The classy wildcats strike again

  • And ducks.

  • Okay… now I want his arse on a platter!

  • @drgnslayr once a ksuck always a ksuck

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I guess so. He is on the national stage and acts like a 5 yr old purple kitty fan.

  • Let’s give Altman a real reason to hate us.

    100 - 50 should do the trick.

  • Of course he mad. Got beat up by KU (Roy) & if he stained in KS any longer, the beatings by KU (Self) would have continued.

    But he just pulled what ku fans were critical of Marcus Morris for: just riled up the opponent & put a ton of pressure on his team to back the cheque his mouth just wrote.

    Respect level for Dana Altman? Plummeted. Just guessing our pistolpeteCowboy (Self) would like to shoot some ducks outta the sky.

    Nice reminder of the mentality difference between royalty coaches, and small mentality coaches.

    Dumma Altman better make sure his Aflac paid up, since he called the storm clouds on his own head & team. Umm…and its looks like an F5 category storm StraightOuttaKansas: (FM3, DG, JJ, Svi, Vck). He wants KS so bad, he about to get it.

    This has to be worse than just some player popping off, right?

  • @ralster

    Glad you mentioned Morris.

    Big difference between Morris and Altman. Morris was recruited to just play basketball. Players are expected to be good representatives of the university, but not nearly to the level of coaches.

    Altman is a full-fledged representative for the University of Oregon. When he talks he has to be accountable for his words just like the top administrators of the university.

    When he uses words like “Chickenhawk” he not only is calling our team a derogatory name, but also our fans and university. That is political and on the administrative level political statements have to follow prudent guidelines.

    I never had much of an opinion of Altman before since we haven’t battled much or since he was a purple kitty. But now, he lost my respect for being able to handle a microphone.

    I hope we thrash Altman this evening. Give him more to whine about.

  • Time to kick ass and take names. Altman just wrote check his team can’t cash.

  • @drgnslayr Lmao,- - - - I’m right there with ya, - -so let it be written - - -so let it be done. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I think y’all taking this a mite too seriously. Really upset because Altman resurrected the KSt side of the rivalry?

    “MOMMY! Someone called my team a name!”

    “Sticks and stones, little one, sticks and stones…”

  • And, on a serious note, if this gets under our guys’ skins enough to cause any motivation, then Altman has accomplished creating exactly the kind of distraction he probably intended.

  • @mayjay it’s a family thing!💪Can’t disrespect our family!

  • Looks like Altman has been carrying a grudge since 1988…really? Maybe if he would have been a better coach back then KSU would have gotten a shot…obviously he got schooled by Larry Brown.

    The comment was uncalled for and he has now lost the respect of a lot of fans…why do it when he is so long removed from KSU?

  • @mayjay oh, I dont know…when a coach speaks, he must be careful. The worst things we’ve EVER heard Self say on the mic in 14yrs are the “we have no PG/TopekaY” comment, and the “dick move” frustration about BGreene. So self-deprecating comments.

    @mayjay Also, Ive never heard a royalty level coach call opponent anything derogatory. He isnt paid $millions to pop off like Joe #1Fan.

    @mayjay Its ok, as no one will be able to tell if it bothered the KU team or not, as they like to take it out on the scoreboard. Just like when Swanigan was flapping frosh jaws at Lucas, the very next play Frank sets up LL with an alleyoop dunk. And the whole team exploded for a big run off that.

    I fully expect Frank to do the shush sign, or some scoreboard pointing late game…you know, about the same time we hear that RCJHchant…

    What I dont expect to see is Devonte running by post game doing the chicken wings flap…but he may, you jest never know…its not the NFL no fun league…lol

  • What Dana Altman really needs to be worried about statistically is his Sitting Ducks giving up more 3s this Tourney than KU even takes, slightly worse than their reg season %…and their ballscreen D in the Tourney is also slightly worse. Bell is a physical banger, but shorter than Lucas. Coleby+Bragg with presence & fouls, respectively. Their do-it-all Brooks 4man gets to face&chase lottoJosh in the same role for KU. And their 3 other guards need to handle our “other” 4 (FM3,DG,Svi,Vck).

    If Altman doesnt get it turned around THIS game, we’ll turn his bus towards Oregon for him, and send them off with enough Chick-Fil-A giftcards to feed Dana & his whole team for 1 month…

  • He should have stayed at K-State. At least then when we beat his ass regularly he was used to it.

  • @nuleafjhawk Ya, I think he’s long overdue for an ass kicking. Hopefully the Jayhawks will oblige him today.

  • Oregon of Dumb

  • IMO, there was zero need to bring that up at this time. Even if it was a joke, why say it? What was the purpose of it? Sounds like someone is still jealous…

  • If we need this kind of motivation to beat Oregon, we’re already in trouble.

  • @chriz pretty sure we are far more fired up about it than our players.

  • I watched this video a few minutes ago and I have to admit it’s under MY skin. I can’t tell you how much i hope that Coach Self - and ESPECIALLY Frank Mason see this before game time.

    Then after the game Frank can tell Altman "What do you think about us Chickenhawks now, needled**k?

    Of course, Frank’s too classy to do that.

    But I’m not

  • @HawkChamp

    Or… maybe he knows his team has ZERO chance of winning unless he can get under our skin on this which could make our guys anxious.

    Pretty desperate, idiotic idea since it just helps guarantee we are geared up for this game. I was worried about the possibility of a letdown game… now… not so much!

  • It wasn’t the worse thing I’ve ever heard. But anything to motivate us. I would think Mason, Lucas, Jackson, and Graham would be motivated by not wanting their KU careers to end tonight.

  • @wissox But on the other hand, I hate that little dweeb for using the lame chickenhawk taunt and we should beat his brains in tonight.

  • I wonder if Altman and HCBS are friends. If so, there may a hidden undercurrent to this.

    I like the idea of the KU players all flapping their arms as they go out to the opening tip. Crack up the crowd, relieve a bit of tension.

  • A lame name may be all Altman has for KU.

  • @drgnslayr That is exactly what I said last night-With an animal husbandry degree (even if honorary) he’s too damn stupid to have anything professional to comment about other than chickens ?? It proves the stage just way too big for his dimwitted little apple hokie ass. He squanders about as much Nike stack talent as Scott Drew or Rick Barnes. I hope the Jayhawks beat him by a minimum of 50 !

  • @drgnslayr And they score their 50 after HCBS plays bench players in 2nd half.

  • Banned

    I can see and hear Coach right now.

    (((Boys the coach, the players and the people of Oregon called you Chicken Hawks. They think you guys are Chickens.)))

    Run Jayhawks Run.


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