KU Penalized #3 OVERALL Seed

  • I knew this crap would happen. I hope they feel this and PLAY. Josh has some butt to kick and make up for this suspension. I told you they got what they wanted.

    LOL…#3 overall top seed? Laughable

    • Per Lunardi just hit ESPN

    This gets better and better…Read this

    Duke will go as far as Grayson Allen will take it - Dana O’Neil

    Let’s see how far they go if he’s suspended. What a year to end like this. One team suspends top recruit, loses, and drops to #3 seed in a conference tourney? Are you freaking kidding me? Mr Triptomaniac will take his team far? Sure when he’s never suspended by his coach. He does this crap on national television and gets away with it. WOW

    Don’t ever say Bill Self doesn’t punish his players. Other teams and players get away with murder and will go far into the tourney? Where is basketball? This is NOT IT. Coach K is a punk like his players. They’ve always been punks. Damn it.

  • I want Duke and UK in our quad. Let’s beat them both again for good measure.

  • I don’t get why people take Lunardi as the last word in seeding, he is just a middle-of-the-pack bracketologist.

  • @JayHawkFanToo He is just the most seen.

  • @mayjay

    Yep. Because of ESPN he has the biggest audience but it does not make him the best or even one off the better bracketologists.

  • Don’t listen to the ‘experts’. Just relax and enjoy the #1 seed which is the best route to get to the final four.

  • If Nova and UNC win their tournaments, KU probably does end up as the 3rd overall seed ahead of Gonzaga. Should one or both of Nova and UNC lose, then KU ends up ahead of those teams. Bottom line is that KU will be the 1 seed in the MIdwest 3 days from now and will have a Tulsa/KC path to get to Phoenix.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    I am with you. I believe KU will be the #1 seed in the Midwest and I will not worry since it does not help anyway…🍸

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 correct, and the rest is match ups and play on any given day.

    Oh and any asymmetrical refereeing!

  • What I do think that happened today that is of relevance to KU is Duke beating Louisville. Just about everyone had Louisville as KU’s 2 seed, but their loss today to Duke may very well have bumped them down to the 3 line and opened the door for 2 PAC 12 teams to be on the 2 line (Oregon and the UCLA/Arizona winner) and also potentially put Kentucky as our 2 seed in the Midwest should they win the SEC tournament.

  • Did I miss something? This idea of being the number one “overall” seed is ridiculous. I have seen KU be the highest seed in the tournament and be handed murderers row. If KU is still in line to be the 1 seed in the midwest, it makes no difference.

  • @MoonwalkMafia I agree, we have lost several times early as the top seed. Last year we had a terrible draw with that seed. I want KC, that’s all but to be honest idk if we can make it that far to begin with.

  • @MoonwalkMafia True. My issue isn’t with being #1. I could care less, because it’s cutting down the nets in April that is my goal for this team. However, it’s ALWAYS how the so-called bracketologists punish KU year in and year out for one off loss.

    You’re right. It makes no difference and the boyz now have to refocus. I believe they can go all the way #1 be damned.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I think we all want them to be in the best position possible to cut the nets in Arizona.

  • @wissox That’s the goal and with scissors in hand. Obviously there’s nothing else to gain at this point except the ultimate goal of the season. This team is battled tested and has the scars to achieve their team dream.

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