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    @mayjay @DanR @Texas-Hawk-10

    All I was trying to do was expose a fraudulent Hurricane Fund. I didn’t deserve the crap you guys gave me. Sorry I gave one crappy website. I just seen something and wanted to warn my fellow KUbuckets sisters, and brothers. Not to mention I was barbequing all day for a family gathering. If you really know me then you would know when the grill is burning I’m putting down some beers. What really upsets me is I can’t even get the benefit of doubt? Fucking whatever.

    Won’t happen again next time I’ll keep my fingers shut and just let things play out.

    I don’t know even what to say? Fellow Americans have not only lost their homes but everything. And you think all I care about is politics? Let you on a little secret I can give two shits about politics. You know why? Because your either a fucking Republican or a fucking Democrat, a conservative or a Liberal. It’s really shows a lack of intelligence when you think about it. And why this government doesn’t work.

    @approxinfinity by all means delete or take out my strong language.

  • @DoubleDD if there is a legit reason to believe a charity isn’t on the up and up, its worth mentioning.

    I don’t think people were out of line refuting the validity of your source. you got called nuts a couple times. Maybe we could have done without that. But I do have a question though; if you were grilling and drinking and then invited your friends with a liberal lean over when you were feeling it and started going off about this charity would you expect them to not rib you a bit in person? Nothing here seems to be unfriendly? This feels like an internet problem, same kind of thing that happens on Facebook. Internet is a soap box and a megaphone, and so in this situation in order that a government might govern best that governs least, it requires a greater degree of self moderation. Maybe a 2 beer limit of posting something political or something? 🙂 Cheers buddy. 🍺

    Also, please don’t ask me to censor something you can censor yourself. I’m on vacation. GIBTGL!

  • The word Jihad is one of the most misguided term, the actual meaning of Jihad is striving or struggling with a praiseworthy cause. There are black sheep in every culture, country, religion and some similar so called Islamic organizations have used the term for terror. They are not representing the religion or vast majority of Muslims.

    In the story there is no credible source of this lady using the funds for terror activities. She could very well be donating all these funds to the victims of the hurricane but Media has jumped on it by suggesting that this lady is using the funds to support terror, I do not find any credible evidence.

  • @DoubleDD Since you still have never responded to my many noninsulting questions, I give up. I will state, since you seem not to have noticed, that I did the work of correcting the reckless inaccuracy contained in the link you originally cited so that people don’t think 2 totally legit charities were the one you were questioning. Work you should have done before linking to a nut-job, discredited website.

    You’re welcome.

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    Sorry for the strong language. I just felt I was being treated unfairly. The attacks were getting personal.

    Honestly I never seen the connection of this organization with a connection with Liberals. I just didn’t, and still don’t. Many groups/organizations pop up in the name of Rep/Dem conservative/Lib when really they have no ties. Just like Conservatives/Liberals really don’t have any ties to Rep/Dem parties.

    Maybe I’m just to forward in my thinking, something that the rest of society hasn’t caught onto.

    When I referred to this website it was only after seeing much info from so many websites that said this organization wasn’t on the up and up. Yes I was abbreviated, but I never seen the connection to the Liberal thinkers and still don’t. Just because a website/article/journalist tries to make a point? It has no bearing on me. I just look at the point, and see if there is in any validity to the claim.

    Just because this organization claims to be Dem/liberal doesn’t mean it really is. I thought this was a giving. I guess that is my mistake?

    To be honest? It makes me regret for shinning the light on this organization. Politics at it’s best.

    The bigger question is, if you folks want to make it so political? Which I never seen the connection. Just trying to point out an organization that was taking donations from Americans to run an agenda. That is organization felt it could hide under the Dem/Liberal umbrella.

    Where is your out rage? Where is how dare you? Why am I pointing out something that is true and getting submarined? Even when I don’t think this organization has nothing to do with a liberal thinking person.

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    This video shows nothing of this organization channeling money to a terrorist group. Yes it may have mentioned the leader’s ties and beliefs.

    However it talked about donations of this organization going to Pac funds and not to the Persons of Houston.

    I’m not sure were you’re going or the point you’re making?

  • The headline of the video says something like “Jihadist”, and the word is associated with a derogatory act. The media is again sensationalizing the term Jihad which is mostly associated and misguided with terror.

    The other point is that there is no credible information on funds going to non Harvey related activities. The folks who made the video are going after the lady with no credible information.

  • @DoubleDD Maybe it got political, and liberals felt attacked, because the site you chose in the first warning you posted had the very first sentence “Liberals have given a lot of power to the Muslim extremist Linda Sarsour.”

    The fact that it was inaccurate in the charity it denounced you pass off as apparently unimportant, but that could have dire consequences for 2 legitimate charities when people such as yourself pass around links without vetting. And that HURTS the people of Houston.

  • @mayjay well put.

  • Seems like a legit news site.


  • While I guess this whole “let’s put politics on a sports site” idea was done with good intentions, I have to say this idea is a cancer on an otherwise good forum. To say the least that site is laughably untrustworthy. Please seek new, and better, information.

  • MoonwalkMafia said:

    While I guess this whole “let’s put politics on a sports site” idea was done with good intentions, I have to say this idea is a cancer on an otherwise good forum. To say the least that site is laughably untrustworthy. Please seek new, and better, information.

    I think, for the most part, it has been fine. And most people have been able to separate themselves from the political posts when they go post on the other threads and not hold a grudge or bias towards anyone. In that light, I find that makes this addition a success really.

  • @AsadZ I appreciate your voice of reason, in trying explain “jihad” & its meaning. But in the modern vernacular, perhaps is a “western” view, but because of stark events of the last 20+ years, perhaps by a truly minority extreme group of radical islamists, the phrase “islamic jihad” is equated to mean ‘holy war’. Much like people can spin western involvement in the MiddleEast as some sort of ‘crusade’.

    How about this: the extreme acts need to stop, and the rhetorical spin needs to stop, we could all agree?

    I never understood those extremists organizations inflammatory nonsense about jihad anyway, as you simply cannot, CANNOT invoke a total war on way of life or very existence (unless one converts under duress to islam), without “awakening” the attacked party’s survival instinct, right? I never understood 9/11 attack’s aim: ok, let’s awaken a sleeping giant, like Japan did in ww2. Lets PROVOKE a nuclear superpower??? How does that make sense? The ONLY nation that not only has found the justification to USE nuclear weapons x 2? Same nation, who’s vaunted WW2 Generation saw fit to fire-bomb (napalm) German cities (Dresden, 70k civilians killed in 1 USAF raid), and multiple firebomb raids by the USAF of several Japanese cities, killing 100-150k civilians per raid. Thats over 1mil Japanese civilians killed by the USAF in only 6-8 raids, for the loss of a few dozen aircrew???

    Tojo & Hitler knew not what they brought on their own people, until it too late.

    What is the “goddamn” lesson here? Same lesson the USAF taught Saddam in '90-91: annihilated 250-300k of Saddams troops in there front lines, with just heavy bombers.

    So the lesson is be very careful who a people choose to elect as a leader, and be extremely wary of provoking the United States. We have a history, of pressing buttons to deliver assets on-target, right? Ask the Japanese & Germans about collateral damage. What collateral damage? Just how stupid is Kin Jong Un? How many US presidents of BOTH parties have tried with N.Korea? Guess what is coming. A few buttons about to be pressed, no need for invasion.

    And where is Bin Laden mastermind? Fishfood at bottom of Indian Ocean! A better use of that carbon/sh-t based protoplasm. Some “mind”. And I wouldnt provoke Putin/Russians either, especially since theyre acting like something to prove. Theyre a superpower as well, with their own buttons…didnt some jihadist shoot down a Russian airliner? What response do those idiot jihadists think that will evoke. (Go ahead, poke the Bear, or the Eagle some more…). History repeats, it is said…

  • @AsadZ The other 2 things I find hard to figure out, is: 1) Why dont moderate overwhelming majority do more to stop & discourage these radical factions? No group needs spillover negativity & persecution because of the actions of a few radicals, right?

    1. From the “justifications” for the 9/11 attacks, from what I recall, was angry sentiment amongst some Muslims about the fact that western nations during '90-91 Gulf War actually dared to set foot on Saudi soil, coupled with the perceived “Woodstock” lifestyle we westerners supposedly live (thanks, flower child generation!) so that justified attacking defenseless civilians of a superpower? Which then has caused the US & now Russia, to be “all up in their business”, meaning physically present in the MiddleEast, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordan, Egypt, Pakistan, etc…Is that what the jihadists wanted?? Seems to me its a backfired plan? Oops, did I say “fired”, as in pressing some buttons, which kill millions, once deemed necessary? There is simply no “win” for the jihadists. Getting exterminated out of self-defense (a card the jihadists keep giving us to play), is not a win. Getting your wives & children, & village & klans & provinces exterminated, is not a win.

    I wonder if the jihadists wet dream is to get their hands on a nuke, & hit Wash DC? Funny, because maybe half of Americans may think thats not all bad, but oops, there’s a grand self-defense moral justification that such an “achievement” would hand us: we’ll use it, sure: Guys & gals in green flight suits would climb into some planes, buttons would get pressed. Problem solved. But not once & for all, since every generation has its upstart madmen, so the cycle would repeat, just as it has every 20-30 yrs throughout the last century. Some big war, big loss of life, over what? Some dumb border, or some ideology you cant even see? Religion? Nope, SSDD, humans doing what they do, for how many millenia now?

  • You have raised several points here. Let me ask you some questions.

    1. How much do you know about Islam?
    2. Have you read teachings of Islam in Quran?
    3. Do you personally know any Muslim people?
    4. If yes do they support terror?

    Please be assured that most Muslims are against organizations like ISIS who have caused more damage for Muslims than any one else. I feel that their name should be changed to Non Islamic State as what they are doing is against teachings of Islam?

    As I said earlier there are black sheep in ever culture, religion and country but media in Western world has put a real negative image here. I mean who is the single largest terrorist in the entire mankind, someone who killed 6M Jews, but no one calls him a terrorist. At the same time literally hundreds and thousands of innocent people have been killed since 911 by bombs in countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria etc. and there is no accountability on loss of these innocent lives.

    You talked about Bin Laden, do you know that our country, USA, was supplying him with arms and resources in Afghanistan during Soviet war and then we turned our backs on him once Russians left?

  • JayhawkerRedLegs said:

    @AsadZ The other 2 things I find hard to figure out, is: 1) Why dont moderate overwhelming majority do more to stop & discourage these radical factions? No group needs spillover negativity & persecution because of the actions of a few radicals, right?

    I agree with you on this point, but let’s ask a few questions.

    Last month in Charlottesville, a small, radical minority of white supremacists marched and shouted their angry rhetoric. I know that those people are substantially outnumbered by the reasonable voices that I see and interact with on a daily basis. And yet they still marched.

    It would be quite unreasonable of me to hold you (or any other white person, for that matter) responsible for the actions of a reprehensible few. You understand that. I understand that. I think we can both agree.

    So why do we expect Muslims to control their minority fringe when literally no group on earth can control its minority fringe. Literally no group.

    That’s why they exist as a minority fringe movement - there’s no support among the majority of their group, so they break off, find likeminded people and fester like a sore.

    Every population has these people. Its unreasonable (and unfair) to ask why Muslims can’t rein in the radical minority among them.

    A couple of weeks ago a police officer (now former officer) in Georgia was caught on camera telling a woman that he pulled over (sarcastically, some say) that police only shoot black people, so she had nothing to worry about. He’s a police officer, so he was fired, but he worked on the police force for years with either 1) that type of attitude in his heart or 2) an inability to understand what is and is not appropriate to say, even jokingly.

    He was fired from the police force. You can’t fire someone from being white, or Muslim, or black, or Christian, or Jewish, or Asian, or whatever ethnicity, race, or religion someone happens to be.

    If you look through history, you will notice that the Crusades of the medieval era happened where people were forcibly converted or put to the sword. Heck, the British conquested most of the planet like that (so did France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and others).

    To now look at Arabs (or Muslims) and angrily decry them ignores the fact that the very maps we pick up every day were drawn based on conquests driven by religion and ethnicity. Most of the continent of Africa is divided based on European conquest. So is much of the middle East.

    We cannot undo that history now. The strands of time have wound it far too tightly to be unspooled now. Our only choice is to move forward, focused not on blaming the reasonable majority, but rather by uniting with them in a way that allows us to work together to isolate and irradicate the thinking that begets the type of extremist violence that harms us all.

    When someone drives a car into a crowd, or sets off a truck bomb, or commits some other act, all of us (and I use that encompassing everyone here on this board) should stand against that, united, whether the person committing the act was black, white, brown, yellow, red, purple, pink, paisley, irregardless of who they pray to or if they pray at all.

    That is our shared responsibility.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Ya, thats bad. But its exactly what Im talking about: spillover prejudice, can happen anywhere, maybe its islamophobia. Its 100% wrong, not justified, yet someone at the bank “chose” to call the cops instead of just doing what banks do, verify the cheque. I’d get an atty & sue the bank, make them ferret out what policy made them jump to the police/fraud/forgery button. It must be judged to have basis in something someone said or did irregular, or else its going to default to discrimination. They caused that gentleman & his wife & kids considerable angst. Sad.

  • @AsadZ I think you have brought to the discussion exactly what needs to be, again a heartfelt thanks, regarding this issue. Your point about Isis doing the most damage to Muslims is exactly where my concern is. My further point was a general one about provocation & justification of some ‘response’ when some nation decides to react or retaliate. Yes, you are 100% correct to touch on innocent lives being lost, as the war machine gets turned on.

    So, same question: is that what those few minority jihadists want? Because to answer your other 4 questions: No, I’m no expert on Islam. Thats why I would point to what history shows us how people may respond & have responded when threatened. And I’d be talking as an American with my own family to worry about. Yes, have known several Muslim families, family friends, while growing up. Fine people, medical professionals by training. Father grew up in a country that is 20+% Muslim, so he knows far more about the Koran than I do, never read it, but had a Saudi friend in college (from Jeddah) who was trying to read me passages from the Koran, & trying explain the strife in the middle east (this was back in the mid80s). I welcomed his perspective, but he didnt know how secular & nonreligious I am. Dad is same way, as he is a scientist. Dad immigrated from 3rd world in 1961 (there’s a right way & a wrong way to immigrate, is what we believe…). He didnt come to the US to continue all the old ways & pretend he’s still in the old country. He saw the US as a nation of scientific progress, ingenuity, & of opportunity. His motto & work ethic was taken directly from the WW2 generation. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Assimilate, was his choice. Being from aristocracy in that old country I got to visit once as a kid, we carry our pride within us, wherever we go. Dont need to wear it on our sleeve. I know not everyone can say or do the same.

    So, @AsadZ, I agree with almost everything you said. My msg remains regarding the actions of a few radicals, causing phobia, to the detriment of all, wouldnt you agree. @justanotherfan 's post was a beautiful one. My worry for even more innocent civilian lives (as we both have mentioned) is what happens when big nations “react”…we humans have a gruesome history there, not just Hitler, Stalin, Tojo. The US is part of that too. I fear its about to happen again. The displaced millions from Syria are only a sign of whats coming. Pawns in a big power chess game. Its always the poor who pay the price.

  • @AsadZ The only fine logic point I may beg to differ is I’m not sure what point you were trying to make about BinLaden in your last paragraph. Arms deals, arms supplies, go do our dirty work for us…man, thats just old news, that what the CIA does, & has been doing it since the 1950s. You dont think the KGB did the same? I could care less. Because the whole point of killing Osama was because of what HE did, wasnt it? The fact that we gave him free stuff a few yrs prior, means nothing. Are you justifying his actions somehow? Is there any rational explanation for taking out 4000 civilians? His orchestrations and actions were directly taken as an act of war, werent they? Is that what he wanted? Because he lost. And his actions have perpetuated how many more innocent lives being lost?

    You can look at things humanistically, or religiously, or however you want. I’m just looking at things realistically. Practically. You know what is frightening and sad, but a very grim reality: many of the people in charge of various big nations & their militaries (the ones who order military action), may NOT possess much knowledge of Islam or the Koran, yet may give an order at any minute…scary thought. What if islamophobia is a factor in their minds? At least OBLaden got what he deserved, by all accounts. Threat elimination might be the new buzzword for this milennia, & I fear for any innocents that get collected in it.

  • JayhawkerRedLegs said:

    @AsadZ I think you have brought to the discussion exactly what needs to be, again a heartfelt thanks, regarding this issue. Your point about Isis doing the most damage to Muslims is exactly where my concern is.

    I was thinking the same thing. Really enjoying this conversation; it’s exactly the kind if open dialogue we need.

  • @JayhawkerRedLegs By no means I am referring that what Bin Laden was correct. Nor I support his actions.

    I brought the point as a general point regarding our government’s policies in ME. The same weapons and money that we had given to Bin Laden to fight Soviets were used against us. Why? We left Afghanistan, a danger zone, with all the weaponry in Bin Laden’s hands and his supporters and showed him the back side. That created tremendous animosity, hatred and creation of Taliban.

    How much is our own government responsible for instability in the region with their policies and actions? That’s also discussion point that needs to happen.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 This is insane, racial profiling

  • AsadZ said:

    @Crimsonorblue22 This is insane, racial profiling

    Actually, the comments to that article are almost worse than the bank’s actions. It is when people observing discrimination decide to rationalize it or justify it that I worry the most because they represent a much broader swath than we think.

    We just saw The Book Thief. The crowds of people watching the book burnings, and joining in with chants, cheers, and songs, are too reminiscent of people here who are willing to tolerate exttremism.

    Sinclair Lewis wrote a fascinating novel in the 30’s in response to the rise of fascism in Europe. It Can’t Happen Here. Well, yes it can. It can happen anywhere people decide fear is more instructive in how to live than thoughtful deliberation, and when people think closed doors offer more than open minds.

  • @AsadZ I would take my money out of that bank and tell them why.

  • From having worked in the financial sector, there are a number of things wrong with what happened to this family.

    First, if you need to verify the check, you just call the other bank. Now, sometimes the other bank will not verify over the phone, in which case you can accept the check, but put a hold on the majority of the funds if there is a concern about its legitimacy. All of this can be done very discreetly, so that nobody else in the bank even realizes that there is a potential issue. The guy even says that he was willing to just put it on deposit and let it sit, so it wasn’t like he was trying to walk out with cash in hand. So that’s mistake 1.

    Whoever called the cops is mistake 2. If you are at a bank, unless someone is becoming violent, you do not call the police. It creates too much confusion and makes people think that there is a dangerous situation. Not being able to verify a check is not a dangerous situation, but if there’s a police cruiser in the parking lot with lights flashing and they are bringing someone out in cuffs, it better be because they tried to rob the place or became hostile (at least that’s what I was taught when I was trained as a teller). If you think the check is a fraud, you take the check, get an ID, request an address and phone number where they can be reached, take a copy of everything and let them go on their way, telling them you will contact them when you are able to verify the check. If the check is legit, you have all the stuff you need to do the deposit. If its a fraud, you have everything you need to locate this person (including what they look like), plus you have the check in your possession, meaning they can’t try to pull this ruse on anyone else. Simple. Efficient. Discreet.

    If Emprise’s policies were followed correctly, their policies need some serious work because that was handled poorly. They caused a scene and violated these individuals’ privacy - not because of the news article, but because of the scene at the bank. To everyone that was in the branch at the time (no idea if it was busy or not), it appeared that they had committed a crime when they had not. That is a significant privacy violation. The policies Emprise had should have at the very least protected against that. If they didn’t (or don’t), that’s Mistake 3, and that goes all the way up to the top of the food chain within the bank.

    Mistake 4 belongs to the police. Why handcuff them and take them into custody? Why call the child’s school? There are much better ways to handle this, particularly if they couldn’t verify the check in branch without taking them into custody. If WPD’s policies are such that they take people into custody when information can’t be verified (but without proof of a crime, or even probable cause) then that’s pretty damning as well.

    I would love to hear the explanation of why they thought a crime was likely in this case. Many banks (particularly the bigger ones, but certainly not limited to them) will not verify over the phone. They just won’t. Everyone within the banking/financial industry knows this. Because of that, it’s not probable cause of a crime simply because you can’t verify a large check. You need something else. Just a shaky overall situation.

    This was just poorly handled on all sides. It never should have escalated beyond the teller level, but once it did, the head teller, or branch manager, or police or someone should have put the brakes on this getting this out of hand. That none of them did is pretty embarrassing.

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