Emabarrassment on National TV - UK Fans

  • So I was watching the game with my 14 yr. old son and if I remember correctly, with about 48 seconds left and UK down by 8 points, one could see UK fans leaving the arena. You could see rows after rows of folks leaving.

    I mean their Star Big was on the line for two FTs to make it a two possession game but many UK fans did not care. I bet one will never see such reaction by KU fans.

    My son was shocked and made a comment that it is embarrassing for fans of a program with most wins to leave on an ESPN Game Day event with so much time left in the game. I mean UK players were playing hard and it was still a close game. Any thoughts?

  • I too thought the game was way to close to leave before the end. The UK fans gave up on their team even though it became a four point game. When Frank missed the front end of the one and one, I thought it was going to get very interesting. The UK fans giving up on their team is just another example of why KU has the best basketball program in the country: The best coach, the best players and the best fans.

  • This is a problem with program that depend on OADs. I have heard and read post from UK fans in sports forums where they complain that they do not get a chance to really get to know the players and become fans because they are there one minute and gone the next.

    Compare this to the fan experience we have at KU where we have seen most of the players grow from immature and tentative freshmen to confident and dependable juniors and seniors. Yes, we have had some that stay a year or two but the core of the programs stays longer and we have a long term emotional investment on the team since we have been through every setback and injury and cold spell and family crisis right along with them, and we have gotten to know them not only for what they on the court but off the court as well.Think about it, if most of our players were OADs, we might leave early as well.

  • I saw it with my own eyes in 1988 when KSU and Mitch Richmond broke our 4 year home court winning streak. Fans, over on the parents side anyways left before it was over.

    I think it was just as embarrassing for them to have the hokey introductions with that whoever that guy was. And then then to have the lets set the world record for crowd noise was pretty hokey as well.

    I also think it was embarrassing for them to lose to a team with 6 legit D-1 players.

    I also think it’s embarrassing for them to have a coach who has had a scandal plagued career.

    I also think it’s embarrassing for UK to well, just be UK.

  • @wissox haha. I did see some KU fans leave at the TT game late when we were up 17 with a few minutes to go. We must make AFH great again, and it starts Wednesday. Be early, stay and damn it be loud. I challenge anyone going to be as loud as they have ever been.

  • @JayHawkFanToo You raise a valid point. The OAD topic has been discussed here for a long time. I know that all coaches including Self try to land maximum number of top tier talented kids. Now it could be that Self has realized and is content with having just one or two OADS, blending in experience with OADS.

  • @wissox

    Loved your post. You exposed UK for what it is… a fad. Their recruiting… a fad. Wouldn’t surprise me if most of their recruits are actually recruited by hiphop stars.

    Kentucky has taken on the flavor of Cal. Their mantra used to be “win at any cost” and it still is… but I bet a lot of the older fans never thought it would become such a circus show.

    Consider life in Kentucky… what do they have to follow? UK and Louisville basketball. Am I missing anything? Oh yeah, the Kentucky Derby and nascar.

    We’ve got 3 big college programs, Royals, Chiefs, Sporting KC, nascar, etc. etc. etc.

    Even with that level of desperation, they still couldn’t stay seated for another 48 seconds.

  • @AsadZ, things look fine next year but in the 2018-2019 season we might need 3 to 5 OAD type players

  • Kraken, I just don’t see KU getting more than couple OADs in a single season and I’m Ok with it.

  • @AsadZ i hope we don’t need them, but looking at how many are leaving the next 2 years and the weakness of this recruiting class so far the need maybe there.

  • Interesting thoughts on OAD’s and the lessening of emotional attachment to a school’s fan base. I cherish the opportunity to watch beloved players like Perry, Frank and Landen grow into successful young men. I really, really enjoy the post-game interviews that give us a small insight into who these men really are. Like always, RCJH.

  • @stoptheflop I enjoy the OAD guys too. We have pretty quality guys. I think jj is really liking it here. Not so sure about Bragg. Expecting to hear soon on that.

  • A lot of our OAD’s have come back for various events over the years when possible. Xavier’s been back a few times, B-Mac and Wigs have done camps in Lawrence/KC, Embiid is still very active on social media about KU. I don’t know how many of UK’s OAD’s have gone back over the years, but I think it speaks very highly of Self and what the OAD’s thought of Lawrence/KU to keep coming back for different events/camps over the years.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I should have mentioned the continued connections and positive influences of BMac, Wigs and the others. I was limiting my comment just to the 4 year guys and how I connect to them over the longer period of time. I love watching Josh and I know he too will continue to support KU after he joins the NBA.

  • @stoptheflop

    Don’t forget Embiid. He recently tweeted that coming to KU was the best decision he made his entire life…that is one gigantic endorsement from the fella that is going to dominate the NBA for years to come.

  • http://www.aseaofblue.com/2017/1/28/14426984/kentucky-fans-set-record-for-loudest-indoor-crowd-roar?hl=1&noRedirect=1

    Was this for record loud crying? If it was for cheering, it surely wasn’t set in the last minute of the game when their “fans” were flocking for the parking lot!

  • @AsadZ Oh hell yah, I saw that. NO way KU fans would EVER do that. EVER.

    I was a bit surprised to see it, especially right after they claimed to be the best team and the best venue to play at during pre game.

  • This KY team is not the balanced uberfrosh+ubersophs that 2012 was. Maybe their fans know it. Especially after UCLA came in and beat them in Rupp. Maybe they saw what I saw and Jay Bilas saw with 4-5min left, and KU maintaining that 8-10pt lead, and KY actually losing poise.

    They played the last 4-6 minutes (“crunchtime”) with a shellshocked look. They rushed shots. They were tentative on passes, and got picked off or stripped by aggressive KU players.

    Malik Monk was very quiet for 60% of the game. They also saw KU’s single OAD (Josh) simply outplay their 3 OADs.

    They couldnt stand the embarrassment of getting beat by Lucas ranked #110, Mason #50-70, Graham #70ish, Svi 5star, Vick 4star, and 1 lone McDAA (Josh) who actually played like it.

    Maybe they were disgusted that Calipari still wont coach FTs…

    That all being said, they were undefeated at home under Calipari’s whole tenure at KY until just this year when UCLA and KU have beat them, now they’re 75-2 at home under Cal. So, maybe their arrogance is they expected to see a blowout.

  • @ralster

    To be fair, many posters here were also predicting a blowout …the team surprised not only UK but many KU fans as well.

  • @ralster said:

    they were undefeated at home under Calipari’s whole tenure at KY until just this year when UCLA and KU have beat them, now they’re 75-2 at home under Cal.

    Actually, they have lost 6 times total at Rupp under Calipari. Baylor (Dec 2012), UCLA, and KU are his only nonconference losses. He also lost conference games there to Texas A&M (2012-13), Florida, and Arkansas (both 2014).

    Still, an amazing feat for our young men to pull it off. I think this is only the second time he has lost at UK after leading by double digits.

    It also helps wipe out the memory of KU losing the game in 1976 when Rupp was dedicated.


  • @AsadZ ah, c’mon AsadZ, you can’t blame them. I’m sure they were just trying to beat the traffic of 24,000 leaving the arena. Especially since 1/2 of them likely don’t have a legal driving license and are juiced on moonshine, it probably gets a little sketchy around there.

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