Another QB Conundrum?

  • It’s interesting and problematic that once again none of our QB’s are separating themselves in practice. Thank goodness it’s early and someone may still step forward. Last year’s struggle to find the right QB was the reason we lost ten games; not the only reason, but the main one. I was surprised when the order was Cozart, Willis, Stanley at the beginning of last season, but we never knew the extent of Willis’s recovery from his hand injury. My biggest disappointment last year was Coach Beaty’s inability to designate a starter. How is it that last year’s third stringer was the answer all along?

    Enter Doug Meacham. Thank goodness. I hope we have a real starting QB this year who gets the job done. It appears it’s neck and neck between Stanley and Bender. I’m excited to witness the QB play during the spring game. It’s going to take better than average QB play to be successful in 2017. A successful year for me will be 4-5 wins.

    Side Note: I watched the KU Sports video that showed some of the offensive reps. It took me a while to recognize Coach Meacham. He is absolutely skinny. How in the heck did he play on the offensive line for OState? His build now is more like a former wide receiver. It’s interesting that he reformed himself during his playing years to help out OState on the offensive line.

  • Ya , I read that article today also. About the only thing I can say is this , I’m a Carter Stanley fan, was all of last year too, was glad to see when it finally happened for him to et his shot. - Actually for what he had to deal with , our suspect O-Line I felt he done pretty well , and with more experience hope things can work out. Also I am glad that at least Coach Beaty isn’t just handing the Job to Bender. If I’m not mistaking that was pretty much the scenario with Heaps and Crist - -Not saying Coach Beaty did that but you get where I’m coming from - - make him earn it.

    The one Big thing I also worry about is how Tyreik has kind of been tossed aside seems like , like a third glove. - -Seems if I remember right how stoked Coach was when we got his commitment, say he was a true fit for us because of him being a true dual threat QB which is exactly what he was looking for , for our system. making the opposition respect the QB’S running ability , an option type QB as well as his arm. - Now you don’t hardly ever hear his name mentioned, I’m afraid he will get frustrated and transfer out. - I think that would be a big loss for the program. We shall see. - --ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @stoptheflop Well I hope it isn’t Stanley. He could surprise me, but I seriously doubt it. If he starts we are in trouble still. Obviously I hope I’m very very wrong. But I expected Bender or Starks to come out and take the job. And take it pretty easily.

  • @Kcmatt7 Or maybe we just turn it over to Bender and then sit back and watch Crist and Heaps ACT II. He hasn’t played a down here yet I think people might be thinking he is going to be another 2nd coming, we’ve seen that play before - -didn’t work. - If he proves out, he proves out I’m not as confident. Actually like you say you thought he would come in and win out or him and Tyreik would win out easily. So that hasn’t happened which means one of two things. - -Either Carter has improved and worked to get better so far - -which I have no problem with- OR Bender isn’t as much as some wanna make him out to be.

    Actually I was hoping Starks would get a better opportunity, but as soon as Bender committed it was almost like POOF ok have a seat. - -At first I was afraid he was just instantly going to hand the starting job to Bender. - -Again we have went that route - and we saw what happened there with good old Charlie. So again it looks like a combination of things – Either Stanley has got better - which under the circumstances I don’t think he was that bad anyways with what he was working with in the O-Line, Or Bender isn’t producing as well as they thought he would at this point - not separating and or/ Starks hasn’t gotten the reps, or isn’t producing when he is getting reps. - I’m still pulling for him also, - -so looks like unless someone seperates themselves looks like you say might be another year like last. - - Doesn’t matter how good the QB is, if our O-Line isn’t improved and the QB is running for his life not gonna make much difference who it is. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I really don’t care who it is (presumably the best option) but the staff needs to pick ONE and ride with him.

  • Starks is running a distant 3rd and not a serious candidate this year, but maybe in the next year or two with more experience. Based on what I’ve seen, it sounds like Stanley entered as the leader because of his experience and chemistry with the receivers. Bender has the higher ceiling and the arm to stretch the field in a way Stanley just can’t do, but needs to learn the terminology and develop some chemistry with the WR’s.

    Out of the 2, I’d much rather see Bender win tge job because we have 3 legitimate deep threats at WR with Sims, Quiv, and Charlot and Bender winning the job opens up the vertical passing game for KU that we haven’t legitimately had since Reesing. Stanley’s skill set makes him an ideal back up because he isn’t going to make a lot of mistakes, but just doesn’t have the arm strength to open up the vertical game which is what will make the difference in tge offense taking a huge step forward this year.

  • @jayballer54 I didn’t say just turn it over to anybody. I’m just saying it doesn’t bode well for us if we can’t get someone in here to beat out Stanley.

  • Now that we have a little bit of a QB discussion going, how much will this year’s QB play contribute to the success of the upcoming season? Many blame the offensive line or play calling for last year’s offensive woes, but 90% or more of the problem was with the QB taking the snap. I watched every play last year. I thought the O line gave our QBs enough time. It was Cozart and Willis who couldn’t make enough consecutive plays to keep a drive going. To often the QB was responsible for a TO at a critical time. My main complaint with the O line last year was that they couldn’t open holes or hold blocks for the running plays.

    I’m very encouraged by the direction of the program, but still worried that we don’t seem to have a starting QB on the roster. Carter and Bender are neck and neck. That doesn’t sound like we have the QB we need to leap forward on offense.

  • @stoptheflop QB is a huge part. It limits playcalling if we trot out a guy with a limp noodle for an arm again. It isn’t about not turning the ball over this year. Who cares if you throw a pick 45 yards down the field? As good as a punt. Let it fly and let it fly often. We need to start scoring in the mid and upper 20s if we every want to have a shot to win multiple games in the Big XII.

    Straight up, if Bender has a rocket arm he needs to play. Dink and dive isn’t going to win games. Just keep us in them longer.

    Having an legit deep ball threat changes the entire game. Safeties have to play 12-15 yards back instead of only 8 or 9. You have to put in extra DB’s to run cover 2 because the linebacker can’t cover the slot receiver on a post or corner. You have to put in smaller quicker DL in order to put pressure on the QB so he can get rid of it faster. All of those things open up the run game. When the defense has to defend 50 yards instead of 15, It really opens up the entire playbook. So whoever is the best at 50 yard passes needs to play if you ask me.

  • @Kcmatt7 I agree 1000%. I hope Coach Meacham opens up the offense; if I never see that stupid side lines pass to a covered receiver again I will be one happy KU football fan.

  • @Kcmatt7 pretty much as coming out and saying Stanley is really bad - -NOT THE CASE I’ve been around long enough to see a lot worse. – he is far from bad - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @stoptheflop I agree with @Kcmatt7 The QB position is huge, we return just about every other guy on offense there is no excuse to not put some serious points on the board this year. I believe we jumped from averaging 17 ppg in 2015 to 21 ppg 2016, we need to be in the mid 30s to win in the big 12. I thought we moved the ball much better last year but the turnovers killed us. If we dont turn it over we win against Ohio, TCU and we are right with KSU at end. I’m a little worried we will miss last years secondary, I think if returned our whole defense we would have a very good shot at a bowl game. But one at time, just want to see more improvements.

  • @jayballer54 He was a 2* recruit. His only other D1 offer being UConn. He clearly was evaluated as not having D1 arm talent. Running the air raid takes a lot more arm talent than anything else. I like Stanley’s grit, but sometimes grit isn’t going to cut it. Just look at Tebow.

  • @Kcmatt7

    Tebow? You mean the player that was 3 times first team All-American? 3 times finalist and one time winner of the Heisman Trophy? 2 times National Champion? The Tebow that is almost unanimously consider the best all-time college QB? That Tebow? I would take him any time…

  • @JayHawkFanToo And a 5* recruit coming out of high school. I meant him as an example in the NFL. But thanks for taking that so literally. We all know that you are the smartest person ever, so you know that you don’t actually have to try to prove every single person on here wrong.

  • @Kcmatt7

    I thought we were taking about KU and College football and not the NFL. Why even bring up Tebow who is the BEST example of a successful college QB? You posted your view and I posted mine…why do you have a problem with it? If you think you have a better argument, please make it instead of attacking me personally…and I might even agree with you.

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    That brings up memories…😃

  • @JayHawkFanToo Memories like:


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    Him? I can tolerate, Her?..No. Great singer though.

  • @JayHawkFanToo i’m just having one of “those” days today. Stupid crap popping into my head…

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    Lost in the 70’s today…😃

  • @kjayhawks The secondary isn’t the issue it could be because of KU’s DLine. Beaty threw out a huge compliment to Dorrance Armstrong this spring and compared him to Myles Garrett who is going to be a top 3 pick and possible #1 overall pick in the draft next month.

    Armstrong is also getting some national attention as well and KU does return the vast majority of the guys in the DLine rotation from last year which means they will be rushing the passer and forcing the ball out quickly which means the secondary doesn’t have to cover as long and should have more opportunities at INT’s in the fall as well.

    I really believe KU can have a top 3 defense in the Big 12 next season and that KU might only have to average around 30 ppg to have a shot at bowl eligibility next season which I think this team will have a shot at.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I completely agree, but I’ll still miss Fish in the secondary. Hopefully our linebackers can sure up the run the defense. That killed vs ISU in a game I forgot to mention earlier that we gave away. We were about 8 plays from winning 5 games last year. Making plays late is something our guys must learn quickly.

  • The April 15 spring game should tell us a lot about which QB has the upper hand. If it doesn’t rain, the weather should be great for a little spring football. RCJH

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