Is this the best Kansas Team since 2009?

  • Tom Keegan recently wrote this column on KU’s offense this up coming season- I’ll do him one better, this is the best football team KU has put on the field since 2009 period. The 2009 Hawks finished 5-7 on a 7 game losing streak, I will go to my grave thinking this team wins 8 or 9 games without sweet Lew’s wild witch hunt in progress (but we wont get into that). The offensive line returns 4 of 5 spots and has a high ceiling to be the best since 09 or 10. The QBs have a chance to better than anyone not named Ressing that we have had regardless of who it is, IMO only Webb and Cummings were worth anything. The WR core is the best since 09 with ease, hell with Weis we went 2 years without a WR TD catch. The RBs are kinda a crap shoot because so much depends on the line blocking someone but we could have a few backs that end up as good as James Sims (still shocked he never got a NFL shot). The Defensive line looks scary good to me, only the 07 team had anywhere this talent in my memory with all American James McClinton. The Linebackers have to learn to stop the run and I think they can but they are probably average during our down hill slide with guys like Steven Johnson and Ben Heeney getting to the NFL but they can become one of the better groups collectively. The Secondary has some young guys like Lee and Mayberry that I’m real excited about but are a question mark going forward, the secondary from 09-11 was a complete joke so this group defiantly won’t be the worst we’ve seen. The Kicking game again is a question mark and outside of Trevor punting a few years back probably cant get any worse but it has to improve, a solid kicking game beats TCU and ISU last year. No excuses IMO to not win a minimum of 4 games (most since 09).

  • Far too early. Need to see how good Bender is and if the oline has improved.

  • @kjayhawks Of course it’s too early to know, but the great thing about this time of year is that anything is possible. Coach Beaty and his terrific staff have improved the team’s talent level at every position, there is a genuine atmosphere of optimism and every player is working on getting better this summer. Our 2017 success will depend on four factors, QB play, QB play, offensive line and the kicking game. If we see improvement in these areas, we are going to make some noise in 2017. RCJHF

  • Oh yeah, its early forsure with the opener 4 months away. We have just reached the boring season of sports IMO. Don’t mind a little baseball but prefer FB or BB. To me its nice to feel excited for the first time since 09 or 10. I can feel culture changing and see the players improving. We just jhave to continue to battle and take it to the field. We as fans need to step up our game aswell, we competed too good at home last year to have a 1/3 full stadium.

  • Do you have any idea how many times I clicked on this link excepting to see a knock down drag out basketball conversation? Probably half of the 99 views…

    I hope the football team starts to turn the corner this year. You could see signs last year, this year I hope to begin to see results not just flashes. 4-5 wins would be a fantastic start to the beginning of the Beaty turnaround.

  • We should be good. We have SEC WRs (Gonzalez from aTm, and now this kid from Alabama). But as stated above by many, O-line play and QB play will determine sustaining drives & scoring. Look at KC as an example of marginal O-line play, the QB doesnt have any time for downfield plays, and ground game suffers also. Look what kind of pocket time Tom Brady gets.

  • This team could win 3-4 games. That’s a huge step forward.

  • Over 3.5 wins for a successful year?

  • @JhwkSqdn Our QBs had enough time to throw downfield last year; they just weren’t good enough at locating an open receiver and our offensive play calling too often called for short passes to the sidelines, rather than downfield. I really hope Meacham’s offense includes many 10-15 yard passes. I was disappointed that Meacham’s play calling during the spring game didn’t include more mid-range passes. But, maybe the passes were called, but the defense covered well. It’s the Air Raid Offense, right? Throw the damn ball. RCJHF

  • @stoptheflop I will 100% agree with the part of the side line passes. - -Question did we ever net an positive yardage out of any of those? seems like almost every single time the defense was almost there before the throw got there resulting in big loss of yardage. we need to scrap that crap.

    Agree also was kind of disappointed at the result of the type of plays in the spring game. like you said this is suppose to be an Air raid - -stretch the field surposedly we have the receivers to do that right?

    I have to disagree on having time to throw down field to an extent. - -Even though better last year there were still a lot of times the QB was running for their lives kind of hard to pinpoint receivers 25-30 yds down field when your about to get your head taken off and your just trying to make something out of nothing period. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @JhwkSqdn Exactly - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @kjayhawks Have to agree. You can see the quality of players getting better, as we go. - -Which is the result of lots of work from the staff, and your right I’m ready actually a little excited I think we are on the verge of getting this thing turned around - - -long spiral up , we were at ROCK BOTTOM.

    Like you say this all kind of goes hand in hand. The coaching staff starting to get better more elite players to check us out, recruiting classes slowly but surely getting better - - -But as you say we now as fans need to do OUR part - -we as fans also play a part in a recruitment process. How many quality/elite players want to come to a program where on game day a player can see ALOT more shiny aluminum - metal whatever in the stands then people? which in turns part of it is no fans - - then that adds to less interest a player likes to play show his game in front of people - -a place where he can feel the energy - -the juice - -so if like you say 1/3 full add these things no fans, so so facilities not up to par with other big 12 schools,- - -less TV exposure - -adds to less talent - - - kind of tick - -for tack - it ALL inner mingles with each other kind of like you rub my back and I rub yours. -It takes one almost to get the other.

    Like you say we as fans have got to get behind Coach which I believe we have as least vocally - -NOW we need to do it physically. plant our ass in the stands. - what a way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Family outing, – you feel me? - -If you happen to be married/girlfriend - -kids. Ya I know people say they wanna see results -but I have to refer to my above comments - - One has to happen for the other to take place. We as fans have to be able to show that we sincerely want this program to work/survive. A true fan takes the bad times with the good show up regardless, not just bandwagon only when a team wins - - THAT’S not a fan. - -were getting there and I’m ready, just got to get through this dam summer lol. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Other than Porter playing for the empty seats in Mizzou not many. You’re right KUs football rep proceeds it and needs to be changed to get more recruits to even consider Kansas.

  • If they want more fans to come to the games, they sure are making it more difficult. You can no longer bring your seat back and you have to rent one at the stadium. You can bring a camera but you cannot bring a camera case to protect it. Most women’s purses are also banned.


  • @JayHawkFanToo oops just saw your post. Great minds…

    @Crimsonorblue22 yes, but that’s a positive.

    A few wackos have made it hell for the rest of us to safely congregate. Gotta Take your shoes off to fly, get frisked at every sporting event, etc. You rarely get freedoms back that have been taken from you by the government.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Interesting but the rules do not even mention guns even when the new state law allowing concealed carry goes into effect the first of July. I understand that the school can ban guns at locations and events (generally with more than 5,000 people) where it can demonstrate it can provide enough security but one would think that if this is the case it would be mentioned front and center, right?..unless they don’t believe the team will draw 5,000 fans.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Guns have been banned at WSU, KU, and KSU at sporting events. It happened earlier and at the state level I believe.

  • @dylans

    The new concealed and carry law kicks in the first of July of this year and colleges are no longer able to ban guns except under specific circumstances as I indicated. It will be a whole new ballgame.

  • I would think taking care of the football would be apart of any discussion of how this KU team could be better. Was the turnovers an anomaly? This years squad will have to prove its not

  • JayHawkFanToo said:


    The new concealed and carry law kicks in the first of July of this year and colleges are no longer able to ban guns except under specific circumstances as I indicated. It will be a whole new ballgame.

    I see your post now. It didn’t show up before i replied for some reason.

  • makes this old man’s heart all tingly to actually see the responses growing abut KU football. People on this site are not cum by any means. - We can see the job & effort that this Coaching staff is putting in. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. There is some true interest starting to return in the football program - - -Gotta love it.

    I have seen some guesses as to the possibility of 5-6 wins THIS year. - -Myself I’m tempering my expectations a little less then that still for this year, I still think maybe another year yet - -I’m looking at more of 4-5 - -slow - -steady improvement. We getting there, get us some more solid recruiting yrs - - just remember how low, low, low this program was. Unbelievably low, I’ve NEVER seen it like this, I mean we were not even close to being competitive.

    I feel those 74 points plus by the opponents are history Our defense I think is going to be pretty salty, I STILL feel a major key to our season is our O-Line - -and lesser degree the QB, the key is keeping the defense fresh, offense needs substained drives giving the Defense some breaks. - I don’t care how good your Defense is if your offense just continually goes 3 and out they gonna wear down. - -Good things coming, love the interest starting to pick up also. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Not only are the players on a growth curve, but Beaty has been also. Learning to not micromanage so much, putting a proper coaching team in place, and playcalling for the AirRaid getting more reliable and productive as the stability of same-system, and overall depth and confidence of the players grows…

    It is building…and Purple could be scared. Maybe not this year, as Coach Bill Snyder returns a young, largely intact roster, now with experience, but certainly on the horizon.

    Regarding KU fan attendance: Beaty following the old edict: Build it, and they will come…

  • @JayHawkFanToo @dylans I would be willing to bet KSUCK does something similar with the bags. I believe they are adding metal detectors to sporting events too. Kinda stinks but no reason to take a risk with amount of craziness in our world today. My wife doesn’t take here purse to stuff like that ether way just to prevent the chance of it being stolen.

  • KU should beat SeMo and then Ohio will be the litmus test for KU. Win that and 6 is a possibility. Lose close and 4-5 is likely. Lose badly and 2-3 is the likely ceiling.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Do you think we can beat TX again? And what about TxTech & Baylor & TCU? Im assuming you are counting IowaSt as a KU win.

  • @JhwkSqdn The games that I think are winnable are all in the first 8 games.

    I think all 8 are winnable (SeMo, CMU, @Ohio, WVU, Texas, Tech, @ISU, @TCU, and KSU) because KU had more talent than the 3 non-conference teams, WVU will be down, Tech will fighting for Kingsbury’s job, ISU is always assumed a potential win, KU and TCU just play close games, and KSU’s style of play will gove KU a chance.

    I don’t see KU being very competitive in the last 4 games against some good teams.

    QB play and health will be the two biggest factors for KU next season, but the pieces are at least in place for a breakout season this year and to end several streaks including the road losing streak that goes back to UTEP in 2009, and KU might actually win multiple Big 12 games for the first time since 2008.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I’ll be at Memorial Stadium, but inexplicably without my seat cushions for my old butt, nor any bags to carry stuff in.

    KU football cant win against its’ own institutional bungling.

  • JhwkrRedLegs said:

    @Texas-Hawk-10 I’ll be at Memorial Stadium, but inexplicably without my seat cushions for my old butt, nor any bags to carry stuff in.

    KU football cant win against its’ own institutional bungling.

    Agreed. And good for you for going!

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