Let the firings begin

  • Groce out (see what I did there?)

    Jones gets declawed in Baton Rouge.

    Gottfried defanged.

    Kim Anderson declawed as well.

    The poaching of mid major coaches who make deep tourney runs begins. Hello Chris Mack. Hello Gregg Marshall.

    The wooing of power 5 coaches on the upswing. Chris Collins, Richard Pitino,

    Steve Prohm was mentioned as a potential LSU coach.

    Tony Bennett back closer to home in Big10 country?

    I don’t pay close attention to every hot lead, but I know there’s assistants who will move up as well, but I don’t have any clue whom will make the big jump.

    Illinois has absolutely got to get a guy who can recruit Chicago.

    Missouri has absolutely got to get that program back into the best team to never have made a final four.

    LSU, doesn’t matter, the locals will enjoy the diversion from their annual football soap opera, but they won’t really care all that deeply.

    NCState, the annual bronze medalist in the research triangle cup. Really tough place to go and be relevant.

    I have some connections to three of these four. Grew up an Illini fan as a Chicago kid. Hated Missouri of course as a KU student and fan. Living near LSU and (in)frequent attender of their games. I’ll be paying attention.

  • @wissox said:

    (in)frequent attender of their [LSU] games

    You and everybody else, if that!

    Nice post.

  • @wissox but also a crazy long one for @BShark

    Thx 4 that thorough update on the coaching Ferris wheel!

    Add UWash? Didn’t someone say Romar was a gone guy?

    Last mention of this subject I said maybe Self’s assistants can finally break out. No one agreed. But schools hiring all the HC’s out of non elite programs that have never recruited the elite players equals nuts. Guys like Prohm have probably never even spoken to the quality of recruits that Norm and Kurtis have texted with daily for 3 years.

    And Norm and Kurtis actually see daily how Self does what he does. Why copy Self second hand if you can copy him first hand?

    It’s true that Norm and Kurtis are older guys, but they are hard chargers! And most non elite schools fire average coaches and lose successes with in 4 years. So if Kurtis, or Norm, get long in the teeth five years from now, at least you will have a good foundation and links to the KU and Okie Baller mafias for replacement. And likely Winnahs!

    UWash would be insane NOT to swallow it’s pride and hire Kurtis after all the years he has stolen players from rain country. Just by hiring Kurtis they reduce packet leakage 20 percent, and he would steal guys from UCLA, too. He actually knows the players they need to recruit and with a swoosh on his soles he can’t miss.

    Norm? Still say he could restore Illinois’ self respect, after Groce and Weber wrecked it. Great fit. Bring Snacks with him and the Illini are fixed for a smooth transition from Norm to Snacks downstream.

    Do I want Self to go naked without Norm and Kurtis? No, I think Self thrives on continuity, but he now has a lot of young coaches in the pipe he could feed back in.

    Whatever became of St. John’s experiment with homey-made-good Chris Mullin and his side kick Mitch Richmond?

    14-19 and 8th place among 10 in the “Honey, I Shrunk the Big East Conference.” Just lost to Nova.

    Moving the right way Chris is, but the talent isn’t flocking in.

    Yo, Mullie, enjoy the home cooking whilst ya can.

    Would Mitch Richmond switch Manhattans? Money talks, but Weber has zero players. And no one remembers Mitch’s glory days at KSU, because KSU forgot its own legacy. If KSU were sane, which they are not, they would hire one of Kruger’s assistants, or one of Huggins guys, and endure a rebuild with someone that might stay.

    MU needs to risk overdose on smart pills and commit to rebuilding its self-image, then its image to others. Everyone hates them, because they act like jerks that don’t even have enough insight to know they are jerks. There is a great state waiting to be lead back to self respect, but there is a corrupt government there blocking the hall. KU proves you can survive a backwards government for decades, if you have brains in the university system, a few friends on the regents, and some sugar daddies with class. Everyone knows Missouri could be a great state again, but the classy Missourians have to stage a coup and its got to start in Columbia. They need to build a political base not to retake state government (that’s clearly hopeless for now), but to occupy Columbia and MU. They have some great alumni and they need rallying to create a beachhead in Columbia. They should hire as many KU people as they can, too. Missouri attracts lots of good people to live there, like those on our august board that live there. I’m tired of hating on MIssouri the state. America is in jeopardy. We need a new coalition of states that straddles the fake red-blue divide that the neocons and Neolibs have weaponized against us all. If Missouri and Kansas can realign, then the center might hold. This is a fight for the heart, soul and future viability of USA. Kansans and Missourians don’t have to like each other, but they have to go back to understanding the center has to hold. Bridging their petty differences is the true test of America right now. United we stand. Divided we fall. The red staters and the blue staters are both funded by the same private oligarchy bent on tearing USA apart. Hilary’s emails and the Wikileaks make it irrefutably clear. Both parties and the media are on the same side. They want divide and conquer so they can subordinate USA to one world, central bank centrism owned and controlled by ten or twenty fortunes. All familiar with strategy know the center of anything has to hold, or all is lost. Kansas and Missouri once found a way to hold the center after 10 years of border war in the 1850s. Neither Missouri nor Kansas were pure in the 1860s, Missouri was a slave state, Kansas had slavers, but both rose above that and with Lincoln’s considerable persuasion Missouri stayed in the Union. Persons forget that Kansas and Missouri over came the strife incited between them by outsiders seeking a Civil War and held the center. They must do it again and we must hope we have, or get a President who understands what Lincoln did as he took office. Got to hold Maryland, West Virgina (then northwest Virginia), Missouri, Kansas, and California. These states WERE/ARE crucial to control because they comprise the center belt east-west of geographic USA and are critical infrastructure pinchpoints that are targets of our enemies foreign and domestic. I have as much resentment of Missouri as any Kansan, but devotion to the Union then and now requires Kansans and Missourians to bridge their differences once again and put the Union first. This is not just metaphor for a sports post. Trump went to the Lincoln memorial for the inaugural for a reason. It may already be too late for Trump. He may not prevail in his quest to save the Union again. He may have been the wrong person. But like Lincoln, he can as a President only make compromise with the sides that exist. He cannot create the sides. He can only make the compromises the people make possible. Doing otherwise, he becomes a dictator instead of a President. Regardless he has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that these United States are once again caught up in and imperiled by a divided and warring private oligarchy willing to tear us apart, or overthrow the great experiment in self government away, unless we the people create the options for him to compromise in the favor of union and republic.

    “That these dead shall not have died in vain…”

    It is so plain to me now.

    Kansas and Missouri must hold.

    They are the strategic hinges that hold it all together.

    It’s time for Kansas and Missouri to take steps, even if only symbolic ones at first.

    Missouri gave us Forest Allen.

    It is time for someone from the Kansas coaching tree to close the circle and lead Missouri out of the depths. Not a colonizing of Missouri basketball but a paying back and an acknowledgement of our common heritage and interdependence, troubled though it has been.

    Time to heal the differences to save the UNION once again.

    Rock Chalk!.

  • @jaybate-1.0 It is time for someone from the Kansas coaching tree to close the circle and lead Missouri out of the depths

    But I don’t want one of our coaches to go down for burning Columbia. That’s the only way to fix that crap hole.

    And I might add, they are getting what they deserve for leaving the Big12 and nearly cratering the conference.

    I seriously doubt one of KU’s honorable assistants would coach a team that Bill won’t even play.

  • Romar is very likely to be back for next year.

  • The three new coaches in the Big 12 have shown that they want to be players in recruiting and with their coaching talent, this is going to be a balanced powerful league. OU took one down year and will have a very good team. Then you add Trae Young to the mix and BAM! With a few exceptions, I’m very proud of the Big 12 this year.

  • Looks like Romar is safe…for the time being

  • @wissox “Illinois has absolutely got to get a guy who can recruit Chicago”. Yeah, let them have Snacks! Solve 2 problems… Then we can get Sherron or Jamari (someday) to be an asst coach, both from Chicago. Cant tell me either one wouldnt be far, far better than snacks!

  • @ralster I don’t pay attention to the assistants enough to really have an opinion on them. If you’re talking about Snacks legal problem a few years back then I agree. But is there something else I don’t know that makes someone like Sherron or Jamari better?

  • @wissox The asst coaches under Bill Self basically divide up the aspects of various areas of coaching (like Norm Roberts coaches the bigs), as well as game preparation (Snacks often does the scouting report on upcoming games), and they often split up the recruiting trips/visits between Townsend, Self, Roberts, Snacks, and maybe Fred Q.

    The biggest thing right off the bat, is Sherron Collins, a former McDAA from Chicago, not only played for Self like Snacks did at Illinois, but won a NC under Self, and at KU. One could easily point out that Sherron was the first of Self’s attack-PGs at KU, which Self has gravitated to ever since Sherron paved the way. Its what we do now. Sherron Collins is responsible, along with his 08Team for Self and KU’s highest college basketball achievement.

    And to be blunt, mentioning Jamari, just a poor Chicago kid, was only meant as a sleight to snacks, but I’m sure Jamari could learn to do scout and all the things Snacks does, whatever it is he does.

    If Snacks didnt show up for work one day, and just went somewhere else, I wouldnt care. At all. Easily replaced. Bring Aaron Miles back, even, who is working under Joe Dooley at FGCU.

  • Aaron Miles would probably be my top pick to replace Self eventually, but to do that, he needs to get a HC job first. I would have no problem seeing him get a mid major job in a couple of years and cutting his teeth there before moving up to a more major conference to get ready to take the job when Self decides to retire.

  • @justanotherfan Aaron Miles is probably 10 years minimum away from being ready to be a HC at a place like KU and probably closer to 15 years away from being ready. Self’s probably not coaching that long. To be perfectly honest, Jerod Haase is the only active coach with KU ties that would be a realistic choice that could be ready to take over KU in the next 5-10 years that’s young enough to stay at KU for 15-20 years. Joe Dooley and Danny Manning are both improving their coaching stock, but both are about the same age as Self and if Self is around another 5-10 years or longer, neither would make sense for KU because of their age and it would be a Bill Guthridge taking over for Dean Smith type situation.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    I figure Self is 54 now. He will probably coach into his mid 60’s, so that’s 10-12 years. That should fit right into Miles’ timeline. KU will want to hire a coach in his early to mid 40’s at that point. It doesn’t make much sense for KU to hire someone already in their 50’s or later, as you point out, which probably eliminates a guy like Haase if Self coaches more than 5 or 6 more years (and I think he will).

    The chance that Haase will want a job like KU in 10 years is iffy. If Haase does well between now and then, there’s a chance he could get a job like UNC when Roy Williams retires (Williams is 12 years older than Self). If he doesn’t do well, there’s a chance that he wouldn’t be a candidate. Simply put, the fact that Haase is already a head coach at a major conference means that he probably won’t be a candidate when Self retires either because he already has a really good job (UNC or similar at the college level, or NBA) or his stock is down and KU won’t consider him.

    KU’s post Self coach is likely in his 30’s right now and is probably not a college head coach at this moment (either a HS coach or a college assistant). That coach probably played at a high level in college and maybe got a cup of coffee in the NBA, but it’s doubtful they were a longtime NBA player (thinking Collison or Hinrich here because those guys would get an NBA assistant job before they got a college job and that lack of head coaching experience would probably keep them from being considered for the KU job).

    Aaron Miles checks all of those boxes.

  • My top option right now would be Brad Stevens but he isn’t a realistic option. It’s too hard guessing hopefully 10+ years away though.

  • @BShark

    I m with you. Brad Stevens would be my first choice but I am not sure he would leave the NBA. At this point, I just don’t see a KU grad or former assistant that could replace Coach Self in the near future; in 10+ years, hopefully some of the ones that are starting out could be near ready.

  • @justanotherfan Bill Self has said multiple times in the past that he would like to retire sometime around 60. That puts his window in the 5-7 year range if he follows through on retiring around 60. If that’s the case, Jerod Haase will be in his late 40’s. I don’t see him as a UNC candidate because I think Roy has 1-2 years left and I don’t think that’s enough time for Haase to turn Stanford around enough to prove he can handle the UNC job. 5-7 years which is the window Self has indicated is not enough time for Aaron Miles to build a resume worthy or taking over KU.

    A non KU related name to keep an eye on is going to be Archie Miller. He’s taken Dayton to 4 straight NCAA tournaments and is primed to get a big time major conference job in the next year or 2 which would be enough time to prove if he could handle a job like KU.

    I also believe that the 5-7 year window means Self’s successor is more than likely already a college HC with a track record of success. In the end, I think Jerod Haase is going to prove himself to be the guy that follows Self at KU.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    If Self is more on your timetable, I agree that Haase moves up that list.

    If Self is more on the timetable I mentioned above, Haase is likely too far along to be in the running.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    Archie Miller is consider the best of the up and coming coaches. Calipari mentioned him on the brackets broadcast and indicated he is a coach that can win at any level. He has done extremely well with limited talent, runs a very clean program and he is very likeable; he is like Marshal with a better personality.

  • You guys are TOTALLY missing the boat. When Self leaves, the job is mine!

    In 50+ years of couch coaching, i have yet to lose the first game.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    …or win the first one? 😃

  • Sounds like Conzo Martin and Maybe Marshal might be lining up for the Missery job. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    There is no way Marshall considers the Missouri job. He is already one of the top 10 paid coaches and I don’t believe MU would comes even close to matching what he makes now, but more importantly, Marshall has passed on much better opportunities. Martin? Maybe but not Marshall.

    I understand all major schools circulate all kinds of big names but it does not mean the coaches are even remotely interested.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Marshall won’t ever take a job outside the MVC.

    Big Fish, Little Pond.

  • @JayHawkFanNot to sure about that, never say never. - -They said he is making 4 million a year right now at WSU. - -Said Missery would have any problem offering 4 1/2- 5 million plus other incentives.

    Another thing they said could be coming into consideration would be - -WSU out growing MVC, BUT , if WSU doesn’t get moved into a different conference - -Marshal may out grow WSU. - -Guess he was ripping the Committee and saying what do I have to do have a perfect season - -pretty much getting frustrated with a lot of things - -Really wants out of the Valley and just not sure if that’s going to happen - -so he may walk - -bigger conference, better conference - -better reconigination - - really doesn’t matter as far as I’m concerned but there is talk. - -Saying he needs to be the talk of almost any school looking for a Coach.

    I know this - -the Koch Brothers better be prepared to up their anty if they want to hang on to him much longer -was talk about him trying for the NC State job again - -he really wanted that job before Gottfried got it ,- - There is talk about him and Indiana if Indiana Coach is fired, - also talk of Creen being interviewed for the Mizzery job. - -we shall see. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BAY

  • @nuleafjhawk - - OH don’t count on that - - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Danny Manning graduated with me in 1988. Literally he walked down the hill 5 people behind me. And if he’s too old when Self retires, then I’m too old when Self retires. I am not old. Whoever here called me old, in effect calling Danny old is calling me old, well, we need to get an unfollow feature on here like facebook for whoever thinks I’m old.

  • @jayballer54

    There are only two conference where WSU could move up to that would be an upgrade. The Big East which is now all Catholic schools so forget that, and the A10. They cannot join the Elite 5 conferences or even many mid-majors because they do not have a football program. WSU is not going anywhere any time soon.

    Now, Marshall does not make $4M, he makes $3M. Next, who says MU would have no problem offering him $4.5M? This is more than what Bill Self makes. It is easy for people to say MU would offer $4.5M but the funny part is that they never say who is going to pay it. Kim Anderson made $1.1M per year and MU is not going to pay the next coach 4 times that salary. MU has big issues and a $30M shortfall in revenue due to decrease enrollment resulting from the unrest there. It would be suicide for the administration to offer that much money when they have such a big budget shortfall. MU is just not an Elite basketball school, Frank Haith made $1.6M while at MU and the next coach will most likely be in the $2M range which rules out the top coaches and leaves up and coming mid-major coaches as the likely candidates. Now, Conzo Martin makes well under $2M so he would be in the MU range.

    Again. you cannot believe everything you read, journalists have become lazy and no longer do research before spouting non-sense and sports forums posters are even worse.

  • Hmmmm, somebody remind me again how many years of HC-ing experience Roy had before he took the reins at KU? I’m thinking it was in the neighborhood of ZERO!

  • I think Marsha is really po’d about his seeding!🤢🤷🏻♂🕴🏻🌾🍭no 🏉🎱 only way to change it is to go somewhere else. Lil 🐟 Must go bigger!

  • Wichita St is going to the American Athletic Conference.

    I don’t want Danny Manning as coach in any way, shape, or form. Not until he wins the ACC a few times in a row, and/or makes a few final fours, and/or wins a national championship. Our program isn’t a legacy program. I don’t want Haase. I don’t want Turgeon. Not unless they measure up to running a top 3 program. When that time happens, I want the best coach in America, period.

  • @JayHawkFanToo The AAC is a definite upgrade for the Shlockers. They will announce it right after the tournament is finished, I expect.


    I don’t believe WSU can join the AAC since it does not have a football program. All 11 schools have football programs and they also have Navy as an associate school in football only to complete 2 divisions, East and West with 6 teams each. I really don’t believe they would take a basketball only school since football is the big revenue generator…but I could be wrong.

  • @JayHawkFanToo said:


    There is no way Marshall considers the Missouri job. He is already one of the top 10 paid coaches and I don’t believe MU would comes even close to matching what he makes now, but more importantly, Marshall has passed on much better opportunities. Martin? Maybe but not Marshall.

    I understand all major schools circulate all kinds of big names but it does not mean the coaches are even remotely interested.

    I was gonna say this when I saw Jayballer’s post. NC State is eyeing Marshall. He is from NC. Also, NC State has small man syndrome like GREGGGGGG. A match made in heaven iyam.

  • @BShark somebody said that’s where he’d like to go. What would they pay him? His contract was a lil different, can’t remember though, anyone?

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    As much as he wants. I would guess 5+ million a year.

  • @BShark

    NC State was not that long ago a top tier program and it could go back to being one with the right coach. I can see why Marshall would be interested; no doubt it is a much better opportunity than Missouri which now has fallen a low as it can and will take a long term commitment to get it back to respectability. I am not sure MU is at a place where rebuilding the basketball program is a priority; I would think that football would have priority since it is only a couple of bad season away from when it was good.

  • @JayHawkFanToo That’s not what the media has been reporting. The AAC has 12 football members, and 11 BB members. From March 3rd:

    "Officials at American Athletic Conference schools have discussed expansion, specifically the possibility of adding Wichita State, according to a report on Thursday from TMG College Sports’ Mark Blaudschun.

    The goal, Blaudschun reports, is to raise the conference’s basketball profile, which has been a consistent concern since the Big East morphed into the AAC in 2013.

    Though expansion discussions are focused on the Shockers, who play in the Missouri Valley Conference, Dayton and VCU have also been floated as possibilities.

    The AAC is currently at 12 football members and 11 members for basketball. Wichita State could potentially come aboard full-time, if it decides to bring back football, an idea the university has been toying with. If that doesn’t happen, though, the Shockers could join as non-football members. Dayton and VCU would be non-football as well, since they do not sponsor FBS football programs."

    And this is why they are looking at the Shlockers:

    “It’s no secret that the American Athletic Conference is looking to boost its profile. UConn, its most valuable basketball brand, has totally-not-but-also-we-know-they-totally-have-been flirting with the Big East about possibly moving its non-football programs there. Whether the Huskies leave or not, the league is desperate for money, and could use an additional basketball power to increase revenue. That could come both in the form of a more lucrative TV contract and in more NCAA Tournament shares over time.”

  • @JayHawkFanToo Well I realize the AAC is not an elite power 5 but there is serious thoughts/talk going on about WSU joining them, the conference is not looking for any football additions BUT have had talk about adding a basketball only school to the conference, and WSU is the school that is their target for that.

    You ever hear of John Sunvold? - -this is where they are talking about the salary that MU would not have trouble offer that amount, - -so I guess suicide it is. -I got a pretty good feeling/hunch considering John and his connections with MU/insiders has a pretty good idea about certain things. - -For me I could give a Rat’s Ass how much they would be willing to offer Marsha or anybody else as far as that goes. - -They want to commit suicide with that - - GREAT for MIZZERY - - knock yourself out. Only thing is if they are seriously wanting to improve their program I’ll tell you this it’s going to take more then 2 M to get ANY king of quality Coach to come coach at that stink hole of if you wanna call them a college. - -I think it would be a perfect fit for Marsha and Mizzery , they deserve one another , and their actually not ELITE at anything lmao but like I said if they want to offer him that kind of money - -GREAT , not any skin of my n - - -s. - – – -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @JayHawkFanToo “WSU is not going anywhere any time soon.” Not until after the NCAA tournament is over.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I think that the plan would be for WSU to develop a football program again down the road from their added TV revenue. WSU has essentially said they can’t afford to start a football program in the MVC. But, 2 or 3 years in the AAC drawing TV revenue could get them there.


    Dayton is more likely to end up in the Big East since it fits all the qualifications. A very good basketball program with a long history, in the right geographic location and most of all Catholic, which is requirement to join the conference. The AAC is an 11 member conference with Navy as an associate school just for football which as we all know is the big money maker.

    There is no chance of UConn moving to the Big East since they are not a Catholic school. Remember that the Big East was formed by all the Catholic Schools on the original Big East separating and then adding othre Catholic schools such Creighton, Xavier and Butler; I just don’t believe they will change the rules now…

  • @jayballer54

    Do I know who Jon Sunvold is? Yes, I do and I also know who Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson are. Are you saying that Jon Sunvold is being considered for the position? Jon Sunvold was arguably the best player at MU and played in the NBA and now sits on the board of regent at MU but he not only has zero coaching experience, he is also 55 years old. MU is not going to pay $4.5M to a 55 year old former player with zero coaching experience. I can see him being considered for AD…but for HC? No way.

    At this point, the best option for MU is Larry Drew who has coaching experience having served a the HC for the Atalanta Hawks and the Milwaukee Bucks and Assistant Coach for the Lakers, Pistons, Wizards and Nets in the NBA. He is currently the Associate Head Coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers, he is originally form KC Missouri.and his salary would be in line with what MU can offer.

    The other candidate would be Cuonzo Martin that got his start at Missouri State and there are rumors he is not happy at California and his salary would be acceptable to MU. Scott Drew and Tom Crean have also been rumored to be in the MU wish list and that is exactly what it is, a wish list; going from Indiana or even Baylor to MU would be a demotion and I seriously doubt either would do it.

    Mike Anderson did reasonably well at MU but Haith and Kim Anderson were utter failures and chances are MU will end up hiring an up and coming mid major or low major coach in the $2M salary range. Like I said. don’t believe everything you read or rumors you hear, do your own research and ask yourself it is makes sense.

  • @Kcmatt7

    Wichita has been talking about adding a football program for a long time and every single time it has been shown to not be feasible due to cost and availability of resources. The state currently has a tough time supporting two Division I teams. With all the resources available, KU has had a rough time getting the program back on track and WSU would have an even harder time doing it. Adding a third Division I team would further dilute the already meager state resources.

    Here is a link to the most recent study done (June 2016) about restarting the football program at WSU; you can read it and draw your own conclusions. It would require a substantial investment up front and the Koch family favors basketball and I am not sure they would invest in football the required $40M-$50M to start the football program. The State Budget has a a huge shortfall and public money would likely not be available, so all the money would have to be raised from private sources.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Oh I think they have a lot going against them to do it. I’m just saying that if they joined the AAC that they would probably be expected to get football started again. No matter the cost really.

    What would be the cost to get a D1AA going? Could they do that? I’ll read that link later, I just don’t have time to do it right now. And I don’t know all of the rules that go along with putting in a program. Could they limit themselves on scholarships and basically play with Walk-ons to start? That way they don’t have to add a large 2nd program for women like rowing.

    Also just looked up who is in the AAC really quick. Didn’t realize Memphis left for the American… and that the AAC Conference will only get about $400k per year in TV revenue. Not good.

    The likelihood of them getting football is probably less than 1%. But I also don’t see the need for them to immediately jump to a 100 scholarship team with a multi-million dollar coaching staff and facilities. I’m not talking about them being competitive, just having a program. Build the foundation, keep pumping money into the basketball program and then when the time and finances are right, make the investment in football. Be the worst football team in the country for a little while, it pays well. KU paid URI $500k just to come get stomped. Do that 3 games a year and the program might actually pay for itself… Just my thoughts, but I obviously am not the one who has to find or pony up any money to do this.

  • @Kcmatt7

    Schools like Dayton decided it was too expensive and not practical to have a Division I programs and be competitive so they play in a lesser Division (I-AA, Pioneer League where they do well and are competitive against similar programs and still have a quality Division I basketball program (A10). Both, the A10 and the Big East, are primarily basketball conferences with no football. and work well for that type of school.

    The report indicated that right of the bat, Cessna Stadium would need $20M of improvements and a new practice facility would also be needed at at cost of $20M. Also, Division I requires a certain number of scholarships so they would also need to add more women’s team for Title IX compliance; Division I-AA has lower requirements but I am not sure the AAC would like to have member with a I-AA football program. It is more likely they would extend an associate program membership in basketball only so they can have 12 teams and 2 6-team divisions…I can see this being a more realistic offer.

    WSU becomes relevant in basketball for a few years every 20 years and then goes back to being blah. The perfect storm for WSU with several classes of outstanding players might be over soon, particularly if Marshall leaves and then it is back to being an also run. Being a commuter school does not help since it does not develop the following that bigger schools have with resident students. In short, many thing working against starting a successful football program at WSU…

  • @JayHawkFanToo WOW, you stunned me, really stunned where you got any indication where I said John, was in position or wanting that job lol – but good for you, good to read in between the lines, and that took some hard reading lol, but I guess I could turn that and say are you trying to say Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson is being considered for the job? – that is awesome. - Umm, NO I wasn’t saying that at all, you said you didn’t know where information was coming from - -it was coming from John, that’s why I mentioned his name. - Now moving past all this, I DID just hear that Tom Crean would not be interested in taking the job, and that Conzo Martin had at least BEEN OFFERED the job - -again HAD BEEN OFFERED, doesn’t mean he is going to take it, but is considering it. - -Then they go all talking about how Martin wouldn’t be a home run , but umm ehh could of done better, could of done worse, - -then turned around and was talking about how it could be turned into a home run with Martin

    To that , they said Martin coming out of east St Louis, maybe he could talk Michael Porter to come back home something about how porter was from the East St Louis area also, and something to the effect of The Washington situation and porter making a comment if things happen about re-opening his recruitement. - To that part that’s all just ya, da, ya, da, bullshit but looking like maybe Martin going to be Mizzery next Coach - again REPORTED by 2 different sources and confirmed from some Mizzou source that yes he had been offered the job. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    Dude…you are all over the place. You need to carefully read my post to see what I actually wrote. First, you asked if I knew who Jon Sundvold was and, anyone in this board that has followed the Big 12, knows who Jon Sundvold is and hence my comment about knowing who Jordan and Magic are as well; I guess I should have used the sarcasm font.

    Now, who is this “John” you are talking about? Are you referring to “Jon” Sundvold or some anonymous John Doe you know? Your apparent incorrect spelling makes it difficult to follow what you are saying or who you are quoting since you provide no evidence to support your claim or links to the information.

    Now, what does Counzo Martin have to do do with Michael Porter? Are you perhaps thinking of Lorenzo Romar who coaches at Washington where Porter commuted? Michael Porter is not from East St. Louis, he comes from Columbia, Missouri, home of the MU Tigers and Martin comes from East St, Louis, ILLINOIS.

    You see how your comment are all over the place and since you provide nothing to back them up or links to your information it is hard to take them at face value. You will notice that most serious posters in this and other forums, typically post a link to the source of the information so other posters can determine for themselves the validity of the information. It certainly would help if you cite the sources and provide a link to the information you present; not really that difficult.

    Now, if you want to indicate that Martin has been offered the job and apparently accepted after notifying Cal that he was leaving about 1 hour ago, you cite a link like this. See? Easy peasy.

  • UW is “re-evaluating” Romar. Ie he might be fired today.

  • If he is, Martin will likely make a strong push for Porter’s dad to join his staff at Missouri.

  • @JayHawkFanToo and what your proving is when you get pissed - -offended butt hurt upset you just hit the Auto defense and get your rack off about my mis-spelling - -that’s sweet. - -OBVIOUSLY you KNEW who I WAS talking about so good looking out - - -DUDE - -DUDE? - -DUDE? lmao - -well golly pardner didn’t mean to get your chaps - -chapped, you just hang in there you be all right roflmfao. you do understand those abbv’s don’t you - -I mean I can spell them out but seeing as your one bright hombre I’ll take it for granted you can figure that. Lol my apparent incorrect spelling I’m really sorry about that -let GOD strike me down for not spelling a name right - -How many fricken times have I told people I fully realize I make mistakes on things here? - have you not read that - -probabably not seein at the time you wasn’t butt hurt in that topic - but since this is directed to you- -you jump on Mr Grammer punctuation you know it’s people like you that make this world go round.

    NO I’m not thinking about Lorenzo Romar. - but thanks for trying to fill in the blanks. - -I know exactly who I was talking about, let me spell it out for you ONE MORE TIME - -if you weren’t so worried about my horrid spelling you would of took more time to read what I was saying about Conzo. - They referred to him coming from EAST ST LOUIS - - , they also referred Porter coming from EAST ST LOUIS, and they were talking about the possibility of Lorenzo possibly being let go, and if that were to happen Conzo be able possibly yo sway Porter to come back home, on top of the fact I guess Porter making a statement if that were to happen he would ask for a release and re-open his recruitment. - -Now have a great time at tearing down my grammer- -my spelling, I’m truly sorry I mis=spell and non correct grammer, I’m truly sorry I can’t spell the right way all the time or not place comma’s question marks, periods, only a few blessed ones such as yourself are so talented thanks for making my day

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