Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

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    That was fun.

    More good signs…

    Dwight stepped up big. Looks like he has a bit more snap back. Bill said he is still making good gains so he will only get better between now and March Madness. His lateral movement is still very slow, but he stays focused and makes plays.

    Devonte is the guy I stay focused on most now to see if he continues to bring more energy to our games. He was solid and our Three Amigos scored 46 of our 77 points. They also made 12 of our 14 assists. Definitely no ball hog on this team!

    Congrats to our guys for owning #13 all by themselves!

  • Good stuff from Coleby. Would have been nice for Bragg to play well after last week’s game…but Coleby played so well that he couldn’t give Bragg much time. I did see that we had 2 bigs in the game twice during the game…very briefly, though.

  • The game wasn’t prefect bye any stretch but I thought we played well as a whole. Very proud of Coleby, we may need a bench player to step up in March, don’t matter who it maybe but encouraging to see the 8 or 9 guy show he can be the difference in a game ( check Grayson Allen in 2015 title game). DG is shooting his way outta a slump, Mason wasn’t great but made plays when we needed him too. JJ was his usual self in pissing me of with missed highlight reel dunks. LL had a good outing, Svi has got to start hitting his shots and not having freshman turnovers. Vick and Bragg did decent besides Bragg’s silly fouls.

  • Coleby … the Jeff Graves of 2017, albeit a bit late?

    And Bragg. I am at a loss …

  • @HighEliteMajor Bragg got 2 quick fouls I believe? Then because of Coleby’s play…never got much of a chance. But I sure would like to have seen him follow up last game with at least a decent one.

  • Bragg got almost no run in this game. 3 minutes…


    Yep. Coleby got most of the reserve minutes since he played well. Only 40 post minutes with the current system.

  • Bill tipped his hand… said we might expect our guys to play really good ball because the pressure is off.

    I thought we did look like our guys were loose.

    Here is a big one I forgot in my opening post…

    How about seeing us go on long runs again? Do you all realize how many games we just grind out because we didn’t have our pull away runs?

    That may be the best sign for this team moving forward… our ability to pull away quickly on those runs! Not only does that give us some breathing space, it totally demoralizes our opponents!

  • If Coleby can consistently provide 10 or so minutes, that would be huge for the guards to get them some rest if Self plays him at the 4 next to Lucas some like he did today. Getting a 3rd big into the mix would be huge for KU in March.

  • Glass half full…Bragg is rested and insulted for OU and Lonnie in Lawrence.


    He never misses a beat.

  • Glass half full…Bragg is daisy fresh and properly motivated for OU and Lonnie in Lawrence on Monday.


    Never misses a beat.

  • @drgnslayr It’s coming. It is there. We are much better than advertised. I noticed the yammering ESPN pre-game talking head was dogging us over no presence down low. Boy, does he have an awakening coming. I still say this is the best team since 2008. This is a strong minded, strong willed team that hasn’t hit the best cylinders yet. This team refuses to lose. Bill kept them on a tight leash during conference- he played for the next game most of the time, and now he will start to unleash them. We have an amazing group of athletes, a group of athletes that can play any way needed to win. This is a hybrid mix of 2008, and 2012- they can blow people out, and they can grind out wins. I say… let the games begin. This is a national championship team.

  • @KUSTEVE who was that guy?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 The guy at the ESPN desk pre-game. I didn’t catch his name. He made a big deal out of our “limitations”.

  • @KUSTEVE I saw it, didn’t know him.

  • @KUSTEVE he did. Maybe he’s right, maybe he’s wrong. We will soon see.

  • @HighEliteMajor said:

    Coleby … the Jeff Graves of 2017, albeit a bit late?

    And Bragg. I am at a loss …

    Good comp hope he can make free throws better then Graves if called upon in the tourney

  • That was the most embarrassing home crowd I’ve ever seen for KU coming to town. How do you play well consistently when you can hear a pin drop half the game. Texas truly doesn’t care how bad their basketball team is

  • @BeddieKU23 That’s good … because they’re pretty bad. Jarrett Allen, though, would have looked mighty nice in a KU uniform.

  • @drgnslayr And those runs, we see every time, are ignited by defensive strips, steals, rebounds, and transition breaks.

    Glad these guys are seeing (with their mind’s eye) Bill Self’s HOF philosophy…

    It wasnt too long ago that we had a dejected Mason and BGreene in a defeated locker room, giving hollow quotes on their March loss: “we got away from our defensive principles”. Self is accomplishing his mission with this group of warriors.

  • @KUSTEVE Laphonso Ellis. Looks like a former player. I’d agree with him simply on the “eye” test for any 1 game, or if you see the season’s running stat sheet for our postplayers production, as a group.

    But those stats dont tell you anything about Self’s guys-who-are-ready, and coached up. Coleby is a perfect example of his knee healing timeline, and the now building practice time starting to pay dividends. Coleby seems to have a little “nasty” in him. And we may forget that he did play 2yrs of college ball prior to transferring and sitting out. He could become a solid role player for this year’s Run, and for next season, as we still return 3 experienced bigs (Doke, Bragg, Coleby) and add another 6’9 McDAA (Preston).

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