always appeared the place the NBA sends good, but improperly “tuned” guys–the loose canons aka the guys without the NBA-subordinated go-along-to-get-along programming. Call it the place you go to do your penance for what you done wrong before or after you got to the L. Sacramento gets the guys with baggage it wants to deny another start-up league, but that it wants to keep buried in the NBA. Sacramento is the Eastern Front of the NBA. Sacramento is a DEW line radar installation in Point Barrow for USAF guys that know too much about their commanding officer’s side action and who cannot be trusted down in CONUS. Get out of line and you wind up in Sacramento; that’s how it has always appeared anyway. So: why is Frank Mason, the NCAA D1 Player of the Year in NBA Siberia? The Wizards of Basketball Oz will tell you “he’s not in Kansas anymore,” and he’s short as a Munchkin relative to the NBA. But lately the curtain has been lifted on wizards in USA and UK. Lately the wizards are hard to take at face value any more. Lately, you can’t tell the players without a hypothesis. But what hypothesis could even begin to help us do our duty as fans and over the coming years fit data and maybe find some truth? Its practically like throwing darts in the dark sometimes. But here is one possible hypothesis: it might be something below the knees and above the wood, Toto.

  • well he didn’t play last night…

  • @BeddieKU23 being realistic I don’t think Frank will see very many minutes this year

  • @jaybate-1-0

    Frank is fast, but I think Fox has a little bit more juice. Frank will play eventually. The season is long, so I am not worried about Frank not getting any run.

  • @kjayhawks

    Unrealistic to expect a second round draft pick to play over a lottery pick and #5 overall pick. He was #9 PG in a daft in which 5 of the top 9 players were PGs. Injuries happen and starters will take breaks as the season goes on so I am sure Frank will see minutes and, if he makes the most of them like we all know he will, his playing time will increase.

  • @BShark Yep. he got a DNP last night. Frank is gonna Frank tho. He’ll stick in the league for a while.

  • My perspective on Sacramento is this… Would I love to see Frank getting minutes? Of course. But in the absence of minutes, I measure Frank’s success in the success of Fox. I like the kid from what I’ve seen. Im guessing Frank does too. And I’m guessing Frank can be a very positive influence in the locker room and in helping Fox grow. It’s bittersweet. But if the hapless Kings find a way to win like they did tonight, that’s Frank’s team, and I imagine he is putting everything he can into helping them build a winning culture.

  • FM getting his first action, but it is tough. 9 mins, no stats except one turnover and 0-3 FG. Sac losing 49 to 38 at Denver with 7:28 left in the 3rd.

  • @mayjay Frank ended up with 7 points, they had an article written up on him about the Denver game. - -Showed him driving and making his 1st NBA basket. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Yeah, I saw that this morning. Definitely perked up his game after I went to bed!

  • The Suns must be really bad for JJ to be having such a average start to his career. 3 rebounds in 3 games… Just not like him

  • @BeddieKU23

    On the other hand, Kelly Oubre rebounding like crazy…😄


  • @BeddieKU23 I watched part of a game and josh looked very frustrated and unhappy! The announcer said when josh was heading to the bench that he was a good example of benefiting from another year of college.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Jackson’s number are not bad (except rebounding) but the team is free falling. Not really a lot of talent, coach fired after 3 games and now Eric Bledsoe sent home and not playing and apparently being traded. Too bad Jackson and Mason ended up in two of the worst franchises.

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @BeddieKU23 I watched part of a game and josh looked very frustrated and unhappy! The announcer said when josh was heading to the bench that he was a good example of benefiting from another year of college.

    I see there is a lot of dysfunction in Phoenix already.

    Coach fired.

    Bledsoe tweets I don’t wanna be here.

    Bledsoe sent home with intent on being traded.

    As far as JJ, seen some of his highlights now. Looks like a lot of stuff he did at KU besides filling the stat sheet. I’m sure it will come as they lean on him with this obvious painful rebuilding year ahead.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    He’s definitely filling his role nicely. Big year for him as there was some doubt after his antics in the playoffs whether he’d be in the Wizards plans long-term. He looks much improved from the opening game I saw against the Sixers

  • Looks like the Kings getting a great return on that money they spent for George Hill. 12 points in his last 77 minutes. 15 assists on the season for a POINT GUARD.

    Come on Kings play your young guys. Hill is there collecting that 20 mil, nothing more, nothing less.

  • @BeddieKU23

    Sacramento had a 17 point lead at he beginning of the second half and then Boogie went to work and almost single-handedly crushed the Kings. They certainly could have used Mason’s toughness.

    Sacramento is one crappy franchise right up there with Phoenix. Too bad both KU players drafted ended up there.

  • Looks like Kelly is making his career getting fines already. Throwing punches… jeesh

  • To stay on topic. Frank had 11 last night in 20 minutes. Play him, they are already 1-5 and its not going to get better.

  • Frank had 4 points tonight in 21 minutes as the Kings got a rare win against Portland. He didn’t shoot the ball well at 1/6 but was +12 for the game. Also dished out 3 assists while grabbing 3 rebounds.

  • Frank had 11 and 6 last night! solid outing

  • @Kubie Interesting that his NBA averages through the Article date (Nov 16) are almost identical to his KU freshman year stats. 5.6 pts & 2.1 assists in NBA, 5.5 pts &2.1 assists as a freshman.

  • mayjay said:

    @Kubie Interesting that his NBA averages through the Article date (Nov 16) are almost identical to his KU freshman year stats. 5.6 pts & 2.1 assists in NBA, 5.5 pts &2.1 assists as a freshman.

    Hopefully be year 4 he’ll be averaging 20 a game

  • @BShark I’ll play him next game on Draft Kings. I’ve been cleaning up with Mario starting in Memphis.

  • I saw where Frank was left in to close out a close game over the warriors. Set a season high with 14 points and has the Kings fans impressed with his steady play when the heat is on. I do believe he is carving himself out a long career in the NBA.

  • @Kubie he played well last night. It must be tough for him and Fox coming from colleges that win left and right to the black hole know as the kings.

  • @Kubie

    Great article on Mason; thanks for posting it.

  • Another good outing for Frank in a loss to the Bucks this evening, had 13 points and 4 assists in 23 minutes with a +16 for the game. Fox played 21 minutes and filled the stat sheet but was -16. To me they look so much better when Frank is out there.

  • @kjayhawks he just keeps proving himself!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 hopefully he continues to get pt and stick around for a while. A solid back up PG is always important. Maybe when his 3 years are up with the kings he can pair up with a better organization.

  • Good to see Frank getting minutes. He’s just in a bad spot to succeed. They always do the wrong thing.

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  • I watched most of the Kings/76ers game last night. The Kings were behind by double digits, then Frank came in and dominated the game as the point guard. Dished, lifted his teammates, and also scored a career high of 16. No way the Kings win that game without him. He has some kind of torso injury because he was wrapped and in warmups toward the end of the game. Otherwise, he is their closer and would’ve been in there for the last 5 minutes or so. Funny, I was watching ESPN Sportscenter this morning just to see what they said about the game, because I couldn’t hear the announcers at the sports bar where I was watching, but Frank was constantly in the camera and was no doubt getting compliments from the announcers. But the “highlights” on ESPN didn’t say a word about Frank or show his killer plays. Once again, ESPN was clueless and missing the summarizing that game. Very disappointing ESPN. Frank was a freaking stud out there and toyed with Philly’s guards. And it’s obvious that the King’s bigs love and prefer to play with Frank at the point. Fun to watch!

  • @approxinfinity Have a good one!

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  • @Kubie awesome! Nice bday present for @approxinfinity

  • @approxinfinity Happy Birthday.

  • @Kubie Wow, that’s fantastic! Saw the blocks on the stat line, was wondering who it was. One wooden award winner to another… 🙂

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