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  • Am watching the replay now and I will be out of pocket for a memorial service for my husband Mike today so may be tomorrow before I can post more about getting autographs and posting pictures. I promise to get to it tomorrow.

    Rock Chalk Jayhawks!

  • @RockChalkinTexas Our thoughts are with you, no rush…

  • First off, I thought they started with a purpose then let off and let UT come back but then they would make a run and on and on so it was more of a cat and mouse game. UT fans are just as bad as IU fans when it came to fouls/whistles. As their fans started to leave the KU crowd was very boisterous and the chant began throughout the arena.

    The pregame crowd at Scholz Garten was all KU but for one room in the back inside which was where the UT fans were. I’ll post pictures that are not too big in size.




  • 33.jpg



  • 36.jpg

    The Red Panda lady at half time: 43.jpg


    Me talking to Jesse, Gary Bedore and Matt Tait (above)

  • I’m going to have to do some resizing of a lot of my pictures as they are too big. And my computer here at work won’t let me install the ones I have on my camera and phone.

    So I got everyone (except Udoka) to sign my 13 & Counting sign. I told Lagerald I loved his athleticism and he thanked me for saying so. I told Josh that I was so thankful for him coming to play with Kansas and that he exceeded everyone’s expectations and as he was signing my “Just Joshin You” sign he said “It was my pleasure.” He said the sign was great and then signed the 13 & Counting and a picture of him slam dunking. Bragg came out with headphones on and didn’t seem to want to do anything, but he scribbled his name. D’tae laughed when he saw my picture of him and Self hugging each other and signed it and the 13 & Counting. While waiting for the players, Frank’s dad was hanging out and saw me and game me a big hug. I had him sign a picture of Frank and Coach. When Frank signed my #13IFM = POY his dad came over and asked if Frank had signed everything so I put the 13 & Counting and he signed that and then signed a picture of him showing so much emotion in the gray unis and said what game was that? and I said Texas Tech. Jeremy Case signed and I asked him how much fun that was having BRush back. He was proud of being a part of that team for sure. Tucker Vang, Brennan Bechard, Tyler all signed and when Clay Young signed I told him that I had grown up in Leavenworth (adjacent to Lansing where he was from) so he and talked about growing up there (way different eras). Coach Q signed and I told him about knowing Coach’s assistant and how she had sent me so much stuff after my cancer and then after the loss of my husband and he gave me a big hug and asked my name and said he would tell Tami that he had met me. When Coach T signed I told him I knew Tami and he said “She told me you were going to be here. How are you doing? You’ve had a rough go. Glad we could get the win for you today.” I told him I read the article about his older brother, Raymond, who had played for UCLA during Wooden’s last year of coaching and for the other teams that won the 13 titles, Coach T agreed that it was a great story and made his family proud. I missed Norm and Snacks while talking to Curtis. Finally Coach came out and gracious as ever. I told him I was the one Tami had sent the signed Christmas card to and he too asked me how I was doing. He signed 13 & Counting and the same picture of him with D’tae celebrating. Malik didn’t make the trip.

    I’ll work on getting some more pictures and have lots of videos but I am not the best at technology so hope these at least show you guys some personal stuff.

  • Here’s info on the shirt I mentioned I ordered:


  • @RockChalkinTexas wow. You are a smooth operator! Thanks for the inside scoop. Love that you chose a pic of Devonte hugging Self 😄

  • @RockChalkinTexas

    Super Jealous!

  • Sorry these aren’t bigger but regular size they are too big to post so made them into png files.

    Great way to start pregame! 1.png

    The KU crowd at Scholz Garden: 2.png

    From my seats: 3.png

    Me down front talking to Dr. Randall (team surgeon) and his 2 brothers - 1 who I work with. Dr. Randall in suit and tie and you will always see him sitting behind the bench. Sat. he was right next to Hudy. 4  PR.png

    Final score:


    Me swiping a couple of UT shirts that were on the seats for my friend and me. She dared me!: 7.png

    Crazy Fans: 6.png

  • @RockChalkinTexas I am pretty sure we need to get you involved in recruiting. You seem to have been able to get everyone signed!

  • @RockChalkinTexas Great report!

  • I was in Washington DC for the Baylor game and attended a KU bar called “Laughing Man Tavern.” It was packed with Jayhawk faithful and was a screaming good time! I was there with my wife and we ran into 3 people we knew from KU. Small world.



  • @mayjay Clever play on words. I didn’t repeat my Dwight Coleby story but he also signed it so everyone but Udoka. I forgot that Mitch also signed and I told him to keep working hard and to listen to HUDY! 😄 I told Coach T that it was going to be a special post season and it meant a lot to get everyone to sign just the one. I’ll try a little later to post the ones from my cameras.

  • I looked for you, didn’t see you! We had a great time. Sat up high on Texas bench side. If there weren’t five of us including two elderly people I would have tried to move down to lower deck. But I was just glad to see them win.

  • @RockChalkinTexas you are the absolute best! Never met you, but love and admire you to pieces!

  • @RockChalkinTexas WOW! Some of the very best pics and personal interest material I have ever seen on this site! Please keep up the good work. Sorry to read of your loss.

  • Here are the ones from them signing for me. It’s a little dark but think you all with recognize every one and know that it was a special feeling to be with the guys, even for such a short time. Everyone was very accommodating and had patience with everyone, when you know they were dog tired and dreading a long ride home to turn around and then play again tonight. I was in awe of Frank, D’tae, Josh and Landen. Such down to earth guys.


    Frank's dad.JPG

    SAM_0643 (800x600).jpg

    SAM_0647 (800x600).jpg

    SAM_0648 (800x600).jpg

    SAM_0649 (800x600).jpg

    SAM_0651 (800x600).jpg

    SAM_0662 (800x600).jpg

    SAM_0667 (800x600).jpg

    SAM_0659 (800x600).jpg

    SAM_0657 (800x600).jpg

    SAM_0665 (800x600).jpg

    SAM_0674 (800x600).jpg

    SAM_0678 (800x600).jpg

    SAM_0679 (800x600).jpg

  • @RockChalkinTexas continued prayers for you and your family.

  • @RockChalkinTexas You’re a really special fan, and a special person. I think we’re going to get you a national championship this year.

  • What a tremendous story! Thank you for sharing the photos and personal conversation with us!

    I am hoping for good news for you and the team in the coming weeks!

  • @RockChalkinTexas

    Thank you for the photos, it looks like you had a great time; good to see you having some fun after all the hardship you have endured.

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