Walton and Pasch

  • Are doing the game in Austin on Saturday. I was kind of surprised that ESPN would have them do it. This should be interesting.

  • @HawkChamp

    We all know anything is better then the alternative…

  • @BeddieKU23 If I used drugs, I might prefer Walton, but I’d rather have Bilas.

  • @mayjay

    Right, I’m sure I’ll laugh at half of Walton’s commentary just because he’s outrageous. Hopefully the team doesn’t find him pre-game for any extra curricular activities…

  • @mayjay OH, we are doomed. - -Was watching a bit of the Arizona St , UCLA game last night and he was just going on , & on , & on about anything BUT the game he is really sad - -he brain is fried I think ONE to many hits off the bong. The play by Play man had to keep telling him OK let’s get back to the game, - -I think he has a one word Vocabulary and it is - -PLEASE , listen to him some time when he is doing a game, put it in perspective just like we have talked about the Hair player ol Dookie Boy Kennard who has a love fest with his hair during a game. Just Like Kennard plays with his hair faster then you can say Boo in a game , every other word or so it seems coming out of Walton mouth is Please.

    Not sure why we got them for the game, not looking forward to it AT ALL think I may turn the volume down and just listen to the boys off the radio. - -But I agree with you between the two I’d rather have Bilas. - -Actually I would love to have Jay Williams I believe he is pretty good. You know who I mean the one on game day on Saturdays, I like him. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I believe board rats are prejudiced against Bill, because he looks increasingly like a near footer Bugs Bunny.

  • @jaybate-1.0 And he increasingly sounds like a rabid Tasmanian Devil.

  • Guess I’ll listen to the radio and try to figure out the 6 second delay. I WILL not listen to Bill Walton. Or look at him.

  • @nuleafjhawk Last game we had a nearly 20 second delay. Greg Gurleys melodic pipes or Walton’s drug fueled ramblings, what a decision. Better than Fran!

  • Walton was part of the UCLA streak right? I wonder if that’s why they have him on.

  • @nuleafjhawk that’s what I’m sayin. - - Just turn the Volume down, turn the radio up and deal with that, I’d much rather deal with that then listen to Captain Air Head. - - If he could only listen to some of the garbage that comes out of his mouth sometimes. - -just rambles, and I’m SURE he will be wearing some wild Tee-Shirt multi color 70’s lookin thing lol. - - - - -still don’t know why they are the broad casters for this game. - -I thought they had him contained to the West Coast lol - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Walton seems to be stuck on a drug induced state of locuacity…about what? I have no idea and probably he does not either.

  • He did pay KU a compliment the other day. He said that he was watching some of our games and thought they were a really good team.

  • I enjoy Walton’s stories if it’s a game I have no interest in which is any PAC 12 game not involving Arizona, Oregon, and UCLA. When I want to hear a game though, not so much.

    The only broadcaster I’m listening to on Saturday is UT’s PA announcer inside the arena.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Hold up a sign so we’ll know it’s you! Should be easy to spot with only about 2,500 folks there.

  • From Yahoo sports

    1. UCLA | 25-3 | KenPom: 17 | Last week: 11 Bill Walton is a national treasure, and was handed a back-to-back by ESPN this week — Oregon at Cal on Wednesday night, UCLA at Arizona State on Thursday. So let’s play a game. Below are 10 things that Walton may or may not have done or said on one of the two broadcasts. You have to decide which ones are true, which ones are false. Answers at the bottom of the rankings.

    Said to broadcast partner Dave Pasch as the game tipped off, “Your name’s Dave, right?”

    Tried to interview the Cal mascot on air

    Said, “I love getting high.”

    Discussed Wayne Rooney transfer rumors.

    Said, “The synergies. The harmonic convergence, it’s all right there. We had the harvest moon this morning. The California dawn. The golden rays of light streaming through. And now we’re here in the Valley of the Sun, oh my gosh.”

    Turned a question about the one-and-done rule into a tangent on how the United States doesn’t take good enough care of its veterans.

    Said these eight words, consecutively, going into a commercial break: “Jabari Bird. Soar like an eagle. Space cowboys.”

    Painted his face.

    Said to Pasch again, “It is Dave, right?”

    Said, “I was with the Mars rover today. I stood next to the grand canyon of Mars. This is the Grand Canyon state, you know that, right? So they got this big wall-size display, the size of our Grand Canyon, and it’s like a little postage stamp compared to the grand canyon on Mars. I gotta get there.”

    Hint: No. 10 is true, and Pasch responded by offering to get Walton a one-way ticket. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/college-basketball-power-rankings-feb-24-north-carolina-surges-but-are-the-tar-heels-no-1-130751177.html

  • I was watching one of those games, and the only ones I don’t remember are discussion of Wayne Rooney transfer rumors and Grand Canyon of Mars, so I am guessing all are true.

  • @HawkChamp

    He probably thought he was talking about Kawai (and not Kansas) where he gets his favorite Maui Waui and the team he was referring were the pot growers. :rainbow:

  • @nuleafjhawk There will be more KU fans than that there. This will be one of the few games UT sells out, or at least comes close to selling out because of the KU alums driving in from Dallas and Houston along with the ones who live in Austin.

  • It really is a side-comedy to listen to Walton’s commentary usually on Pac12 games. Remember, he is considered by SoCal intellectuals to be one of their own, in many ways.

    I agree with above, he is probably calling the game due to his UCLA connections, and that 13 conf run, now tied by KU.

    We can all judge if his schtick fits in to a very Midwesty, flyover country type of game. Or if he modifies it any. That will tell you how much of a contrived “act” (or not) it is. For example, DickieV’s on-air persona is almost all contrived. Vitale told my KU alum bro-in-law during a book signing in Sarasota (where Vitale lives), that espn wants him to color-commentate that way. Just like “reality” TV is mostly all coached. So I wonder if Walton is coached to be the grand buffoon he comes across to be, or not?

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