Wayne cashes in with two year contract

  • I’m so happy for Wayne. He definitely deserves an NBA contract. I hope Perry keeps his head up and continues to push forward. RCJH

  • @wrwlumpy Oh…HOT DIGGITY DAWG! Beautiful. He’s always going to be one of my favs. Loved those 3 point bombs…

  • Congrats to Wayne, he got a shot and made the best of it and now he is rewarded with a contract. He is a great example of what hard work and perseverance can do.

  • Wayne’s in… Tarik’s out… Ben’s out… hard to keep up, but appreciate the folks here with all the updates. I’m hoping all of the recent Jayhawks find a good place to land…

  • @bskeet

    Wayne :thumbsup: Gotta suspect Wayne finally found a therapy that dialed in his attention span. Congrats.

    Ben out? :frowning: OMG!!! Really thought BenMac was a long timer.

    Tarik out? Did he get injured, or under perform?

  • Go, Wayne!

  • B-Mac is with the Grizz too now!

  • @Kcmatt7

    Whew!! Thx!

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