LL, you've come a long way...

  • Earlier in his KU career, I used to cringe when Landen Lucas would get the ball. “Soft hands!” and “Missed another bunny!” and “Why is Coach still playing this kid when he has _________ (fill in the blank) ready to play” I would yell at the tv screen to no avail.

    I changed my mind, and my tune, as this intelligent young man grew more into what Coach saw in him all along. Instead of cringing, I now feel assured when I see that big body near the basket. He’s not the best big man KU has ever had, but he has definitely earned his place on the team, and my respect.

    And though I missed part of the game last night, it appears he has also earned the respect of his peers too. Every time I look at this clip it makes me laugh.

    Now just LL’s *glare *can push a 6’ 8" 220lb Texan backwards several feet looking for his mama, er ref, to help him. Looking forward to seeing you intimidate more foes this year, Lucas-san, go get em!

    ll ray.jpg

  • @StLJhawk we all felt that way. Some still do

  • It sure looked like Landen baited Livingston in last nights game. I think I’ve seen Landen get under the skin of opposing bigs this year and last year which is hilarious. We’re so fortunate to have such a savvy fifth year senior we can count on.

  • @StLJhawk

    We all now see how important Landen is to our success this year. The real test will be when he has to face a team like Kentucky. Can he hold his own?

    Even though he still needs to be tested on the court, there is no doubt that his character should be admired. He didn’t come to Kansas as a McDs AA. He was thought of as a reserve. As you say… “you’ve come a long way” and that fact alone deserves plenty of respect.

    I really loved what he did yesterday just before half. That helped slow the momentum of TT considerably. That was a senior move. He kept his cool. Landen… kept his cool, and he and we were rewarded.

    It is about time we use our POISE to impact how the game goes, including with the refs.

  • Lately I’ve been impressed with his ability to limit empty possessions. When he gets the ball he has had a plan and that move and finish to his left has been impressive to see from him. Seems a more natural move for him and keeps a defender off his shot because guys can’t get across his body before the shot gets off. Keep it up, we need you every game

  • @BeddieKU23

    You gotta love how he stopped gathering and usually goes directly into a scoring move when he catches the ball.

    Bravo, Landen!

    He’s starting to figure out that scoring in the low post isn’t about focusing on going OVER the competition.

    Scoring is about looking down at the feet… your feet, the defenders’ feet, and knowing where you need to be to finish and knowing how to get there. A little practice and it becomes automatic. Use the body, the goal and backboard to your advantage to protect the ball.

    Players like George Niang got it. He was 5 inches or so shorter than Landen but had no problem scoring in the low post. It really isn’t rocket science.

  • @drgnslayr

    Excellent Post!!

  • @rocketdog I thought he totally baited that. Might have pinched him in the belly too. Refs didnt catch it! Just saw Livingstons reaction to it and T’d him up. So funny!

  • Landen is not only a steady presence at the 5 for us, but if you’ve ever heard him answer questions from reporters you know he’s intelligent, educated, and well spoken, like Perry. Cox cable televises the pregame and post-game shows on the Jayhawk Network. I learn a lot about our players as individuals off the court during the interviews. The interview answers also help to remind me how young our player are. Some avoid eye contact and giggle like preteens. You saw that in the clip where Svi is asked if he travelled. For me, the interviews just add to my enjoyment of our players.

  • @stoptheflop it’s so much fun to see all the pre and post game interviews. Bragg is the most immature, he really struggles w/interviews. I cringe for him

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