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  • Guys now don’t hammer me BUT was watching the NFL Draft and Joe Mixon was drafted by Cincinnati. As we ALL know Joe Mixon is a guy that busted the woman in the face his freshman year and broke 4 bones in her face. Now that was in 2014 , he was suspended the entire year , had to take anger management classes and the civil suit has been settled.

    SO, my question is - - WHY did ESPN feel it necessary to show the film from 2014 of Joe Mixon hitting this woman? - -DAMM right he was wrong , and he got everything he deserved maybe needed more BUT why does this station feel the need to show that on his draft night? some thing that happened three years ago and he has dealt with?

    I’m not trying to justify his actions by ANY MEANS - -but I just don’t get ESPN judgement. - -I mean all they saying OH Cincinnati going to have to deal with this now, Joe is going have to answer to the media. – -I wouldn’t - -I wouldn’t answer shit. - -I made the mistake , I paid for the mistake - -they have settled the case So why you wanna drag this shit back up? - they didn’t want to talk about his football talent, just drag up things - -guess it’s just me I don’t understand -Hell 4 picks later they still talking about it - -get off that crap move on. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 As far as I am concerned, no problem with that choice. If they didn’t show it, people would have accused ESPN of glossing it over. Lots of fans want their teams to avoid players with abuse histories, and stats about abusers tend to indicate that such things get repeated in the future. In the old days, athletes got away with almost everything. Nowadays, that is being corrected, but of course more slowly at Baylor.

    Prepare yourself for the Josh Jackson charges to be brought up on NBA draft night. People earn their notoriety for things like this. It is up to him to earn a more positive rep in the future.

  • It’s as Jason Whitlock has said, ESPN has moved to the strict politically correct side of things, and anything that is race-baiting, or gender invoking is worthy of sensationalism at ESPN. Showing the video on draft night is just that. Of course, they also did a special with Ray Rice and his wife right at draft time. A pathetic spectacle to be sure – but that’s what ESPN does. It is also interesting how news outlets bring in folks that have nothing to do with sports to comment and express outrage. Here’s the best solution. Watch NFL Network.

  • Additional info: Based on this October 2016 incident, the “victim of unfair press” Mixon may not be such a changed man after all. He was suspended a game for this one:

    Joe Mixon was so frustrated with a parking citation that he tore up the ticket in front of the parking attendant and threw it at the parking attendant.

    Mixon reportedly approached the parking attendant right after the citation was written.

    “Don’t put that shi*t in my face,” Mixon told the attendant, the incident report states.

    Mixon then ripped the citation in half and threw it at the parking attendant.

    According to the incident report, the torn pieces hit the parking attendant in the face.

    Mixon then got into his vehicle and “inched at the officer with vehicle in drive to intimidate the officer with vehicle,” the report details.

    “I regret that I did not respond appropriately to parking attendants and understand and accept the consequences,” Mixon said in a statement earlier this week.

  • @mayjay Glad he doesn’t play for my team.

  • Just so we’re clear, I personally don’t think he’s the “victim of unfair press”. He did what he did. I have no empathy for him. I think he’s a punk, personally (that’s my maybe unfair judgment from afar). My issue is that me, as viewer, has sensationalistic stuff put in my face all the time. That’s my issue. I just get tired of the rehash of old news, and then to @jayballer54’s point, they show the video again and again. If they simply mention the incident, discuss how that impacted his draft status, and move on, that seems reasonable. They show the video because it’s shocking.

    It’s interesting that the “outrage” ESPN is worried about in Cincinnati will be generated in significantly large measure by the press. Were the Chiefs deluged with objections to Tyreek Hill by paying customers? They weren’t. It was a continued issue for the KC Star and other news outlets. They create the story, they go find some person working at woman’s shelter who doesn’t know anything about football to comment as an “expert” on domestic violence and express their outrage.

    Here’s the trash the KC Star ran on the day Kansas City played Pittsburg in the playoffs. KC Star - Tyreek Hill.

    It’s not that it should be ignored as an issue. It’s timing, the nature of the “reporting”, and clear intent to sensationalize a topic. There is absolutely nothing new, but in a paper that can barely muster a reasonable sports page, this took up multiple column inches. ESPN does the same thing. Yes ESPN will glorify a player like Kaepernick on a topic that really does drive away paying customers.

    And in considering the issue, if I were an NFL GM, I would not have drafted Hill or Mixon, and I would not have sought to sign Ray Rice. I would not be interested in bringing that to my team.

    My point is more how the sports press deals with this topic and others.

  • Does anyone believe that these are the only two times he has done this? I am sure if you look deeper you will see a pattern that goes back to when he showed he could run over player by virtue of brute physical characteristics. Amazing that the team that had to deal with one Pacman Jones would select him.

    Amazing and sad what has happened to our society where brawn is held in higher esteem than brains. This is the one thing I liked about the old Soviet Union where scientists were more respected than athletes and the older the more respect the received as experience was considered a positive thing and not a negative as our society, who worships youth and physical strength, does.

  • Mixon pulled his “get-out-of-harassing-and-punching-a-gay-woman-in-the-face-free!” card. You only get one of those. Let’s get him back on the field where he’s encouraged to assault other humans.

    Edit: I guess I misread. The woman wasn’t gay, Mixon called her friend a faggot. And apparently he was accused of punching some girl before in high school as well. And he’s an RB. So everything I said is a lie. Unless you consider smashing into someone as an RB assault. I’ll stick to my guns on that one.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Commie …

  • @mayjay Ya your right, and I understand this is something he is going to have to live with. I guess maybe it was just something I ate, or drank or I don’t know for some reason just when they brought that up right when his selection was announced thought was kind of petty on their part.

    I mean they could of talked about it during like their wrap of the evening in eventful things that took place ya know- again I don’t know just thought for that ONE moment the moment a kid dreams about the first words they utter is this. To me that too is a little shaddy on ESPN part. They just kept going on and on saying there was like only 4 teams that thought about drafting him.

    Since they brought it up and showed the incident - did you see it? Again he was absolutely 100% wrong no justification for what he did , BUT this woman pushes him slaps him I guess I have to ask why? - -Again he WAS WRONG. BUT he what I think paid for what he done suspended for the year, had a civil court action which has been settled, now time to move on. Just me. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @HighEliteMajor Very well said, maybe that’s what I was trying to bring forth, not so much as to what happened and being reported but the timing, and as you say " OLD NEWS " very well put thank you.

    Again I by far am not trying to justify what he did - -there is no justification but ya. Thank you well said. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • He’s in Cincinnati. This is a team that signed Pacman Jones after all his BS and then drafted Burfict. The clearly don’t give a crap about a player’s off field issues. I read that supposedly only 4 teams even have Mixon on their draft board because of that video. In his interviews, he sounded sincere and was reportedly telling teams that he understood if they didn’t want to draft him, but hearing all this other stuff that’s coming out about him makes me believe that his agent or lawyer coached him up about how to approach those interviews to make himself draftable.

    Does Hill have multiple domestic violence issues or is it just the one case? If it’s just the one case, then I can understand drafting a guy and having him on a tight leash with zero tolerance clause that lets the team cut a guy and void the rest of the contract if another incident happens, but with Mixon, there’s a pattern of that kind of behavior instead of it being an isolated incident.

  • @HighEliteMajor FYI, I did not intend my sarcastic comment about Mixton being a press “victim” to be an inference about your first comment. I was trying to post an add-on to my first comment immediately after writing it, and two other posts slipped between my two. I only saw yours when I came back to the topic later.

  • Banned

    Ah man so many ways to go with this one?

    First lets remember Kids watch the NFL draft. What ESPN did was uncalled for. I get Violence and Bad news brings in the paying Viewers. Yet is was in bad taste. It was pointless to show the video and merely showed how ESPN has become political correct and trying to make points instead of just reporting.

    Second. Look I’m not going to defend this kid in what he did. I’m old school and believes a man should never strike a women. Yet this isn’t my world anymore. Plus there is a lot more to this story than is being told. This woman he knocked out and broke four bones in her face. Spit on him, called him a nigger, and slapped him. I once beat a man half to death for spitting on me at a poker game. Being spit on is a sure fire way of pissing someone off. Look I’m not condoning what Joe Mixon did. I’m not a young black man but if I was I think I might be tempted myself. Remember this woman was charged too.

    However that isn’t the point. So many are calling and saying he should be punished by the NFL, and not even be drafted at all. I’m not on board with that all. Did the kid make a mistake? Sure he did, a big one. Yet we are a society of second chances. If the kid is bad news trust me, we will all known including the Bengals. Yet talking about sending the this kid and society a message for his crimes for something he has already served? Not a good idea. The kid was suspended for year of college ball for those of you that didn’t know.

    Look I get the media wants to jump on stories, yet trying to hang the atrocities of our society on this kid? No not cool in anyway. This society was here long before this kid was even born.

    And even worse you deny this kid who has did his time, only makes things. worse. Sure us old timers will stick to the code, “A man doesn’t hit a women” as the worst crime ever. However if you and the NFL set a precedent of punishing these would be Mixon’s for their abuse? Then were does the line go to next? Think about it. If you paint this as the worst crime a football player can do and punish him accordingly. What’s next. Hey if you move that line trust me it will be moved again. Then what? So if you get arrested for DUI the NFL should punish you? If you get caught stealing something the NFL should punish you? If you get caught cheating on your grades the NFL should punish you? I know you don’t believe me, yet trust me if you move that line of what is acceptable for punishment, then that line will be moved again, and again, and again. It all just depends on the flavor of the society. Mob rules.

    I’m not defending this kid. I’m defending the process. If a kid does wrong and a team wants to take chance on them then let it be. Just don’t move that line, or one day you’ll wake up to watch a NFL game full of choir boys. Actually no you won’t, but you’ll tell stories about how the game of football was once a modern day of gladiators. Then you will complain about having no sports where men can be men.

    Well unless you like Hockey?

  • @DoubleDD I dont know this kid, nor do I want to know him. There are the gladiators on the gridiron and there is my world, and never the twain shall meet.

    My 7 year old kid was playing basketball on the blacktop when a football player kid tackled him and broke his foot a couple months ago. Before I had back problems I was playing pickup when the guy guarding me, a football player, came up behind me and pulled me down while I was shooting. My back has been downhill since. I have a pretty negative opinion about the mindset it takes to play football, hard to be cool with it. Not sure how these guys can be violent on the field and peaceful off of it. But, I understand gladiatorial sports and their appeal. Every culture has it’s bloodletting.

  • kansascity​.com >> KU football players Brandon Stewart, Fish Smithson sign deals as undrafted free agents

  • I reread and edited what I posted earlier. Sorry about disrespecting football. I have my opinions, but I acknowledge that they are biased, probably unfairly, and I know there are lots of decent people that play football and can keep their aggression in check off the field.

  • I’d say if a man doesn’t want a video of himself punching a woman (or anyone) to be played on TV, then don’t punch anyone. It’s pretty darn simple.

  • dylans said:

    I’d say if a man doesn’t want a video of himself punching a woman (or anyone) to be played on TV, then don’t punch anyone. It’s pretty darn simple.

    Amen. Really it’s not that hard.

  • @jayballer54 I don’t know football but I read briefly on KC’s 10th pick. Solid QB being compared to Farve at the same stage in his career. Sounds exciting to me. I hope the kid pans out for KC. Best QB draft prospect at KC for how many years?? Surely more than 35. Did Len Dawson get drafted by KC?

  • @DoubleDD I agree with you on the Mixon deal. I kinda have to shake my head at the political correctness of ESPN. Did anyone catch the royals fans fighting? Same deal as Mixon with a woman spitting and hitting the male multiple times before they snapped. But these same folks that complain about both of these incidents are ones marching for equal rights for women. To me that is equal rights, don’t think most guys would take being spat on or hit by another guy without a fight. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Now I’m old school as well and don’t believe in hitting women but you can only tease a dog so long before it bites you. I personally think the chiefs made a mistake by picking Mahomes. He won’t last, he’s small and just throws the ball up for grabs most the time. I guess it can’t be any worse than the laughable Croyle kid that was the next Brett Favre.

  • @doubleDD I guess I don’t see it that way … meaning your paragraph that begins with “second.”

    Really, there are very few women that are really physical threats to the average man. This woman was not a physical threat to Mixon at all. I don’t care if she spit on him or slapped him or called any name. She’s a small (and likely weak – and certainly relatively weak) woman. Restrain her, keep her at arm’s length, push her back if needed. There is absolutely zero reason to drill her with a right cross.

    Of all the women I associate with in business, and personally, there is not one that I would think fits in the “exception to the rule” category. Just being blunt, all of the bigger women are just fat and all of the “fit” women are still not size and strength wise an issue. We all know that there are some very athletic and strong women out there that the rules may not apply to. So we know there might be exceptions. But I would say 99/100 women are simply not threats. There are many other viable solutions to a right cross.

    @kjayhawks The equal rights really has nothing to do with it in my eyes, but always presents an interesting hypocrisy. I don’t care how politically correct the world becomes, women are women and men are men, no matter what else you might hear. I’m old school just as you are. You just don’t do it.

  • @HighEliteMajor I agree just get tired of the hypocrisy myself. They want equal when it’s convenient.

  • @kjayhawks whoa there!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 don’t mean to offend friend, just can’t stand hypocrisy.

  • Lulufulu said:

    Did Len Dawson get drafted by KC?

    No, I think he got drafted in 1957 by Pittsburgh, then traded to Cleveland a couple years later. Unsuccessful in 5 years with those teams (total of about 200 yds passing and 2 tds). Released by Cleveland, he signed with the Dallas Texans of the old AFL, who moved to KC. The rest is history–quite a roundabout route to the H of F!

  • Banned


    Please try to remember I posted many times I don’t condone what this kid did. We can agree on that point. Just saying if I was a young black man I think I would be tempted too. Every person has a limit. I don’t care who you are.

    I do disagree with you on the thought a woman can’t hurt a man. I’ve seen some women that would rattle your teeth if they decided to strike. However that’s not my point.

    The point is we are a society of second chances. Whether you like this kid or not it doesn’t matter. If someone or team in this case is willing to take a chance on this kid then so be it. However this talk of punishing this kid, when he has already did his time?? Well come on. That’s all I’m saying.

  • @DoubleDD What does race have to do with this? There have been examples all over the sports world of men from every different background imaginable that gave been guilty of domestic violence.

    Mixon hitting that woman had nothing to do with him being a 19 year old black man. It had everything to with him not understanding how to handle the situations and he made the wrong choice in the moment.

  • Banned


    I’m pretty sure I didn’t make this a race thing. I just merely understand if a white woman spit on me called me a nigger and slapped me that I too would be tempted. Not saying I would. Just saying I would be tempted.

    I’m sorry we disagree. I just think the kid served his time and deserves a second chance. I get it you want to punish him back into the stone age for one mishap.

    I agree he was wrong for what he did? Geez does anybody read one’s post before responding? I said like 3 times I don’t condone what he did.

    You acting like you’re on some crusade proves my very point. Don’t move the line ??? Yea go back and read.

    You may think this kid should pay the ultimate price, however I don’t. Are we not a society of second chances? Maybe you’re the one making a racist argument ??? Because he was black and she was white. I merely pointed out facts, and how I would feel. If you don’t like that then maybe social media isn’t the place for you ???

    Don’t paint me into a corner, especially if your not going to read everything I said.

    I’m cool with a good argument or differences of opinion. Just don’t label me if you’re not going to give me the respect to read what I actually posted.

  • The draft brought up the memory, I as a Bear fan was interested, of a 1st round QB the Bears picked Cade McKnown. He was relatively known for having a handicapped parking pass while a student at UCLA and using it, obviously not as a handicapped man, but as a punk, not a punk like Mixon, but a punk nonetheless.

    Now when the Bears drafted him in 96 or 97 a lot of us Bear fans, knowing the handicapped parking pass story, were a bit chagrined. It was no surprise when this lazy pampered college kid flamed out because he didn’t want to do the hard work of learning the playbook.

    Back in the late 70’s the Bulls drafted a guy who had a troubled past and had been in jail. He was from California I think and his name was Quentin Dailey. Bulls fans nicknamed him San Quentin Dailey and although he was very talented, he didn’t last long.

    My point? Character counts and while talent counts a bunch too, you’re taking a risk in drafting a kid with some character issues. Hopefully JJ doesn’t find out the hard way.

    After posting this, I read a little more about Quentin Dailey and found this little nugget: “Dailey gained some notoriety when, in a game against San Antonio on March 20, 1985, Dailey had a ballboy bring him food during a game. As the third quarter drew to a close, Dailey was on the bench eating a slice of pizza, nachos, popcorn and a soft drink.”

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 As far as I know, it was just the one. And he has supposedly been a model citizen since. And there isn’t video of it, which helps in his case. Being able to visualize it doesn’t help.

  • @Kcmatt7

    Hmm, no. Look at the posts above and you will find another incident when he was given a parking ticket that shows he is indeed a punk.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I was replying to an earlier post about Tyreik Hill.

  • @DoubleDD There’s multiple stories out there of Mixon losing his cool and not just the video. He’s someone who already has multiple cases against him so this isn’t a second chance, this is 4th or 5th right now for him.

    And when you use the phrase, “If I was a young back man,” you are making about race.

  • Well seeing as I was the one who opened this mess, since I have sit back and read other replies, kind of explains it’s self.

    There are a lot here that are posting this isn’t his first experience in the wrong way, and Again I am in NO WAY defending the kid. My whole point was the timing, WHY ESPN felt it was their moral obligation that at this one particular moment they felt the need to bring this up taking away from his one moment of a lot of young kids dream of getting drafted in the NFL.

    Ya and please don’t tell me well the public needs to know, - - I get that, I fully realize that, I understand all that. BUT just from reading the responses it is obviously NOT something that is hot of the press, obviously be well documented, hashed - -rehashed the public has ALREADY been well versed about this situation. This is something that is not a topic that comes as a huge surprise to anyone.

    This is what I have any kind of a problem with - -this is old news , but yet ESPN feels the need to bring this shit up yet again. I just feel that if they felt the need to do this -they could of very well went of this as one of the high lights recapping the 1st day of the draft. Plus they just kept going and going and going about this - -OH well they gonna have to deal with this now - -Joe going to have to answer questions. - Bottom line - - he has dealt with it, he has dealt with his suspension, his case has been settled in civil court we may never know what all came out of that.

    I just think that at THAT particular moment the minute they announced who had drafted him to just blow this up - Total bad timing - -just NOT the right time, again they had all kinds of time to discuss at the end, they should of talked about what he brings to a team GAME WISE his strengths weaknesses -I know he made us look like crap on game day before BUT then again who didn’t?

    Again I’m not defending this kid - -he screwed up, he has screwed up several times - -sure has, all I know is for this encounter he has paid his dues, he has dealt with and accepted his punishment for this, time to move on. Again we have all done stupid crap during our life times ya maybe not to this degree but I can almost bet that all have disappointed their parents and had consquences to pay, embarrassed our parents by some of our actions to one degree or another. - -It was all in the timing - just totally wrong - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @HighEliteMajor I am not going to get into no heated exchange with you about this, just simply bringing up a small fact. - -Do you know how many men are battered men by their spouses, girlfriends, or whatever across United States? - -Answer -a hell of a lot more then you will ever know. - -The reason why? - Why is because it goes in reported - -it challenges their " MANHOOD " they are afraid of getting ridiculed by other guys. So meanwhile back at the ranch they continue to get the hell beat out of them, you can believe it or not, but it’s true.

    You think a man ever gets raped by a woman? - -You thinking oh hell that’s not possible. I got news for ya - - why not? - - why can’t it happen? - -Again it goes in-reported because of the " MACHO MANHOOD " theory -It happens. - -It happens ALOT.

    You thinking that it is impossible - -REALLY? tell you what let it happen to you or someone you know -then say these things never happen or seldom happen - -Tell you what you get yourself in the wrong place wrong time - -just for example for the purpose of example some ol gal catches you pulls a gun -a knife puts it to your throat, your head and tell you even though you have no interest in THIS PARTICULAR woman for various reasons - -they tell you with that gun to your head- -OH your going to F - -I’ll let you fill in the rest, but they tell you OH YA your gonna do this or I’m blowing your head off or puts that gun right at your crotch and says the same thing - -ummm ya and that my friend is RAPE.

    So to say there are very ew women that pose threats - -umm better re think that I’m living testament to tell you it happens - -more then you will ever know. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • As an assist here (@DoubleDD) I did not say that a woman “can’t” hurt a man. Of course they can. Just re-read my post – as I said, “Really, there are very few women that are really physical threats to the average man.” — very few to the average man.

    @jayballer I don’t even know what you’re saying. Again, try re-reading my post. I never said something was “not possible.” Do you see the word “impossible”? And, of course any person with a weapon is a different deal. I didn’t even refer to a situation with a weapon. Good grief. “I got news for ya” – you need to read before throwing out a reply like that. Just take time and read. What baffles me more is an up vote on your post. Double good grief.

  • @HighEliteMajor SEE, now evidently that makes TWO of us that really don’t take time to read huh? - -I said but I’ll say it AGAIN for you I’m not going to go back and forth with you simple, did you take the time to read my message this time, I’m done but ummm - -well never mind because like I told another person here as we private chatted he talked about how he tried to keep it basketball because there were some here that get heated easily so ya, as a person said once a time was good grief - -OR better yet DOUBLE GOOD GRIEF kind of funny seems like several have upvoted, anyways time to move on -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @HighEliteMajor Oh one last little thing and I am very very very serious about this - -I hope to GOD seeing as how I have been a victim of abuse from a woman which I never returned the favor cause my daddy said never ever under any condition you hit a woman - BUT I sincerely hope to GOD by the way you liked to put emphasis on the end of your thread - -about the average man - -I KNOW you in no way was trying to insinuate anything WAS you. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY - -NOW I’m done – -on to the next topic

  • @HighEliteMajor says to @jayballer54 “What baffles me more is an up vote on your post.”

    I did it! And happily so.

  • @mayjay Thanks appreciated, I just babble and make no sense so you deserve some kind of reward for understanding and being able to follow my threads. I’ll try from now on to keep things really simple lol. have a great day my friend. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 I thought you brought up some very important facts that underlie this issue, even though facts are not important to people with hardened stereotyped views of gender. And your experience is instructive, so I appreciate you bringing it up.

  • Banned


    He may very well be a punk. In fact he may very well implode as you seem to project. Yet this is why I’m thankful we are a country of laws. So people like you and I don’t get to decide if somebody gets a second chance or not. Again I’m not defending Mixon, not even saying he deserves a second a chance. Just saying he has done his time, and the court system arrested both he and the woman he punched. If the Bengals want to take a chance on him, then let the risk be with them.

    My biggest concern is us fans and persons in general are/were trying to push the NFL to change it’s process and hand out punishment for a crime we deemed as unacceptable. That is dangerous water and worthy of a conversation.

    I’m not trying to be rude, yet it’s comments like yours that just make me not want to even participate in exchanging views on the subject. I mean, I mention the guy is black and the so called victim is white a fact mind you. Yet somehow I’m making it about race? Did I say he should be excused because he was Black? Did I say he should be excused because she was white? Really?

    I know you’re intentions mean well. However it’s a reality, the world is filled with all different kinds of skin colors and cultures. To try and ignore that, and then paint one board brush stroke for everybody is, well racist. I said, “I might be tempted myself” because I researched the situation and accepted a long time ago I’m not a prefect person. You know when I made that comment, racism never crossed my mind. I was just looking at it from an objected point view, and trying to pound out the facts on my key board.

    Yet for your sake lets say the victim/woman never called Mixon a Nigger and I never displayed the derogatory term in my original post? Sorry I would still be tempted if a woman of any color from anywhere in the world spit on me. Plan and simple. Not saying I would, just saying I would be tempted. Maybe you’re cool with somebody spitting on you? or maybe if somebody spits on you and you think your superior to them physical you just turn the other cheek?

    Sorry I’m not that person. Hell I might even be tempted into getting my belt out of the house and give somebody else’s kid an fashioned spanking for spitting on me. I think it’s great that you’ll never hit a women for anything, That you don’t have that “push button to piss off” must of us humans have. You’re a lot better person than I.

  • Who would have thought that a discussion about domestic violence could have gotten out of hand?

  • @Kcmatt7 Hmmm, ya I know, now I wish I wouldn’t of even started this thread. Like me and someone else were talking things seem to get heated here pretty fast and things get lost.

    I think it is human nature though when SOME take things out of context and say they can’t follow it’s more like I believe they don’t try. I’m not the brightest light in the house but I’m more like an energy saver some here just after reading pick bits and pieces and then take it on themselves to try and get into a verbal war of words even after you tell them your done - most be the competiveness in them just got to get that LAST WORD in not to be outdone.

    I got to say I do enjoy some here like yourself and there are others also makes this site worth while, Its like you say seems things kind of wen wayward but hey today is a new day right? lol have a great one - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Lulufulu Dawson was not originally with the chiefs. He was a back up with Steelers and Cleveland before the Texans got him.

  • @mayjay “Hardened stereotyped views of gender” – what a joke.

  • @HighEliteMajor Correct.

  • When the City of New York alone recognizes 31 different types of gender, most of which I had never heard before, the “stereotyped version of gender” went out the window a while back…and it is not coming back any time soon.

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