Thoughts on todays game

  • A 20 point win in the dance is always a good thing. I was disappointed in our lack focus and how we came out, with some shots and defensive lapses. JJ was really great in this after I wanted to slap him for taking foolish shots and missing a wide open dunk early lol. Frank struggled from the floor and 3 point land but as usual for this season he got his. DG has really shot the ball well these last few games and has been huge. Svi had a solid game his offense went away at half time but others guys took over. Vick played a decent game and was given a laughable T. LL had his quite double double. Bragg stank up the place which is getting a little old game after game. Now on to Coleby, what good minutes he gave us to day, had a steal several rebounds and looks to be a guy that could push for some minutes moving forward. Three cheers to him. We rebounded the ball really well and only had 7 turnovers, yes 7 I think that maybe a season low for us. Shot the ball really well, finished really strong other than the first hand full of minutes I’m happy. I was a little disappointed with Tyler Self’s play today as he was averaging 5 points in the NCAA games lol.

  • Graham close this game like a boss. Onions.

    Also I gotta give Landen love. Landen was GREAT today. Period. He even made most of his one footers! 5-7 from the floor.

    Josh/Lucas/Graham kinda carried Frank a bit today, though Frank had some great plays. And it’s okay, Frank has carried this team a large portion of the year, can’t do it every night.

  • 14-15 from the line was pretty good for a team that has been a bit bad from the stripe this year.

  • @BShark Fun stuff. Even if we “carried” Frank, he still gets 20 and 5, and key rebounds. Frank was the Iron game controller the last 3min.

  • In a KU uniform, Josh > Wiggins. Without question.

  • @ralster

    Yep even off nights for Frank are decent.

    @ralster said:

    In a KU uniform, Josh > Wiggins. Without question.

    No doubts.

  • I loved Wiggs too!

  • @kjayhawks said:

    I was a little disappointed with Tyler Self’s play today as he was averaging 5 points in the NCAA games lol.

    Did he get a turnover for the shot clock violation? B Greene would’ve been all over that!

  • @mayjay


  • Okay so this is about the next game, not today’s game. I was rewatching the ISU Purdue game. Burton completely abused Swanigan on that end. Swanigan is SLOW. Presumably he will be on Josh, which is great for Josh, but also anyone who Swanigan potentially switches on should get the ball immediately. Burton missed a lot of good looks.

  • @ralster Very true I believe Wigs had a total of 10 points in 2 NCAA games to JJs 40.

  • Did they show our locker room?

  • My thoughts: Bragg need to pull his head out of his ass, and Coleby was 💰💰💰

  • Anyone know where to find izzos press conference?

  • @cragarhawk Check KWCH’s facebook page I watched both KUs and MSUs there.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 wife showed me a vid of the players all jumping on Dwight and cheering for him when he came in locker room. Sweet!

  • @approxinfinity where was that?

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    On the internet. :wink:

  • I taped post game on spectrum sports, haven’t watched it yet

  • I saw it too on twitter. Don’t remember what account.

  • @BShark can’t keep up

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said:

    Did they show our locker room?

    Ok, so I’m not dreaming! Seemed like every locker room celebration was broadcast, but I never saw ours.

  • @bskeet me either

  • @CRH107 thx!

  • @cragarhawk i watched it on youtube

  • @kjayhawks

    It wasn’t pretty for most of the first half, kids were sped up and we played like it. Good thing its a 40 minute game and it settled down. When MSU got within 1 that’s when it all turned. Josh got an And 1 and the game turned from there.

  • @CRH107 Thank you for posting… I watched it 5 times. Smiling wider every time!

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