Talk that Devonte Graham will return for his Senior Year

  • Really hope this is true. I’d be one of the first to say I was wrong.

    Here’s the blurb from someone has some ties to the program…

    Not from my usual source, but from someone that I know is linked to the program, said Graham is planning to return and may not even test the waters (contemplating if it would hurt to make a meh first impression). So is Svi, but a little less of a lock than DG. I didn’t ask if a white hot tourney may change things, but things are looking up for '17-'18

    My source claims it comes from the staff. I can’t 100% confirm that because I wasn’t there, but I know he sits within a yard stick to the bench at home games and has gotten me in the locker room this year as his guest. I’d say I’m 98% sure it’s accurate.

  • I’d like to have that guys friend!

  • @dylans

    From what I gather his information has been spot on in the past

  • @BeddieKU23

    Yeah if he is saying this, at the very least that’s the current mood/situation.

    I posted about this in the recruit thread but I do think it deserves it’s own thread. At this point assuming Duval is out of play Graham’s decision changes the entire dynamic of next year’s team.

  • It’s Graham’s show to run if he wants it badly enough. Why not be a god for another year instead of a minion?

  • @BeddieKU23

    I know everyone has been hand wringing about him leaving, but I don’t even see a slim chance of Devonte going pro.

    I see Devonte moving to the point and being a candidate for POY and a mid first round draft pick. He would have to be nuts not to want to leverage off what’s coming in next season. And Devonte seems like a very smart young man.

  • He wanted to at the beginning of the season. This could be Perry all over again.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I agree

  • @BeddieKU23 HOT DIGGITY DAWG…DG might be my favorite player of all time…

  • @jaybate-1.0 I agree there is little draft talk of Frank who is POY for most media outlets. Size matters so much to the NBA that is DG can have close to the same numbers as Frank does this year next year just being 3 inches taller goes a long ways for him. I bet he would be a late first round guy. I only see Frank listed on a few sites as late second round.

  • Devonte needs to show consistency.

    The NBA scouts have seen the skill level that makes him an NBA player. The NBA season is long. Even great players have to be able to bring it at a certain level during that stretch (usually games 45-70) when the season is starting to get long and the end of the regular season is nowhere in sight.

    Devonte needs to step up his consistency and show that he can play more than just when the big lights are on.

  • @KUSTEVE Don’t you mean…Wheeeee Dogggies! Plus DG would be our missing piece for next year…could really change the outlook, at least on paper, for the team.

  • @kjayhawks Frank has been in the 2nd round of every draft board I’ve looked at lately. Seems his consistency this season has really helped him out. Made 3’s in what like 28 straight games? At a 50% clip? Solid assist to turnover ratio. Great rebounder for a guard. Only thing not to like is size. But I am glad to see him start getting on draft boards. You could do worse for a backup PG.

  • @Kcmatt7

    Not sure how much stock one could put into CBS’s mock but they have Frank at something like #21. Again looking at the mock it seems College Production from kids was put above “potential”. If the 20 something freshman enter the draft its hard to see more than a handful of upperclassmen breaking the top 30

  • I don’t think BIFM sticks in the NBA but he should have a long and prosperous career elsewhere playing hoops.

  • @BeddieKU23 Yea CBS isn’t one of the better ones that I know of… Draftexpress and are typically the 2 best year in and year out and both have him in the mid to late 2nd round.

  • One year ago I would have said that Frank would end up playing in Europe but now I believe he has what it takes to make it in the NBA. Keep in mind that Isaiah Thomas, who is only 5’9" and was drafted #60 is doing great with the Celtics and in several of the list of candidates for MVP in the big boys league and if not for his defense, he would be leading. If you compare college stats, Frank is a better version of Thomas with a much better outside shot, rebounding and defense skills…and Thomas was just a final 10 candidate for the Cousy award but certainly not POY in multiple publications like Frank is.

    A good run in the NCAA and Frank is a first rounder for sure.

  • @kjayhawks

    I’m optimistic for Frank same as I was for Sherron. People forget that Sherron proved he could play for Larry Brown briefly (one 32 point game in pre season if I recall correctly) before he was wrecked by too much junk food likely from a bad gut biome and esteem issues. In my layman’s opinion, if anyone knows someone that’s obese the first thing they should look at is their gut biome, and only then combine exercise and diet to lean up. Frank is even springier than Sherron and faster on the fly. The NBA speeds could let Frank use his higher gears he doesn’t use for D1. He would pose a real x axis matchup problem for many long NBA guards. Frank is can do. It will be tough to find an NBA coach like Phil Jackson that liked to have both long and short guards, and needs a short one. But never doubt Frank.

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