• Because doing well in school is so important to Svi, he has been named to the Academic All Big 12 team for the 2nd year in a row. (Tyler, Landen, and Dwight Coleby made the first team). School is very important because Svi’s parents are educators. He will graduate next year while playing for KU.

  • There was a forum rumour that him and Graham are tied at the hip. I’d sure take both of them being back…

  • @BShark same here. That would be a dynamite team next season for 14 in a row.

  • I’m sure I’ll have this dream that both will be back at least a few times. Svi has been in single digits in 5 straight and is trending the wrong way. Just one of them back would help tremendously.

  • @BeddieKU23 I sure hate to burst people’s bubble but I think if your believing that Devonte is coming back, I think your living in a false security blanket. - -Like U was listening to oh, can’t remember his name of the local sports talk here in Topeka yesterday and they ask him that same question on Devonte…

    His response pretty much bottom line was, he didn’t think there is anyway Devonte would be back at Ku next year.- He said every thing he had been hearing & his own opinion was Devonte was just to good to return, said he has really good ball habits, handling of the ball, has a good outside jumper and ya da ya da.

    Kind of what I’ve been feeling like we have discussed before, believe Devonte has hit about where his ceiling is gonna be at the peak as far as the NBA, right about the first few players in the 2nd round towards the top, NBA draft net has him going to Houston via a trade. - - Thing you have to think about too is, for our own selfish reason sure we want him back, but with him like any other player, if he is getting info telling him to declare from people, which I don’t know FOR SURE if he is or not just what I’m hearing and again yesterday. If they are hearing this sort of thing and then IF he were to come back - -If he were to suffer an injury to risk ever playing in the NBA and the money? - - -umm, no thanks - -I’m declaring THIS year. – I think the chances between the two - -SVI OR Devonte - -chances are better with SVI.

    Again like I have mentioned and read others, also got to feel just like Wayne , I think the staff already knows or has a really good idea, I think they and Devonte - SVI have talked - -they know. - -That could be a very good reason why they really pushing hard to get that PG, they already know Devonte is gone> I don’t blame him, if he wants to go, then he should go and best of luck. – I think they knew Wayne was gone in the middle of the year at least last year with him, I think they may have conversations with these guys when there might be that chance, it also would help them as far as their recruiting efforts knowing or having a good read on what the kids intentions were . - Maybe - -Maybe not , but I’m sure not holding my breath on Devonte from what I’m reading and hearing on other sites and casts. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    I don’t think Graham will be back, we’ve discussed this a few times before. But one can dream about next years squad with him still on it until it happens. All this talk of him going anywhere is tiring though with the most important stretch of the season coming up and Devonte’s role being so critical to how it ends. The further KU gets in March is good for him, good for us.

  • @BeddieKU23 So true. - -We have no say in it for sure, we can’t control things - -just enjoy these guys while they are here. - - We will be fine either way here or not, just like we have in the past. - -I feel pretty good about these guys, and our chances this year. - -Of course as we all know , when you get in the tourney , it’s a crap shoot. Just depends how things go on that particular day. - - Who is playing the best ball at the time , luck plays a part, a lot of things - -a missed shot here, a missed shot there, foul trouble to a key player, a turnover here a turnover there.

    Does it necessarily mean if we get beat that we still wasn’t the better team ? - - NO , it just means they were better on that particular day. Just like last year , and people may disagree it’s ok , but I still think we were the better team last year when wee played Villanova - -I still believe we were. - If we were to of played a series best of seven, I think we take that series. - -a lot plays into this as you know - this is go time, - -one bad game your out. I just like this group - - - a lot , with everything that has happened this year off the court and then on top losing Doke, I just feel this group of 7 we have has become a really tight close knit group. - Like they have kind of this chip - -a chip against the media - -the haters. Kind of like ok, you wanna talk your smack, talk trash try to drag us through the mud with off court crap, well check this out. - -I just love how this team seems to have this never say die attitude, never quit, mental toughness - -that part which I think has rubbed off from Frank, I like our chances. - I just do not think there is a team that stands head and shoulders above others this year, and with our group of guards we got - - I’ll take our chances against anyone. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    Definitely, the Villanova game is still one that haunts me. Being from the East Coast I see more Nova fans then ever now and it always reminds me what could have been with last years squad. I could have never imagined Perry being so ineffective after the game he had against Maryland or that Wayne’s 3 ball would completely fall off the planet or that Frank Mason would be working with only 1 good leg. And then don’t even get me started about any of Devonte’s fouls in that game. Anyway that was a great team that had a great season and all we can hope for is that this years version is able to to overcome all the tribulations that have occurred. We are relatively healthy heading into this last month of basketball and I feel like our best basketball is still in our reach. Imagine if the TCU game is the fuel that finally gets this team to its peak level of play. One can only hope.

  • Graham will be back if he cares about maximizing his draft stock. He’s never been more than the third option and second PG at KU which has made him a second round prospect now. Unlike Selden, Graham has room to grow his draft stock next year. Graham will be the lead guard running the show so he’ll be able to fully show off his PG skills. He could end up anywhere from the 1st to 3rd scoring option depending on Newman and Bragg, but the trade off for not being the top scoring option is that his assist numbers would go up. Graham is capable of averaging 7-8 apg which is Aaron Miles territory if Newman and Bragg handle the scoring load.

    Bottom line, Graham has not peaked his draft stock yet beacuse he could climb to be a mid to late 1st round pick next year instead of a 2nd rounder that he would be next year.

  • Selden finally had a healthy year, his shot fell at a higher rate than he could sustain over a higher volume and he couldn’t project better. His misfortune was the old injury bug came back to bite him.

    Graham hasn’t peaked in college, but is old. The only reason he should feel pressure to leave is due to his age. He can improve his draft stock if KU wins out this year or if he shows out next year. Either way and he’s gone. However if KU flames out in the tourney I’d say its 50/50 with the better option to return.

    It’s much easier for us to say what is the right decision than for him to make a decision he must live his life with.

  • @et al

    Devonte disappeared for a long stretch of this season and has only regained his brilliance the last few games, now he has a mummified shooting hand, so his shooting heroics are apt to disappear again. He won’t turn pro based on the season he has had. He will turn pro only if the injuries he has had raise no doubts in the limited, sheep like minds of most NBA GMs. Every year D1 spits out guards like a sand and gravel quarry spits out gravel. There are so many potential short NBA guards each draft that one has to be near bullet proof to be taken first round.

    The real question facing Devonte is if another D1 season would convince GMs he can stay healthy. If not, he might as well take a low or no second round this year and pack for Europe right now. If his injuries this season were anomalies, then stay and play. He is very gifted and as a full time guard with Malik and Svi and Vick to keep teams honest outside and Landen, Bragg, Doke and Preston inside, he could drive at will and go on a major tear…unless Self decides to play inside out.

    Devonte’s other NBA obstacle is his greatest strength is his INCREDIBLE clutch shooting!!! In college he is worth his weight in real gold. In the NBA, the superstars take most of the big shots, so they will only view him as they viewed Chalmers–expensive glue. There are lots of Nike guys that can do the expensive glue. Advice to Devonte: sign with Nike if he wants to last as glue in the NBA.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I’m tellin ya all I’m saying is everything I’m hearing off talk shows from experts these stations interview and such say Devonte is gone period, he has hit right at his ceiling, not going much higher draft wise, - - -might be wrong but doubt it. - -heard too many people saying other . - - -just another example to agree that we disagree, hope he does come back, but I’m sure not holding my breath, - - not gonna be a hater if he does either, whatever he feels like is best for him - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jaybate-1.0 I dont know about his shooting - he shot well last game so its hard to say how his hand feels. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I agree with all of what you are saying, except Landon will not be here next year.

  • @Big-Clyde52

    Ugh, I keep getting confused on Landen’s status next season.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Devonte has shown he can play through injuries. His cramping at the beginning of the season was obviously a chemical imbalance of some sort and seem like that is under control; I did not notice and drawback to his other injuries. Next year he could potentially have a Mason like season and move to the first round which would make staying at KU worth it. look what staying at KU did for Mason, he went from not even being in the NBA radar to potential firsts round where several mock drafts have him.

    Devonte will play PG i9n the NBA and so far he has played mostly SG; showcasing his PG capabilities would make him a lot more valuable.

  • @KUSTEVE Good point dude. it wont hurt him in the draft to stay one more year either bcuz he is young enough to be a sophomore right now

  • In other news. I was watching the Duke/Syracuse game the other day…Dickie V seems to think DG will be back next year as well. I hope he is right. With DG and Svi and Vick back, plus what we have returning and coming in…very hard to say we wont be in the mix for a National Title next year also

  • Texas Hawk, your assessment of Graham is very accurate! And I think his APG may even double digits-if Udoka is healthy, and if Preston is the beast I think he will be! Also, many of you are forgetting that a 2nd Round pick does not get a ‘Gauranteed Contract’!

  • @TRUBLUE But that fact doesn’t seem to stop player after player going to the draft when it appears that staying another year would be good for them.

  • Banned

    Going against conventional wisdom here. Yet the NBA doesn’t draft on a finished product. They look for potential. I think we fans need to let go of the yester year thinking. The idea that the NBA will draft a 3 to 4 year player over a OAD type player, just isn’t looking at reality.

    Graham is a fine player and would love to have him back. Yet if the NBA comes calling he is gone in a New York minute. Any current kid on the KU roster would do the same. The money is to great to pass up. So this idea that a player needs another year of seasoning to raise their draft stock is not full proof.

    The more games a player plays, the greater the chance of getting hurt. Also with more games there is a greater chance of the player getting exposed. So the idea of a player coming back though good for the program, may not be so good for the player.

    Having said all that I too think Graham is coming back. Not so sure on Svi though. Svi has a lot of potential, and he so young. He’s younger than JJ.

  • @DoubleDD NBA took Hield much higher after 3rd and 4th year than they would have after 2. DG could raise his stock to first rd if he shows ability to score by going for 18-19 sr year, in combo with his proven handles. And he can improve those handles, too.

  • Banned


    So few actually make it to and in the NBA. There are only so many roster spots to be filled. Can Graham make it? Sure but the odds are against him.

    Not sure coming back for another year really changes anything. However I agree with you that another year of college ball, could help Graham become and even better player. Not sure how it makes him More NBA ready?

    The NBA drafts on potential and not a polished finished product.

  • @DoubleDD The NBA drafts on potiental, but the second contract is where the money is. You only get a second contract if your game is developed enough to stay on the court. So seasoning could potientally make him more money.

  • Banned


    To get to that second contract, you have to make it through the first. It’s not an easy task. The competition is unbelievable. Each year brings in newer and better talent. Hard work can take you along way but you have to have some God given ability and physical blessings to seal the deal.

    Not sure experience really matters to the NBA when it comes to drafting.

  • @DoubleDD If he can perform better he’s more likely to keep his job is all I’m saying. There isn’t much untapped potiental in Devonte’. He isn’t going to grow. He isn’t going to become more athletic. He relies on speed, a good shot, and fundamentals. All things that get better with experience.

    Make him the most experienced guard and he would be the team star with a smile to match! If he leaves now he’s at best the third option on his own team.

    Which leads to why draft positioning is important. The higher you are drafted the more time you are given to develop.

    I want Devonte’ to get drafted as high as possible so he has the best chance to stick. Be it after a national title, or after leading the team his senior year. Either way he gets to go out with his draft stock the highest possible.

    What I don’t want to see is for him to end up in the D league, living on $30K a year, with all that travel and none of the glory of even college. Recently, that sounds all too familiar.

  • Banned


    In a perfect world I like what you’re saying. I too think Graham should come back for another year. Just not for the reason you think.

    Every one of these kids have dreams of making the big time. Their minds are filled with dreams of wealth, popularity, and all out greatness. Sadly as I mentioned early there’re only so many open spots in the NBA in a giving year. It’s no easy task to make it in the NBA. Great college players fizzle out in the NBA in mass numbers. This is why I would like to see Graham come back for another year. His chances of making an NBA roster are slim next to none. So why not enjoy another year of college? Shore up any academic needs, get that degree, make some connections that will last him long after he gives up on his basketball dreams.

    I’m not saying Graham shouldn’t chase his dreams. Yet what is wrong with having plan b’s? Right?

    I know everybody wants to believe that the longer a kid stays in college the better his draft stock will be. Yet it’s just not the case. Since the explosion of the OAD, everything has changed. It used to be the 4 year player with experience was giving the nod. It’s just not the case anymore. If you’re not a lottery pick your chances of making it in the NBA go way down. I’m not saying I like it or agree with it. That’s just the way it is.

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