Trae Young

  • Making a new thread as we approach the commitment date.


    I’m 99% sure it’s OU.

  • I predict KU will win its 13th and 14th consecutive Big XII titles. And at least one Final Four within the next two appearances.

  • @BShark

    Why do you think OU gets him? If he watched their game last home game against WVU with the place looking not even half full, I would think he would have second thoughts about playing for them. For the record, the box score indicates 76% attendance but that is probably tickets sold because the arena did not look even close to that.

  • @BShark I like our chances for several reason like @JayHawkFanToo mentioned and the job Self has done with Frank. Hield was a great story for OU but Bill has made some great PGs outta anyone that has stayed for 4 years. Frank wasn’t a rated recruit, RussRob was in the 100s, Tyshawn in 90s. Buddy was a gamble that paid off, a once in a lifetime guy for OU. Plus KU swept them last year with them having the best team they’ve had in prob 30 years.

  • Talking about Hield, he got kicked out of the game against Sacramento for a low blow on Boogie…

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    All the smoke is OU right now. Usually when that’s the case there is something to it. We will see, I bet the crystal ball picks start to change either way in a couple days. That’s usually what happens anyway. Sometimes everyone gets punked like with Ayton.

  • @BShark ya, I agree with you. I think it’s pretty done deal for OU., playing for Oklahoma he can be THE GUY, want to stand out, the one who turns them back around. - -Like you saying, where there is smoke, then usually there is fire. I’d have to say at this point I think it’s about 75-25 OU. That plus the pressure from outside influence to stay home, from friends at school and family acquaintences.

    The thing is also, with it coming down to KU-OU I have a hard time or a good feeling when he is making his announcement there in his high school in front of local friends, classmates. You know he announces OU and get the typical uproar from the xchool. - just nor getting that good feeling. You know what? - -no matter when it’s all said and done, we gonna be just fine, either WITH TRAE or WITHOUT TRAE. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Does Trae want to be the guy? Sounds like he can’t handle negative media. How’s that going to work when he’s solely responsible for the fate of a program (OU)?!? We all know at KU he’d have someone else to help him shoulder the responsibility.

    Here’s hoping he’s not scared of the media or anyone else for that matter. KU could use another alpha on the perimeter next year.

  • @dylans Maybe a bit harsh on Trae. Not wanting to constantly be criticized unfairly by a couple of vituperative local commentators or columnists in a small media markey (where they monopolize coverage) is not the same as not being able to handle media criticism.

  • @mayjay The media sucks. But maybe I should say, his daddy can’t handle the media.

  • @dylans I think the media world went downhill when columnists started becoming talking heads and changed their approach to stirring up instant controversy rather than thought out analysis. Not just in sports.

  • @mayjay So shortly after television was invented? There is a reason why I don’t subscribe to cable tv any more. Well one besides all the streaming options…

    If it weren’t for KU basketball I would have very little use for live tv.

    I don’t think the media would be overly harsh on Trae at KU, but he’d get national attention immediately. Whether or not he wants it he will be under the microscope for his short college career.

  • @dylans I’m with you - if not for KU basketeball i would save the $250 per month that i give to the Cox suckers. Well, KU bb and “The Voice”. Sometimes America’s Got Talent. But that’s it! American Pickers. Pawn Stars.

  • I say KU and I like tv.

  • @mayjay

    Yes, indeed. Times have changed big time and now the media is more interested in making news rather than reporting them like they are supposed to do; I guess I am old fashioned this way. Fortunately the Internet has made available hundreds of sources, many equally biased one way or another, but at least we can pick our own poison.

  • @JayHawkFanToo and your poison is? Let me guess?

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Poison is poison so what difference does it really make?

  • Well, Trae knows, he has made his decision, he knows the school. He was talking at his McDonalds presentation. - -Reporter said to him you sound pretty confident in your decision - -he says - -oh ya. said how tough it had been coming down to one school, but glad it was over

    He was asked what this week was going to be like? - -He says Today and tomorrow was going to be pretty hard, said he had to make some calls, let the Coaches know but after that he was really going to enjoy the rest of the week - -we shall see - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • How in the world does Bill stay focused on the game at hand with all the recruiting crap going on also? He’s well paid for a reason!

  • I want to post something here… but…

    I’m not going to jinx us…

    I’m not going to jinx us…

    I’m not going to jinx us…

    I’m not going to jinx us…

    I’m not going to jinx us…

    I’m not going to jinx us…

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