Calipari Second Title Incoming

  • Uggggggghhhhhh

  • Bet not. Roy will win his 3rd title since leaving, why are we cursed?

  • Doesn’t look like. Looks like Roy has a great shot at #3.



  • @Texas-Hawk-10 said:


    GO ROY!

  • You like to call things early

  • So much for the Great Calipari. You guys still want Cal over Self?

  • @Blown ha

  • @Blown

    I choose to believe in my head that this thread did work. 😉

    @Eric-san said:

    So much for the Great Calipari. You guys still want Cal over Self?

    Cal can suck an egg.

  • I think it will be NC and Gonzaga in the final. Like anyone really cares any more…

  • @BShark I was so Glad to see Kentucky bite butt. - -hmmmm let’s see sooo, I wonder if they should start a Fire Calipari movement - - surely he should of made adjustments. Kentucky sucks . Let’s see we got knocked out in the elite 8 - - -Kentucky gets beat in the elite 8. - -also don’t be coming with they only lost by 2 - -that isn’t squat, whether you lose by 1 - -by 5 -10 -or get blown out a loss, is a loss, is a loss is a loss. - only ONE team ends the season with a win -the other 63 end with losses. - - I wonder how many other fan base are campaigning for FIRE THE COACH CAMPAIGN? – - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @BShark I’ll keep Coach Self thank you very much, I’ll take my chances. - -A Coach that is a nominee for the Coaches hall of fame - -for sure a Coach that we should start up FIRE THE COACH CAMPAIGN. - -A coach that has over a 80 % winning % - -a Coach that in what 14 years has just taken his 10th defeat in Allen field house ya, ummm I think I take our chances with who we have THANKS. - - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 no because Cal gets final fours and has a ring.

  • Thank God Cal lost at least. I’m rooting for USC now.

  • @ajvan 💯 Let’s go #BIFM2!

  • @approxinfinity oooooo b–chi’m bi–chi’m Frank Martin! lol

  • @HawkChamp ummm we have final fours and a ring - -do a little check see how long it is for Championships. - -na never mind I already did most schools Carolina Ku other Blue bloods are running along the line once in every five yrs so no worse off - -Ya I think we need to FIRE Cal Campaign lol

  • I’m cheering for Frank Martin but really don’t care at this point. I watched the last 3 minutes of the UK, UNC. That all the long I’ve had my TV on since our loss.

  • it’s really crazy some people bagging on Coach Self how he has such a pitiful record in the NCAA tourney, did a little research. - -Since 1980 - - there has been 49 different teams reached the final four. - - to no surprise Duke, & N Carolina have been the most with 12 appearances, - - Kentucky with 9 - - then comes Kansas & Michigan State with 8 & then down the line the next being 5 multiple times.

    Then we go to winning the titles - -since 1980 - -there has been 19 different champions - -out of those 49 different teams to win the title since 1980 - - It’s Duke, N Carolina, Kentucky, Conn, & KU. - - Seems to me we are doing right in line with the other schools not lacking at all - BUt YET some say let’s get the FIRE BILL campaign going - -What Bill has been here for 14 yrs? - -four final four’s - - and a championship, - -Really don’t think it’s fire worthy. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DDAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Because doing a little research would break people’s narratives. That’s too much work to do.

  • @HawkChamp Do you get rings for making the final four?

  • @jayballer54 I don’t think I’ve seen anyone say fire Bill on here. We need more FFs and NCs to keep up with the east coast teams like UNC and Dook period they have more in every category. The first step to fixing a problem is admitting you have one. Bill Self has a problem winning Elite 8 games, that is a FACT not an opinion, he or his players, staff who the hell or maybe all have to do stuff a little different in that game.

  • @kjayhawks

    same but I couldn’t even get the TV on, just played the game on the Madness App.

  • @approxinfinity I’m slow…it took me my 2nd read to get that…lol.

  • @kjayhawks Me too…I’m still in mourning.

  • Well I guess if KU is going to lose, I’m glad that Calipari went down as well in fantastically fun fashion. Alright I used enough F’s for one day. His post game interviews are always full of laughable moments that we expect from a coach that didn’t get his way.

  • @jayballer54

    I came to the same conclusion three years ago when I compared Self and Coach K’s and Cal’s early exit records and totals. Thanks for broadening and lengthening the data search!

    Rock Chalk!

  • @Eric-san said:

    @HawkChamp Do you get rings for making the final four?

    When I went to see SC play last year, I was shocked that they had banners up for making the tournament. This year they are entering whole new banner territory with their first EE and FF.

    Being here, seeing a team get so excited about making a tourney for the first time in 5 years, winning a game for the first time since 1973, and making their first EE and first FF, makes me appreciate so much more all that we have as KU fans.

  • @kjayhawks Maybe they could make more shots. Or pass the ball better. Obviously the coaches’ fault when they succeed for 30 games and lose the last one.

  • @mayjay

    Unbelievable run by SC. I still can’t believe it

  • @mayjay I wouldn’t say it’s all on self but how many different players have had this issue with our one coach. To me it’s all mental, players take after their coach. He was tight as he was last year and so were our players.

  • @kjayhawks Did EJ bopping the Mich guy reflect our coach? Does a 35 foot shot at the end of that game? All the missed layups vs UCLA or Oregon? The missed FTs in so many games?Does Self get credit for creating schemes that generate the bunny opportunities, or only blame for the misses?

    See, it just doesn’t make sense to me. KU is not entitled to win any more than other teams are, but this search for blame, besides being undignified and disrespectful, is pointless.

  • @mayjay I don’t think I’ve said anything disrespectful, just said we need to change our approach. What we are doing obviously ain’t working​. Maybe your right, maybe it wasn’t anyones fault. But why is it same game most the time?

  • @Eric-san Can you comprehend exactly how hard it is to EVEN MAKE the final four?- - -It’s not like you get a special invitation to the final four just because of the name on your jersey.- - I know your bagging on Self you feel justified - -great that’s you - but I tell you what let’s get rid of self and see how fast numerous, numerous schools jump on him - he I no worse then many others. - -Again there is only One winner at the end of the year 63 end their season with a loss. - -So what’s next if he were to take us to the final four every but only win once every ten - -you still be complaining - -check out how many teams win multiple championships and the frequency other then just recently they win those championships your lucky if you win ONE every five, - anyways I’m now done with this subject, seasons over time to move on. – -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Valid point - except Cal is 4-2 in Elite Eight and Bill is 2-49. Or something like that.

  • @jayballer54 I fail to see where I’ve been bagging on Self. If anything I’ve been defending Coach Self since Saturday night.

  • @Eric-san is firmly #teamSelf

  • @nuleafjhawk Well true, but maybe not quite that bad, - BUT an elite 8 does not make a NCAA championship, it’s that some people you make the sweet sixteen they bitch cause you don’t make the elite 8, you make the elite 8 , they bitch you don’t make he final four, you make the final four they bitch cause your not in the championship, you make the championship they bitch you don’t win it. - -For some no mater what happens they are never going to be happy - -You have to realize how many of these shoos would LOVE to be in our position, they not only never make the tourney, let alone reach the elite 8- -final four, It’s just hard to win in these one bad night and your done. We see it all the time it’s not just KU, these other teams are not just going to lay down and say OH your KU ok your surpose to win, let us step aside and you tell us what the final score is surpose to be. Again it’s all about breaks of the game perfect example when Oregon shoots a 3 miss they rebound shoot another 3 miss they rebound shoot another 3 and hit - -please tell me how that is Coachs fault and making adjustments? - -We talk about driving the balls because of getting fouls, how many times did we drive the ball and get it put right back in our face? - -Multiple times, they talk about being fouled - -many many , many times clean blocks. - -You could see it was one of those nights when Devonte just dribbles the ball off his foot. - -How is coach surpose to make adjustments for that? - So many different aspects to a game, again a bad bounce here a bad bounce there.

    I mean when a team shoots a 3 and it bounces straight up comes down hit almost every single piece of a rim and still goes trough – or the team shoots a 3 and hits the backboard so hard like Gurley said he was worried that it was going to hit a cheer leader in the 2nd row in the stands - -How is Coach surpose to make adjustments for that?- - -These things happen. - - We just got beat, that’s all s- - - happens does it suck? - -hell ya, but their are some that just are way to quick to beat their chest and wanna point that ever so quick finger - -Oh Self isn’t coming through - he your - -well not you but you know what I mean - -your entitled to your opinion, and I’m entitled to mine that’s what makes the world go round. - - Me personally umm thanks I’ll keep the coach we got, I think he just might know JUST A LITTLE more about the game then I do, or he would be in the man cave watching me and I would be in Allen fieldhouse coaching these guys and being the Coach of one of the TRUE elite blue bloods of college basketball. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 a loss is a loss, by 1 or blown out. I will have to disagree, when you lose by a small margin, it tells me that the teams are playing competitively and yes either one could win. But when you get blown out, you don’t give yourself a chance or a come from behind is very difficult(i would consider our WV win very fortunate).
    To me, the quackers reminded me of a young Mike Tyson, they came to rumble. While we were pretty flat footed.

  • @kjayhawks Pls see reply in my Reality check thread!

  • @jayballer54 Yeah, I think you misread @Eric-san’s posts or have him confusedvwith others.

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