Post Game Impressions of KU's Win at the Octogon of Silage

  • ~Mason is the best small point guard KU has ever had. I am not saying he is better than Sherron, because Sherron was NOT a small point guard. Sherron was a brawny point guard that happened to be short. Frank Mason is truly a small point guard and he is absolutely incredible. His defensive anticipation is VERY good, and his ability to maneuver defenders until he get an angle on them, or drain a shot is unparalleled. And I am actually relieved when he switches off a guard to guard big forward, because I know he will do a better job on the big forward than our forwards will. Frank is just insanely good.He has gotten tot that rare level of play where he can control a game on an off shooting night. Only really great players can do that.

    ~Mason coming from beyond the baseline to steal the pass to a KSU player on the wing late in the game is one of the greatest defensive plays I have ever seen a KU guard make, even though he flubbed it on the other end.

    -~Devonte has become the perfect hinge between Frank and Josh and Frank and Svi. Devonte actually makes the team better, when he does not score much. He will be a smashingly good point guard next season, but this season when he is not scoring a lot it means he is enabling everyone else and him playing that role is what makes KU able to beat a lot of teams that seem better on paper.

    ~Josh Jackson is single handedly redeeming the OAD player. Not since Anthony Walker of UK have we seen an OAD do so many things to help his team win. IMHO, Jackson has done the impossible already. He has become a Self Baller in less than one season. He still makes bad mistakes on defense, especially the occasional switch that puts one of our guards on a guy they just can’t cover, but, my god, it is magnificient to watch a potentially great perimeter player leave it on the floor for a season for the team against big forwards. It is everything I love about the “team” game of basketball. Josh is going to remember this season the rest of his life and remember it fondly. It was the year he really got play the game the way it was meant to be played. It was the year before he went to the pros and began trading on his insane athleticism the way the great players in the NBA must. He is making the game worth watching again just by being a team guy and not uncorking his gigaflop hops everywhere all the time. Its like watching Jordan at UNC. Its watching an extreme talent just play the game for the pure fun of it.

    ~Svi is still searching for his game. it will come next season. But its a testament to how good he is that he can help the team as much as he does, while he is still trying to find his game. The moment late in the game when Josh had taken the ball into the lane and got stopped and kicked out to Svi on a wing was pure basketball nirvana for me. A great player who has dialed his perimeter game down to become a garbage 4 much of the time, could easily have taken the ball up and been fouled, and gotten is two strokes, but instead, the great player playing a season for the love of the game alone, and redeeming the sport and all of us fans at the same time, looks to kick to an old point guard still searching for his wing game, stares at him as if to say here it comes, I BELIEVE IN YOU, teammate, here it comes from one kid from Detroit to one kid from Ukraine, here it comes, I’m kicking it to you in a rivalry game that means nothing to either of us, except that we know it means everything to our fans, here it comes right at the perfect height for you to catch, plant, go up, and drain. Here it comes, because this is how the game is the most fun to play. To believe in your teammates and to play it with them on the X axis, even if I could vector out of this silage dump on the Y-axis and get a feed on ESPN. Here it comes because we are teammates. Here it comes because where we’re from doesn’t matter and where wer’re going doesnt matter. What color we are doesn’t matter. What language we speak doesn’t matter. Here it comes because nothing matters but playing the greatest game ever invented the most fun way to play it with teammates. Here it comes!!! And Svi drained it on cue. And neither player even slowed down to make a big deal out of it. It was just pure fun in the moment.

    ~Landen? Everyone that has read me must know I have a special place in my heart for big men. I love them because they are the guys that noone truly understands. Big men have all been our height, when they were young, so they know us, but we have never been their height and so we don’t know them. We have to work to put ourselves in their giant shoes and we have to admit that even doing so, we still cannot really understand that big man territorial thing.We can only marvel at it. We can only watch them walk around like big flipping grizzlies, or bull gorillas, owning the joint. Its not that they don’t get challenged and some times bloodied. Its that they DO!!! They walk around owning the lane even when they are not in control of it. They keep walking around the little guys and don’t even have to say in a big deep Berry White mutherflipping voice intoning, “Play him tighter , really crowd him and I’ll pick the pencil neck up quicker the next time.” Landen didn’t have big numbers and he didn’t dominate the KSU players, but unlike in years gone by, when things went wrong, and Landen would start looking around all worried, this game when things did not go right, he just got all Barry White and into himself, and walked around reassuring the Darby O’Gills and the little people and kept owning the lane. “Daddy’s steady,” he seemed to say, especially after burn marks. Landen seemed to say, “Daddy may not always fix everything right the way Momma Self wants it, but Daddy ain’t goin’ nowhere. Yea, I know, I got to fix that door hinge so it swings the right way, but I’m here and i AM going to fix it. You little’uns just keep minding your Ps and Qs and you’ll see, things’ll work out.”

    ~Finally, much as I hate to I have to say three nice things about the silage engineers, I feel I must… Bruce Weber has been to an appearance consultant and they got rid of the helmet hair, and Bruce actually looks like a respectable D1 coach. Second, The KSU home uniforms are not bad. And third, they played well and gave us all we wanted. Congrats.

  • So what is 'tae wearing under his jersey here?


    This was booed by the kitty🐈 DJ’s left thumb looks like it has some padding/bandage about to fall off:


    Love the energy from the bench - they do this all game:


    A brief appearance of the “man Lucas”: 41.jpg

    Mr. Menace at work: 10.jpg

    One of his steals - such good anticipation: 19.jpg

  • @RockChalkinTexas sweet pics, intense!

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    💩 On the court

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    7, wow they really are getting good at it. Good thing it helps them win

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Pass ME the ball i’m open!!

  • @RockChalkinTexas I would give anything to up vote the pic of Landen towering over Johnson with the flush awesome pic - - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Photos courtesy of LJW - Nick Krug.

  • @BeddieKU23 How does he get away doing this ALL game?

  • Anthony Davis of Uk, not Anthony Walker!

  • @RockChalkinTexas

    The rules are tainted in Manhattan. He’s good for KSU, ensures they never win a thing

  • @RockChalkinTexas he’s so good!

  • VIck also wears the body guard similar to Graham. When I saw that up close, I thought, man-this is supposed to a non-contact support. The TV doesn’t give justice to how much elbowing and checking goes on.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I’m surprised they could count that high!

  • @wissox

    Holy Scheiss! I forgot my Aricept!!!

  • Ok, so I need help - -I’m confused lol, just got through listening to Brucie on his post game presser, he says they kicked our butt’s - - AGAIN they out played us - -can someone explain please how this happened? - -The game I was watching if I remember WE WON. - -outplayed - -out hustled us? - -must of been during the timeouts- -they ran faster to their bench - - umm cause I didn’t see any of their players diving into the stands, landing on a table, jumping back out on the floor making a steal and almost finishing on the other end - -some one help me please, - -out played us - -kicked our butts? - I’m not seeing it lmao. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    The score box should have a place for Weber…playing time: 40 minutes and zeros across the rest of the stats. There were several occasion when he was just about touching the 3 point line. He should have been Td several times.

  • “No doubt about it the crowd helped us win the game.” ~Coach Self


  • the sad part is, both times we played KSU, we barely beat them. Seriously…we should be stomping them by 20 regardless of home court or not. Don’t give me BS like they are legit and are tough at home.

    Its a big concern if we can barely beat KSU, how will we fare in the tourney.

  • @elpoyo said:

    the sad part is, both times we played KSU, we barely beat them. Seriously…we should be stomping them by 20 regardless of home court or not. Don’t give me BS like they are legit and are tough at home.

    Its a big concern if we can barely beat KSU, how will we fare in the tourney.

    Yeah, Baylor agrees. SMH

  • @RockChalkinTexas that photo of Landen flushing over the wincing K-state player is hands-down the BEST LANDEN PIC OF ALL TIME!!! Holy SHNIT!

    (ok I’m going all caps like Jayballer… i’m going all caps the rest of the week in my life )

  • @elpoyo Most of us on this site agree with you. Yes, it is very sad, very sad. I’m like you, I felt very sad after that road victory. I never realized how much Coach Self and this team really suck. I’m going to join you in saying the same thing after every victory. WVU should have beaten Virginia by much more. Texas Tech should have beaten WVU by 25. KSU looked SAD by only beating Baylor by a few points.

  • @Blown agreed anyone that has played BB knows it can be very physical.

  • IMG_20170207_135202.jpg

  • @kjayhawks …but it seems the body armor is a relatively new thing, right? Within the last 5-10 years it has grown in popularity.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    You should send that pic of Weber on the court to the ref committee… he seems pretty far out there to me. Had to laugh when someone in another thread here said they’d pay to see Doke take him out when Weber is out that far.

  • @kjayhawks my favorite play from last night. Glad to see Landen aggressive

  • IMG_20170207_152044.jpg

  • @wrwlumpy I agree with you. We suck.

    We will probably never win another game by more than one point.

    Oh, and if we Do win by one point - IT’S A WIN.

  • @kjayhawks why didn’t you put him in a pull up ?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 That picture of the Lucas dunk is a classic!!!

  • @jaybate-1.0 Solid

  • image.png

  • @elpoyo lol it’s a rivalry game. KSU coming within a bucket of us at AFH sucked but I’ll take a road win in anyway. KSU did just beat our 2 main competitors for the B12 bye the way. KSU is better this year and most likely going to the NCAAs.

  • bill-self-preparing-to-play-k-state-cindy-self-bill-wake-10671404.png

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  • kitty lifesupport

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  • @kjayhawks love this

  • @joeloveshawks he’s insane!

  • Historical comments after KU wins in Octagon of Stink…still holds true today after the execution of KSuck.



    A little convo between Self, Zenger, and of course Bruce “Liberace” Weber.

    Warden Hal Moore - Bill Self Brutus “Brutal” Howell - Dave Beaty Percy Wetmore - Bruce “Liberace” Weber Paul Edgecomb - Shane Zenger Edward Delacroix - KSuck bball team

    no MALICE…well, maybe a little after the F-KU chants.

  • Bragg was making a contribution to this win before the injury. His passing ability came back for one.

  • heard this was going up in the Rafters at Kansas St’s next home game. Next year they can add to it.


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    Howling! PHOF!

  • @BeddieKU23 That is witty and awesome! Laughed out loud at work!

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    E-MEOW…them kitties are though…😺