• so on to other topics, how awsome is U-Conn womens 100 wins in a row? - - you talk about total dominence, this is just un-believable, and more then one of those have been against the #2 ranked womens teams - Like I think South Carolina 4 times , Baylor a couple of times, alot of these win double digit - -ALOT and then alot of pure routs - -Geno is one hell of a Coach. - So when does the streak stop? - -I can’t see an end coming to soon, when it does will send a tidal wave lol - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 not a KU bb read, ask Frank!

  • I want to preface what I am about to write with: I think Coach Auriemma is a great, great coach–one of the best ever. I wanted that up front, because my following observation about this accomplishment of winning 100 straight games could be taken to suggest I think otherwise.

    Now to my point.

    Is it a coincidence that this happened AFTER Pat Summit retired due to Alzheimers?

    Put another way, who thinks this would have happened, if Pat Summit had been coaching at her peak the last couple years?

    I would bet the farm against it.

    Can anyone name even two other probable future hall of fame coaches of the caliber of Auriemma and Summit in the women’s game coaching right now?

    I can’t, but I don’t follow the woman’s game closely at all.

    Winning 100 games is a fabulous accomplishment. It is a monster feat of sustained excellence and concentration by both players and coach.

    Still, IMHO, the UConn players foremost deserve the kudos.

    The UConn coach also deserves kudos, but…

    The coaching aspect has to be weighed in conjunction with his competition.

    He didn’t do it, when Summit was coaching.

    By the same token, Summit didn’t do it, when he was coaching.

    My guess is that if he had been the one to get Alzheimers and retire, Pat Summit would now be winning 100 straight games.

    These two coaches were/are head and shoulders above other coaches in women’s basketball. It happens sometimes. Auriemma is now alone being head and shoulders above other coaches in women’s basketball. It happens sometimes.

    So: frankly, I think, this is a much bigger “player” accomplishment than coaching accomplishment.

    If Summit could have done it, had Auriemma retired, then the true and decisive greatness in the accomplishment rests with the players, somewhat less with the coach.

    This group of women hoopers that Coach Auriemma has must be just a flipping phenomenal group of players–in physical abilities, skills and mental toughness. It takes a will of steel not to have an off game in 100 games–to find a way to win 100 straight times. It is mind boggling. This group of young women has pioneered a new threshold of team. My hat is off to them and to their great coach.

    Rock Chalk UConn Women and Coach Auremia.

    P.S.: As one fan out in the wilderness, I want to personally thank Coach Auriemma for what he has done for the greatest game ever invented by dedicating his life to bringing it to women and so to all of basketball. Thanks, Coach.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA? the hell you talkin about?

  • @jayballer54 i believe she is saying this is not a KUBB read, it belongs under general discussion.

  • @Ralph

    I think you are right about the interpretation, but there have been plenty of debates about Wooden and Knight and Rat Face under this heading, so I’m cool with it staying here. I’m also okay with moving it.

  • @jaybate-1.0 Uh, you are just wrong. Their careers substantially overlapped. Summit started coaching a decade earlier, but didn’t retire until 2012. While Summit’s passing due to Alzheimer’s was a tragedy and she is clearly one of the top 2 women’s coaches ever, Auriemma and UConn were winning titles long before the onset of the disease. UConn’s first of 11 titles under Auriemma was in '95. Tennessee set the bar starting in the mid-80s and UConn raised that bar in the early 2000s. Summit won her 8 championships while he was coaching. He won 7 of his 11 (and counting) when she was coaching. UConn also had another 90 game win streak that ended in 2010 (loss to Stanford). So, it is patently false that to state as you do that he didn’t do “it” when Summitt was coaching.

    As to other Hall of Fame women’s coaches, Trish Vanderveer, the Stanford coach, is an obvious one - 2 title and 7 additional Final Fours during the Summitt-Auriemma “era.” Muffet McGraw at Notre Dame is another - 1 title and 6 other Final Fours, including 3 runners-up during the same time frame. Kim Mulkey of Baylor is headed there - coaching just since 2000 and has 2 titles - one an undefeated 40-0 team.

  • @DCHawker

    Uh no.

    90 < 100.


    Again, did Summit or Auriemma win 100 straight games, while both were coaching at the same time?

    Yes, or no?

    I’m waiting.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I concede - the strength of your assertion, I mean argument, is unassailable. UConn and Auriemma could only generate a 90 game winning streak during Summitt’s tenure. Clearly they were incapable of extending it another 10 games because she was still coaching Tennessee - although funny that it was ended by Stanford and not Tennessee.

    Of course, you are right - it is obvious to any rationale person that the current winning streak could not have happened if Summitt was still coaching - although funny that the annual game between the 2 teams ended in 2007. and UConn beat 27 ranked teams during the streak…

  • No one would know how to spell Auriemma without Pat Summitt. :wink:

  • What is this women’s basketball sport you speak of?

  • @DCHawker

    Well, you got yourself into a real logical pickle.

    If you argue that Summit’s 90 was equivalent to Auriemma’s 100, then Auriemma’s 100 has effectively already been done and recently and so isn’t that unprecedented and extraordinary. And that implies records signify little, or nothing.

    Is that really what you want to hang your Beany on?

    Logic is a female dog sometimes, isn’t it?

    I think 100 is a record and quite a bit–say 10 straight wins more than 90.

    But even if it were “only” 91-90, I reckon my logic would hold, and you would still be brining pickles!!!

    I’m really eager to read how you’re going to sarcasm font your way out of this.


  • @jaybate-1.0 Seriously??? Auriemma/UConn had the 90 game winning streak from 2008-2010…But I bow to your vastly superior knowledge of the women’s game - except for the unawareness of the previous UConn winning streak or any other women’s coaches not named Geno or Pat…

  • @DCHawker


    Are you still struggling with this logic?

    Either you are devaluing Auriemma’s accomplishment of 100 with Summit’s 90, or you’re not?

    Either Summit, or Auriemma won 100 straight, while both were coaching, or they didn’t?

    Which is it?


    This is not as complicated as Trump trying to subordinate the JCS and the alphabet agencies and restore constitutional function to the republic in the face of Deep State opposition.

    Resolve the disconnects.

    Then get back to me.

    I’m trying to understand your argument.

  • Why do are we even talking about this streak that is so full of fluff?

    UConn has won that many games because they have overwhelmingly more talent than any other program. Teams are lucky to have a lottery pick but UConn has the top 3 picks in the draft, and we are not talking the OAD drafted on talent variety, we are talking about 4 year, proven players.

    Let’s see… during the streak, out of 100 games 56 were decide by 40 points of more and 70 by 30 points or more. How many games out of 100 do you think were decide by 10 points or less? Would you believe 2? Some kind of competition…

    So, when we look at the streak in context and look at the competition and the talent differential, it is really not that impressive. Yes, it is a long streak, yes, it is a big accomplishment but it does not come close to comparing against other sports streaks that were played against comparable competition. Read this article and draw your own conclusions and now let’s get back to discussing KU basketball.

  • @jaybate-1.0 I give up!!! Summitt/Tennessee DID NOT have a 90 game winning streak. In addition to the current 100 game winning streak, UConn/Auriemma has had 70 and 90 game winning streaks, both while Summitt was coaching Tennessee. Your assertion at the outset that the current streak would not have occurred if Summitt was still coaching is simply ludicrous - first and foremost because Tennessee and UConn have not played one another during the streak so she, if still with us, couldn’t have done anything about it, and UConn/Auriemma demonstrated it was fully capable of long winning streaks - 70 and 90 games - while Summitt was still coaching at Tennessee. The 90 game streak was bookended by losses to Stanford, not Tennessee.

    @JayHawkFanToo is right - more than enough on this topic - we have the Baylor game tomorrow to worry about…

  • @DCHawker

    No, you’re having a great difficulty with letting go. You are confusing letting go of illogic with giving up. Never giving up is an admirable trait, but should never be confused with refusing to let go of illogic.

    You can do this.

    Agreed, with letting go of the topic, as long as I get the last word in letting go of it.

    Your struggle with letting go of the illogical cannot be indulged by giving you the last word, or by you giving me the last word.

    You will have to let go of the illogical on your own before you get to dictate to me any terms of the end of the discussion.

    If you try to say we have to keep going, without letting go of the illogic, I will say we should stop.

    If you try to say we have to stop, without letting go of the illogic, I will say we should continue.

    Like Mr. Ghandi, I refuse to cooperate with illogic. :smiley:

    Otherwise, I enjoy you very much and look forward as always to your posts.

  • The amazing thing about this streak is that UConn does not hiccup. They do not slip. They just roll over the next team in their path. They don’t come out flat. They don’t blow a lead. They don’t have an off night. It’s actually really amazing.

    I’ve been around undefeated teams in both high school and college. It’s really difficult to not have that one night where you just don’t have it, or there’s foul trouble, or a great player goes off against you, or whatever. UConn has been able to avoid all of that for 100 straight games, playing the best teams in the women’s game along the way.

    Yes, UConn is favored in just about every game they play, and is more talented. But how often have we seen KU, a team that is usually favored and more talented, fumble away a game. That does not happen to the Lady Huskies. Or at least hasn’t happened for the last two and a half years.

  • @justanotherfan

    Its a major, major accomplishment in sports, even when they had only broken the prior streak by a game. Now that they have broken it by ten or so, it is bigger. And the longer it goes the bigger it gets.

    But it is clearly the players that are doing it and it is clearly the players that are the decisive variable in doing it. Coach Auriemma, great as he is, has had a ton of 2.5 season blocks of time as opportunities to win a 100 straight and hasn’t done it before, and said he doubts it will happen again.

    These streaks are always a freakish convergence of extraordinary players coached by great coaches that could not do the same thing with any other players.

    I love analyzing coaches and ranking coaches and think coaches are an indispensable factor in the success of any team in any sport.

    But players remain the decisive factor.

    These UConn women on the last 2.5 years of UConn teams are just more extraordinary and exceptional in the way they play together than any other UConn team, and any other non-UConn team.

    The contributing factor is the coaching.

    And Auriemma has done this without a Pat Summitt as a competitor standing in the way sooner or later in the season.

    That doesn’t diminish it.

    It just recognizes the fact and conditions the accomplishment.

  • @JayHawkFanToo lol, pretty good basketball. I think there are several teams this womens team could beat - - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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