Kim Anderson already out at fizzou

  • Who?

  • How cool is it for Kim Anderson to be paid for the next two years to NOT coach Meth U? I am sure he has been crying nonstop at the news–with joy!

  • Ya, short list is Cuonzo Martin, Jeff Capel, Joe Dooley, Gregg Marshall. The article I read suggested that Dooley may even be able to rekindle the KU-MU rivalry, because of his ties to Self and KU. That is how desperate they are: they would tout something KU or Self-related as a positive??? Norm Stewart would be turning in his grave/nsg home.

    But I’d bet Self tells Dooley “dont you dare take that awful job, Joe!”

  • I think Martin is their top choice and he’s actively trying to leave Cal right now. Not sure why anyone would want Martin at this point because he did the same thing at Tennessee. A job hopper, and not even a upward job hopper at that, is not a great reputation to have unless you’re considered an all time great coach like Larry Brown is. Come to rh8nk about it, those two deserve each other. Martin can continue underachieving and Missouri can get a guy who will bail in a few years for his next opportunity.

    As for Dooley, the southeast is his general area of connections so I think he do some good things at NC State of the Wolfpack wanna go in that direction. Could probably even schedule a home and home with KU of Dooley wanted to and have KU show up on Tobacco Road.

  • I’m sure that Missouri it’s going to hire somebody that has ties to the st. Louis area

  • @blackmild33 how 'bout Ford?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @blackmild33 how 'bout Ford? I highly doubt it he would go to Missouri

  • @blackmild33 wouldn’t it be a step up from st Louis ?

  • @blackmild33

    According to the latest news on the KC area TV stations, the candidates are Counzo Martin, Lorenzo Romar, Tom Crean and Larry Drew…all, except Crean, big underachievers and all 3 college coaches currently at programs that will not make the big dance. Drew has a below average HC record in the NBA with Atlanta and Milwaukee where he lasted only one year. Frankly, I don’t think Crean or Martin would consider MU. Romar probably gets one extra year so it doesn’t loose the incoming recruits.

    Who would really want coach at MU anyway?

  • Did Crean get fired? If not I doubt he’d leave Indiana for Missouri. Seems like a huge step down.

  • Mizzou is the type of program a solid coach could turn around fairly quickly. Lots of good instate recruits from both the KC and StL areas to build from. Regionally, can recruit pretty easily to hotbeds like Chicago, Indianapolis or Memphis.

    Kim Anderson was overmatched from the start. I am guessing that whoever gets the job this time will not have much if any ties to Missouri, but will be a strong recruiter to establish a good base. Mizzou won’t make the mistake of trying to turn a D2 coach into a D1 coach. They may pluck someone from a midmajor, but it will be an up and coming guy.

    I doubt they make a run at Romar because even if they get Porter out of the deal, that only helps them for one year. Larry Drew would be interesting, but I don’t know how strong a recruiter he will be.

  • This sounds like a job for Ben Howland, except he is busy competing with them as a MSU Bulldog.

    They will have to turn up some kind of dark cloud to come in and coach them.

  • @justanotherfan

    I’m not sure… but is the KC market seeing MU as a positive these days? I heard some pretty bad talking from the KC area about MU after they left the Big 12.

    BTW: Does Mizzou have any decent guard recruits that might want to leave now?

  • @drgnslayr

    Both KU and KSU have more fans/followers in the KC metro area than MU. A lot of unhappy people when MU left the Big 12.

    Apparently the program was in considerably worse shape than it was reported and resulted in players leaving the program right and left. Haith really did a number with the program…MU probably has grounds to sue his a$$ off but then, they knew what they were getting into with him.

  • HMMM, was reading an article and kind of sounds like Marshall from WSU might be interested in the Missery job. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    I doubt it. I would think he would have jumped at Alabama if he wanted a job in redneck country.

  • @drgnslayr

    Agreed. Many other high profile jobs will be available such as North Carolina State and maybe Washington or even Indiana; all much better destinations than MU. At this point I would think that Larry Drew would be the leading candidate.

  • @drgnslayr Kind of surprised, was just listen to radio 810, and they were doing their thing were they talk to different people around the country, they talk to like 4-5 different locations. Well they got to their stop/talk to this guy out of North Carolina, Got to talking about North Carolina State, and this guy says that Greg Marshal wanted the North Carolina St job REALLY BAD before they hired Gottfried.- - - -He says don’t be surprised that if NC-State doesn’t make that hard push for Marshal, saying Marshal was fro back in that area and really really wanted the NC State job the last time. - -Saying if NC State makes one call Marshal will probably be the first they call or should call. - -Kind of caught me by surprise. – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Kansas City has always been a KU lean, but Mizzou can still recruit there and in StL, which can help turn that program around pretty quick with the right leadership.

    People in the KC area were upset they left the Big 12 because it took them out of the area rivalries, but I think the move has been overall a positive for Mizzou, although their teams have struggled the last couple of years.

    It’s not an automatic fix, but MU is in much better shape to recover than K-State is, even though the Mizzou program is further down than KSU is right now. KSU doesn’t have a clear path to recovery. Mizzou does.

  • @justanotherfan

    Basketball fans in KC heavily support KU; however, it has not really been successful recruiting the KC area, partly because of the perceived rift between KU and the local AAU teams. Releford and Rush are the only two recruit from the KC are a that I can think.

  • @mayjay We had some close business encounters with members of his family when he was Norms asst. back in the day, so we were around him occasionally… Like lotsa young guys then, me included, Kim was cocky, somewhat arrogant, & generally pretty full of himself. He had just won a Nat CH at Warrensburg when MU called after Haith. I’m sure his salary got a tremendous boost with the MU money vs CSMU which is a very old D 11 school, so he prob has zero regrets. Missouri is not generally known for great salaries for educators, so now maybe he can now ride off unnoticed into the sunset & retire comfortably ever after. I hate to see anyone gets screwed financially later in life-it just ain’t fair…JMO

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Ford signed a LOI with Norm at misery then transferred to UK after, I think, a year. They might be able to offer him a one year contract-ya think?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 They have union bus drivers so IDK…

  • @globaljaybird good one!

  • @globaljaybird he’s pretty low!

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