• Does anyone have any video of the ferocious pick. I backed up the TiVo to watch it again and I thought that Landon turned into a brick wall that moved a tiny bit forward at the moment of impact. It won the game for us.


  • @wrwlumpy

    I’ll tell you… so far I really like Beard. He seems solid and a class act.

    This is just one more thing to hang in the positive column. He knew it was coming and told his guy not to flop. Had he flopped, this game (most likely) would have had a different conclusion.

  • I watched the game again and Gray ran right into that pick. Miles Simon claimed “almost a moving screen.” This crap happens all game every game and you want to claim a moving screen with 5.4 secs? Pleez I’m so sick of people making outrageous claims against KU, especially if those claims work against KU. I made several notes or obsessions during the game:

    1. Rich Hellenberg (ESPN moron) made a number of stupid comments during the game. The most ignorant was when he said, “…Liberal, Kansas is not very far away from Lawrence…” Hey genius study your map of Kansas and you’ll see Liberal is in almost the Southwest part of Kansas. Lawrence is up North-Northeast, idiot. This is the kind of analysts ESPN hires.
    2. The Stevenson steal and dunk? He carried the ball and the idiot refs never called it.
    3. Svi walk? LOL, again this happens every game with many players and it’s hardly called.
    4. TT was climbing KU’s backs for rebounds at the 6:00 min mark, no call.
    5. TT stepped on baseline at 6:20 with ref looking right at play.
    6. 5:59 mark, ESPN dropped foul count of KU which showed a disparity.
    7. Miles Simon states obvious on many plays, not real sure about his game calls.
    8. Stevenson out of control all game and will be best game of year. He will never have another game like this game, add the 3 pt kid too, not another game.
    9. Gray fouled and held Jackson all day…should have fouled out of game
    10. Mason 5th foul was a charge, but his 3 or 4th was not a foul, player was not set, dragging his back foot
    11. Jackson called for blocking foul against Gray? Jackson was moving out of the way and Miles Simon even made the comment, NO FOUL
    12. Beard said Gray hurt wrist and wanted another FT shooter? Interesting tactic
    13. This game depleted TT and will end their year…stick a fork in them. I’m concerned what it will do to KU’s overall rest and preparation for WVU in AFH?
    14. FTs continue to be a problem
    15. TT was very physical and it’s a wonder there were no scrums or words between players. Our guys played well and held their cool.
    16. How the foul on Jackson trying to get around TT player dribbling underneath Jackson? Then Jackson went for the ball and ref called Jackson for foul, LOL…dumbest call of the game.
    17. Why do fans shout " #1 " on national television when they are 4-8 in a conference? It wasn’t their little finger pistol either.
    18. Cheap play call by Chris Beard at the end with Gray. I think he told them to foul any way possible to keep KU off the rim. Gray tried to grab Lucas by the leg, didn’t work.
    19. This officiating crew was horribly bias and it was obvious.
    20. TT had the officials cooking for them, and KU still won. I wonder what all the haters will say about this game? The refs won it for KU? hahaha
    21. KU played down and TT played up to KU, as all teams do
    22. KU almost lost this with their charity stripe issues.
    23. A win is a win…great game prep for later

  • Landen got away with an illegal screen on that one. Fortunate not to get called there.

  • @drgnslayr Disagree slayr. I think he got caught in the moment of this game and got carried away. I doubt he meant to, but he made some really rookie type coaching mistakes. I think he tried all he could. He worked the officials all game to get an edge, as all coaches do, but to call him “solid and a class act”? I’m not quite convinced yet. I want to like him and hope he becomes a solid class act in the B12.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Nope…watched again Texas and Gray ran into him. It could’ve went either way in Lubbock today. We finally got a break by your call.

  • @truehawk93 Watch the link @Crimsonorblue22 posted. Landen was moving when he set that screen, KU was lucky the refs swallowed their whistle there.

  • Geez, based on that clip, LL was moving all over the place.

  • Man. Turned that kid into jello. Rewatching the first half now. Svi had some big 3s and Carlton caught some crap fouls but looked pretty focused first half. i was wondering how those two guys did.

  • @Hawk8086 I wouldn’t say, all over the place.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 He moved several feet and was still moving when the guy ran into him…so I exaggerated a bit…it looks like a clear moving screen.

  • @approxinfinity The foul called on Bragg when Stevenson went coast to coast and at the last second turned his back to Bragg and fell down, don’t they usually call that “out of control?” Just wondering. I noticed several fouls when played in slo-mo and normal, weren’t fouls. And then again, we always get everybody’s “career games” when we play on the road.

  • @truehawk93 said:

    5:59 mark, ESPN dropped foul count of KU which showed a disparity.

    Perfect example of looking hard to confirm your belief that poor little KU is treated unfairly, rather than looking for a possible reason for the “fact” you are describing.

    They dropped the foul count on the KU side because TT went into Bonus+ after KUs fouls got to 10.

  • Udoka won’t need to add the extra smash next year. Obie One, “Landon Lucas,” has taught you well.

  • @truehawk93 Wow dude, that’s quite a list of slights against KU. Starting with your first one. It looked almost like a moving screen to me. Miles called that right in my opinion.

    Why do we so often have a world’s against us attitude?

  • rewatching it, it looked like Landen destroyed someone, took him to the ground in the first half, no call. If nothing else, the whistles seemed to get much tighter in the second half. I mean other than when Gray “fell down” 😄

  • Ya get so tired of hearing the refs always favor KU, especially when KU has more fouls and TT more FTs. I saw an article about the supposed moving screen on LL on barstool or deadspins Facebook. Anyone that watches CBB knows that a moving screen much like a hold in football could be called on just about every play. TT had every chance with us missing FTs at the end to win, they failed to seize the their chance. End of story.

  • @kjayhawks its true. they got a wide open look from 3.

  • If you think Miles Simon was bad…I had to listen to the Texas Tech home crew call the game on tunein radio while traveling. Wow, there where uncalled fouls on KU almost every possession and Tech got screwed on the few they had. One travel call aside (that Tech got away with) they said KU was better off. Made me wish for Fran for half a second 💩

  • @truehawk93 said:

    Hey genius study your map of Kansas and you’ll see Liberal is in almost the Southwest part of Kansas.

    Almost? LOL. It is in southwest Kansas. It is true that Lubbock is closer to Liberal than Lawrence. Which is why we would get Chiefs games on one channel, and the Dallas Cowboys on another. If you wanted beer on Sunday in Liberal, you hop in the car, and go 3 miles south to Oklahoma, and get your beer.

  • @truehawk93

    Great itemization. Makes it all concrete. Thx.

  • @wissox said:

    Why do we so often have a world’s against us attitude?

    Could it be the last decade of appearances of ShoeWars, Vitale asymmetry, Duke promotionism by ESPN, recruiting asymmetry, and being a flyover power apparently embargoed for OAD 1s and 5s have all CONVERGED to give KU fans a chip?

    Hey, we never got even a single long stack a la Duke and Kentucky in those bad old days of 9 and 10 OAD rosters! Where is our long stack? Hell, where is our medium stack?

    It also doesn’t help that apparent seeding asymmetry and refereeing asymmetry in post season appear to marginalize wrong-time-zone KU into ridiculously more difficult brackets, while promoting certain right-time-zone EST teams into apparently easier ones.

    And let’s not even get into this appearance: for a decade or so it has appeared ESPN headlines (I.e., pre format change away from condensed home page headline list, which appeared to highlight the apparent asymmetry) tended to under report KU’s successes and over report KU problems.

    Let’s just say that when you have a fabulous coach that wins 83% of his games and he is a good guy and he arguably can’t sign as much quality talent and depth as BEFORE he won a ring in 2008, despite continuing to win a near historic record of consecutive conference titles, media coverage, such as it apppears, triggers a leeeeeeeeeeeeeetle skepticism.

    But hey, we keep showing up and cheering despite Bo Ryan calling Duke a bunch of rent-a-players, after he apparently tired of the apparent asymmetries.

    Rock Chalk!

  • @jaybate-1.0 Nice response. But…we beat Duke and Kentucky regularly lately! I can’t think of officiating costing us a tournament win except way back in 86. I know some will bring up the 'Nova game last year and the Graham foul out call, but that didn’t cost us the win.

    Now for the recruiting. Could it be, just asking, could it be that kids see Duke and UK playing on the final weekend a little more regularly than KU and decide they want that as well? Could it be they like those teams’ OAD major? We’ve had some OAD’s as well obviously and many would see us as insiders on the OAD track. How many have we had compared to UK and Duke? Anyone know? And how many have we had compared to others? I’d guess we are top 5 in number of OAD’s nationally since this scourge was forced upon us. That’s top 5 out of 350 DI teams or whatever the bloated number is these days.

    I’ll believe your tournament engineering theory when you give me evidence. We’ve had influential members of the selection committee and if there was engineering going on, slanted against KU and others in flyover country you’d think our representatives would be the first to cry foul.

  • The guy’s been at KU for 5 years now. His name is LandEn.

  • @truehawk93 Lol, when he said Liberal, Kansas was near Lawrence! I couldn’t believe that.

    And I’ll agree with what everyone else has said. That was probably a moving screen set by Landen.

    And @truehawk93, I’ll add to your list. The TT flop with 2:17 left was Marcus Smart levels of pathetic.

  • The Lawrence and Liberal being close was great comedy, kinda like when Wigs was here and his brother was at WSU. They said Wichita was 45 minutes away from Lawrence and I was like ya if you drive 220 mph.

  • @truehawk93 said:

    I think he tried all he could. He worked the officials all game to get an edge, as all coaches do, but to call him “solid and a class act”? I’m not quite convinced yet.

    I tend to try to think positive about our league. Can you point to one thing that challenges Beard’s class or that he isn’t solid? It seems like you contradicted the solid question in your own sentence.

    We just going to hate everyone in our league because they aren’t KU?

    Hey… if you know bad stuff about Beard, let’s hear it. I don’t see Beard possibly telling his guys to foul as a “cheap play.” Isn’t that just part of coaching? We’ve intentionally fouled before, too.

  • Ok, let’s put this to bed. Did LL get whistled for a moving screen? No, therefore it wasn’t. Case closed!

  • @drgnslayr I have no problem with Beard. Self seems to like him and he didn’t really bitch after the game even though he seemed to think that the screen was illegal but he didn’t have a real good look. What I did find a bit funny is that he indicated that they thought they would get that pick after our timeout and then they called a timeout to counter it and he told his player to play it tough. In his presser Self indicated that during the TT timeout he actually changed the play because he didn’t like what he had called. It would have taken too much time. What Beard thought he saw wasn’t what he got.

  • @brooksmd Based on your theory we won the 2012 NC because Elijah did not travel befor he made the 3 in the corner.

    Go to the gif on the Stars ku ap. The guy is going down and LLs left foot is not touching wood. Hell of a pick tho.

  • Well, my conspiracy theory goes like this: Officials get a suggestion to ‘just keep it close’… Doesn’t matter who wins – they aren’t biased toward KU or TT… just a close game. So they call it the way they need to keep it close… Ticky tack fouls on Mason and JJ… Let TT run wild (I’m thinking of all those over-the-back no-calls) to stay competitive. When it gets to crunch time, they have a sense of how much they’ve had to lean throughout the game and they ‘lean back’.

    Who benefits from keeping it close?

    B12? Nope. The league benefits from a strong KU team (see Gonzaga)

    NCAA? Not really. They won’t mess with officials (just tournament seedings)

    Who could it be? Who has money at stake? Who benefits from close games?



    Networks do. Close games = ratings, spike usage of mobile, etc.

    But would ESPN have any motive to tamper with its product??

  • My belief is that officials miss calls on both sides because they are human. Sometimes it helps us, sometimes it hurts us. Just like every other team. Also, being that the refs are human, the home team often gets a slightly favorable whistle.

  • @Fightsongwriter It isn’t theory. I’ve seen all the videos and watched it in slo-mo. Again, did LL get whistled for a moving screen?

  • @brooksmd said:

    @Fightsongwriter It isn’t theory. I’ve seen all the videos and watched it in slo-mo. Again, did LL get whistled for a moving screen?

    So, OJ didn’t do it because the criminal trial jury said he didn’t. OK, gotcha.

    But a year later the civil trial jury said he did do it.

    So, I am guessing by your reasoning, that something doesn’t happen unless it is officially ruled to happen, that therefore he didn’t do it (although we all know he did it) right up until he did do it some two or so years after he really did it.

    You are probably a “No sound unless someone hears the tree falling” guy. I am a “The tree fell making sound whether someone hears it or not” guy. Here, substitute “Tech player getting flattened” for “tree”!

    All fun, no malice–except to OJ!

  • @wrwlumpy Yeah, , killer screen, reminiscent of the Kevin Young screen on F. Smart. Lando’s screen was solid. He was set for days! Days.

    Speaking of flopping. Did everybody catch that flop against Frank? Frank has his hand in the guys face for a three point attempt, does not even come close to touching him and the idiot falls right over, misses the shot, the refs give him three tries at the line. I thought it was complete BS.

  • @brooksmd Refs miss calls, we all know that. Refs either missed the moving screen or swallowed their whistles because Landen was still moving when Gray ran into him.

    I was driving 85 down the highway the other day when the speed limit was only 70 and flew right by a cop who chose not pull me over. Was I still speeding because the cop chose not to pull me over?

  • @sfbahawk

    Sounds logical to me!

  • @brooksmd

    I’m surprised the refs didn’t make a call just because of the impact of the hit. They often seem hellbent more on making some kind of NCAA political statement instead of just calling the game straight.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 said:

    Was I still speeding because the cop chose not to pull me over?

    Heck no! ; )

  • I guess in my original post I should’ve said “therefore, officially it wasn’t.” Now, is everybody happy?

  • @brooksmd I’m w/you!

  • @brooksmd Dr. Brenda Edwards. Great Opthamalogist. She can fix that right up.

  • @kjayhawks I forgot about that one.

  • @truehawk93 said:

    I want to like him and hope he becomes a solid class act in the B12.

    I have nothing personal against Beard. I want him to be a solid coach. Whether my observations are correct or not is obviously speculative/opinion. Perhaps I’m not as astute as most on this board. I call them like it see it. Read my response again, I hope he becomes a solid coach in the B12. It’s all good and appreciate your points of view and accountability. I like it when folks hold me accountable. It makes me see things more clearly and with objectivity, and not KU colored glasses.

  • @mayjay said:

    poor little KU is treated unfairly, rather than looking for a possible reason for the “fact” you are describing.

    LOL- The last thing I want is for anyone to see “poor little KU being treated unfairly…” This is a good observation. It seems a bit petty on my part. Maybe I was overhyped at the end of the game.

  • @wissox said:

    Why do we so often have a world’s against us attitude?

    This is a really good question. I would say, because we are KU?

    Either way, don’t think KU is the center of everyone’s bball world, just mine.

  • Lucas sets screens like that the entire game, every game. That’s why the refs didn’t call it.

    I had some close-to-the-floor seats to a game in AFH earlier this season, and I could hear the smack of the impact when Lucas set a high screen on the very first possession of the game. He’s like a pulling guard going out to find the defensive end, except he somehow looks like he draws the contact. LOL

  • @jaybate-1.0 said:

    Great itemization. Makes it all concrete. Thx.

    Oh please…nothing I write on here is EVER concrete. I hope your post is completely intended to be humorous toward my half drunk and bias post.

    Whatever your motive, RCJHGOKU